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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


This month will be full of ups and downs for persons born in Virgo, according to the monthly horoscope 2024. There will be both positive and bad developments in your business, therefore you must be very vigilant in your line of work because even a minor error might land you in hot water. Marriage will be filled with conflict and crisis. Small disagreements can disrupt the calm of the home. Love affairs will suffer at the start of the month. After that, the situation will gradually return to normal. It would be preferable for those in the workforce to practice discipline in addition to diligence. Personal life will be filled with love, but the health of a family member may cause concern. Your health is likely to deteriorate further this month, so you should pay close attention to your health this month to avoid any significant problems. It is possible to realize one's dream to travel overseas. Elections, on the other hand, are a possibility.


In terms of career, this month will yield mixed outcomes. Those who do the task may have difficulties at the start of the month. Mercury, the lord of the tenth house, will remain retrograde in the eighth house, causing you to be dissatisfied with your job. Mercury will go to your seventh house on April 9 in this retrograde state, where Rahu, Sun, and Venus will already be present. This can provide relief for some time. Your job requires discipline. Pay greater attention to your task and avoid distractions, and your work performance will increase, resulting in favorable results in the future. Because of the influence of Mars and Saturn in the sixth house, your coworkers will go to great lengths to annoy you. However, as Mars moves from the sixth to the seventh house on April 23, these issues will diminish and you will find respite when you begin to dominate your opponents. Businessmen must exercise caution. In the beginning of the month, Rahu will be in your seventh house with Venus in the form of Surya Grahan Dosh, and Mercury will also be in the same house. Here, Venus and Mercury are both afflicted, and Venus is also retrograde, so you should avoid making any important business decisions. You should not avoid your business in any way and bear in mind that in connection to business, do not perform any such work in the market that may cause you to face defamation since it can ruin your reputation in the market. Working against the law can be dangerous. Some peaceful fruits will be obtained in the last week of the month, and the business will then progress steadily.


Looking at your financial situation, this month clearly shows economic ups and downs. Venus, the lord of the second house, will remain in your seventh house due to being in a high zodiac, bringing profit in business. Profit from a life partner is possible, but it will be hampered by Venus Rahu and Sun, as well as Mars entering the seventh house on April 23, creating hurdles to obtaining money. Venus is also the ruler of your fate. On April 28th, it will be in a debilitated state, which could lead some difficulties in obtaining the support of luck and may cause obstruction in your work, as a result of which the quantity of money gain may also be weak, so you should try your best to boost your income. However, your daily revenue will be sufficient to meet your necessities. Because Mars and Saturn are in the sixth house, and Jupiter and Mercury are in the eighth house, there is a risk of an unexpected increase in spending, which can be detrimental to your financial situation, so you should exercise extreme caution this month. You will undoubtedly earn some money from your intelligence, which will be valuable to you, but only if you resist spending it entirely.


This month appears to be a touch weak in terms of health because Ketu will be sitting in your zodiac for the entire month. Your health will be slightly sick this month due to the presence of Mars and Saturn in the sixth house, Rahu in the seventh house, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter in the eighth house, and Mercury in the ninth house. Instead of assisting you in resolving your health issues, these planetary aspects will emphasize worsening them, so you must take care of yourself and maintain a balanced routine to avoid major health issues. Aside from stomach difficulties, you should avoid ignoring back discomfort, joint pain, bodyache, and fever.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If you are in a romantic relationship, the beginning of the month could be difficult. Saturn, the lord of the fifth house, will be conjunct Mars in the sixth house, which may result in conflicts and quarrels between you and your beloved. You must exercise extreme caution. Talk carefully so that nothing pierces your beloved's heart and makes them feel unpleasant, therefore acting well will be most helpful to you. Mars will leave the sixth house on April 23 and enter the seventh house, leaving Saturn alone in the sixth house. This planetary alignment will be beneficial to your love affair. Whatever conflicts you have between you will gradually fade away. Your disagreements will also be resolved, and you will feel each other's affection. You will appreciate each other from the heart, and this is the moment to take your relationship to a higher level. If you are married, this month will be a bit difficult because Rahu, Sun, and Venus will promote passion in your partnership on the one hand, but they will also create a situation of mutual disputes and conflicts on the other. This eclipse flaw of Rahu and Sun will last until April 13th, when the Sun will leave and go to your eighth house. However, Mercury will return to Pisces in retrograde and enter your seventh house before that, and Mars will also enter your seventh house on the 23rd. Because of the powerful impact of the planets activating the seventh house, doing business with or in the name of your life partner will bring progress but may cause enmity in your relationships. During this period, your life partner may experience various health issues, therefore not only take care of their health but also treat them properly. Pay attention to them and make them feel important to you. In reality, this is the foundation of your marital life. The lighter you make them feel, the better their behavior will be and the more happily you will spend your time.

Family & Friends

According to the Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month will be modest in family life. Jupiter will aspect your second house with retrograde Mercury while sitting in the ninth house at the beginning of the month. Your words will be filled with love and logic. Family members will like you. You will become more respected in the family and put forth a lot of effort to maintain family harmony as a result of the importance placed on your words. The second half of the month will be somewhat weak due to Jupiter, the lord of the fourth house, being in the eighth house and Mars entering the seventh house and aspecting the second house. Concerns about the health of a family member may grow, causing the family atmosphere to worsen slightly. In terms of your siblings, this month is a letdown. Their relationship with you may suffer as a result of this. Physical difficulties can trouble them, so you should fulfill your responsibility as a good brother and sister by supporting them in difficult situations. Do not allow any form of disagreement to erupt because it could last a long time and force you to repent later.


On Wednesday, feed green spinach or green whole Moong to mother cow with your own hands. Taking blessings from eunuchs will be extremely beneficial for you. On Tuesday, distribute jaggery and gram as Prasad to small children. On Saturday, recite the Shri Shani Chalisa.

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