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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


This month is going to be full of ups and downs for Aquarius people, according to the monthly horoscope 2024. You will have mixed outcomes in several aspects of your life. Saturn and Mars will be positioned in your zodiac at the start of the month, which may cause health issues. Your personality will be unusual. You will become easily upset and will not hesitate to say hurtful things to anyone, which can lead to troubles. Family life will become more tense as well. You will not behave properly with your family members, which may disrupt the family's harmony. The cooperative attitude of siblings will continue to assist you. This month may bring new developments in romantic relationships, but it is likely to be a difficult time for marital life. Only by exercising restraint will you and your life partner be able to maintain the dignity of your relationship. Despite the ups and downs of the job, there will be opportunities for advancement. The first half of the month will be better.


In terms of career, this month is expected to be moderate. Mars, the lord of the tenth house, will join your zodiac lord Saturn in the first house at the start of the month. Because Saturn and Mars are polar opposite planets, your conduct will change. You will get irritable, which will have an impact on your work. You can argue with individuals in your workplace for no reason and later regret it, but by then it may be too late, so you must exercise extreme caution. Allow no useless debates with anyone, or your employment may be jeopardized. However, the good news is that your colleagues' collaboration will remain with you, allowing you to achieve the required outcomes in your career and begin going forward on the basis of hard effort. Your top officers will assign you additional tasks that you must complete. However, you will live up to their expectations and secure your position. Businessmen must also pay heed. The combined power of Saturn and Mars will remain in the seventh house at the start of the month, while Rahu and Sun will cause eclipse faults in the second house, where Venus will also be present. Both of these planetary situations can cause laxity in business. There is a chance that your company's issues will grow. You will not be able to behave nicely with the individuals who work here and with whom you collaborate; such a situation is being created, so you must exercise extreme caution. Avoid making any form of new business investment.


If you examine your financial situation, you will notice that your costs will be entirely under control this month. Except for some minor religious and home duties, no excessive expenditures will befall you this month, so whatever your income is, it will be adequate for you, and you will breathe a sigh of relief. According to the Monthly Horoscope 2024, the eclipse fault of Rahu and Sun in the second house will cause economic issues. There will be difficulties in saving money, but Venus's influence will gradually expand due to its large amount, and your financial situation will begin to improve. Jupiter, Lord of the eleventh House, will sit in the third house of the horoscope. As a result of your efforts, you will be able to reap financial gains. Your financial situation will improve, and you can improve it more by boosting your efforts. Despite business constraints, advances in the government sector are possible in the second part of the month. This month, you can benefit from the acquisition and sale of a home, which will improve your financial situation. If you have invested in the stock market, you can have good success and financial gain in the second half of the month.


This month is going to be a little rough on the health front. To begin with, the lord of the zodiac, Saturn, will do his best to improve your health by sitting in your own zodiac sign, but the presence of Ketu in the eighth house and Mars in the first house can exacerbate physical issues. You may need surgery. Aside from that, any form of anal disease or blood-borne condition, as well as difficulties such as blood purification, abnormal blood pressure, headache, and fever, may bother you this month. In the first half of the month, Rahu and Sun will be sitting with Venus in the second house, and in the second half of the month, Mars and Rahu's Angarak Yog will also be created in the same house, which may cause eye issues, tooth ache, or mouth blisters. This month, focus on your health. Consume light, easily digestible foods. Take a walk in the morning. Use less spices and avoid gaining weight. You can improve your health by doing this. If you are already suffering from a sickness, continue your treatment. You will gain from this as well as pay attention to celibacy.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If you are still single, this month has the potential to bring you closer to a particular someone in your life. You can tell them about your heart, which you have kept concealed until now, and you will be successful, but bear in mind that you must do it before April 9th, because Mercury will then go to the second house, where It will remain retrograde. As a result, your presentation may become disorganized, and your idea may be rejected. If you are in a romantic connection, there is a chance for fresh developments. You will put everything on your mind in front of your darling. He/she will admire your simplicity. You can even propose marriage to him, which is likely to be successful. However, it will be more useful to do this during the first week of the month. If you are married, this month is extremely likely to be difficult for you. The combined effect of Saturn and Mars will affect your seventh house from the first house. Problems between you and your partner may arise as a result of these planets of opposing character. Seeing each other might cause tension, disagreements, ego battles, and a variety of other issues that are not considered. It will only be for a short while, but it will leave an impression. Health issues might also cause problems for you and your life partner, so let this time pass and wait for a while. On April 23, Mars will go to the second house, removing his influence from the seventh house. This condition will gradually improve. Although the spouse's health problems may worsen, take complete care of them.

Family & Friends

This month will be filled with family drama. Saturn and Mars will be in your first house at the beginning of the month, from which Saturn will aspect the third house, where Mercury and Jupiter will be located. Mars will examine your fourth and seventh houses from the first house, while Venus, Rahu, and the Sun will reside in your zodiac sign's second house. Tensions and conflicts in family life may occur as a result of certain planetary configurations. Your behaviour may also be to blame. You should say nice things to family members to keep your relationships with them cordial. Avoid overreacting to anything and being overly upset. Only by preventing the escalation of fights can you avoid family troubles. The eclipse defect of Rahu and Sun might cause problems in ancestral business and foster mutual discrepancies among family members, so you should present your ideas with caution. Although Mars will enter your second house on April 23 and the Sun will enter your third house on April 13, which will improve your parents' health and resolve old issues, you will still need to preserve excellent connections with family members by treating them nicely. You will have to do my best to keep up. Siblings will be supportive for you. They can also assist you financially, and their helping attitude in other aspects of life will provide you with a great deal of comfort and sympathy.


You should recite the Shri Neel Shani Stotra by Maharaja Dasaratha. A two-sided triangular flag should be flown in a temple. Maintain a yellow handkerchief in your pocket at all times. Every day, the Shri Vishnu Sahastranam Strot should be chanted.

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