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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac ruled by the delicate Moon. The natives born under this sign are protective and emotional towards their own self and dear ones. It is a sign of water represented by Crab, highly intuitive and insecure beings come from this sign. They are moody, sentimental and generally introverted in nature. Their nurturing and caring attitude make them good parents. Always on toes to help others, sympathetic and influential, their world lies around their family and home. They have loads of mood swings as ruled by planet Moon which goes through phases of the lunar cycle. It gives them a transitory emotional pattern and mysteriousness. ‎ Despite being soft-hearted, they appear to be hard on the outside world while hiding their warmth and feelings until they come into friendly terms. They are very good at expressing, and sharing their feelings to their loved ones in an artistic manner is their hobby. Let us see what is in store in January 2021 these sensitive beings. You will be an opportunist during this month as you will incur all the resources, tools and energy to achieve your goals. It is the perfect time to give formation to your creative ideas and introduce them to the world. You will use all your skills, knowledge and capabilities to its full potential, you just need to trust in your own power and inner strength, and the results of the same will flow outwards in your life. This is that perfect time for you to manifest and see the wonders showering on you, the only set back would be to control and channelise your emotions and feelings as you may not get good understanding and concern from your family. Love will be in the air for you, and both singles and couples will have an exciting time fulfilling your wishes and desires. You may have to wait to enjoy the fruits of your past investments as the results will be quite slow during this month.


The situations will be a bit confusing for you on the professional front, on one hand, you will re-start some of your impending work as you will be getting a good chance to accomplish the tasks during this period. On the other hand, your existing tasks or projects which were not going well will get stuck up because of the repetitive errors. Hence, you will need to pay extra focus and attention to resolve these issues. The business professionals will hire engineers for their increasing workload. Your tenth house lord Mars is well placed in its own house, natives working in fields related to Hotels, Real Estate, Mechanics, Gym, Butchers and Ammunition will have a favourable time. Those who are employed may face some fights or disagreement with their co-workers and immediate boss. You will need to reflect on your past mistakes and rectify them else you will not be able to achieve success in your endeavours. Those who are looking for a job change should look into the offers received previously as they will find some good opportunity from their already applied or received applications. The natives who have been aiming for the set target in the past can pursue their goals during this period as they will get good results.


This month, you will have chances to turn your hobby into a money-making profession, you will achieve mastery in your creative work, thus giving you the benefits of self-employment followed by good earnings. Those who are in some creative business will get recognition and appraisals for their quality work. This will bring them good remuneration and goodwill. You will get favourable results of your past financial planning during this month. Rahu is transiting from your eleventh house, which will bestow financial abundance in your life. The students can expect scholarships or some cash price for winning in a competition. Those who are in a partnership business will have to wait till mid of the month for stability in finances, by the end of the month they will witness some good returns of their investment. You will be reserved in your expenditure and make selective spendings, hoarding your income for the future. Overall your economic life will be satisfactory at the beginning of this year.


This month brings in some good news to those who were ill as you will have a speedy recovery, if waiting for any test results then they will turn negative. Also, those who are worried about undiagnosed diseases will get good professional help and treatment. The Sun will be in your sixth house at the beginning of this month, which will give you a fighting spirit to come out of illness with good cure and healing. You will feel more active, energetic and participate in physical activities like Gym, sports or swimming. You will be more lively and vigorous, your emotional health as well as physical health will be fit to do any task. You will be blessed with good health this month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The spark of love and passion will ignite during this time and along with it, you will feel shy expressing your feelings. Those who are in love will have a high inclination in meeting and dating their choices, but you need to come out of your shell in order to convey your warmth and comfort to the person you love. Those who are single and waiting for someone have a good chance to find a bond of their interest during this month. You need to build strong trust, give space and value your dear one as a clingy relationship will set them away from you. Married couples will have a happy time, they will enjoy each other's company and may go out on a trip at this time. You will seek out your difference and come to a common point, making your bond more stable and comfortable. The seventh house lord Saturn is in its own house with ninth lord Jupiter, which will bestow luck on the pair who were having a disturbed relationship since past few months. You will get into a serious and mature conversation with your spouse on matters pertaining to family planning.

Family & Friends

The things at the family front may not be very pleasing for you during this month, the past problems and discussions will take a twist now. You will have some misunderstandings from the beginning of the month which will eventually turn into the cold war and silent fights. The fourth house lord will be in the sixth house with the Sun by the second week of January, which may cause some disturbances in your relationship with your father. You need to set your interest aside and understand their viewpoint to resolve the matter. You may also face discomfort at home due to the quarrelsome atmosphere and exchanging of blows between your parents or your parents and your spouse. The beginning of the month will not be welcoming for you in terms of family bonds, however by the end of the month, things will be improved and all your misunderstandings will be sorted. You are emotional beings, therefore, take care of your wavering moods as they might aggravate the unfavourable situations at your home.


Chant ''ॐ नमः शिवाय / oṃ namaḥ śivāya” 108 times a day. Offer milk and sugar to poor children. Observe fast on Mondays. Offer water and sugar to Shivling. Do not eat dairy products or drink milk before going to bed. Feed black stray dogs with Chapati especially on Saturdays. Keep a rose quartz crystal in your living room.

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