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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


The dynamic fire sign Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The natives born under this dual sign are optimistic, curious and energetic, they always wish to gain more and more knowledge of everything around them. If in a group, they will participate in discussions on all the topics even if they lack knowledge on some of the topics. They will keep calm and learn from their own resources instead of questioning or asking anybody. You cannot let them down on anything at all since they will not appreciate the same. They are full of enthusiasm and love adventure, they like doing versatile activities and are always outgoing, you can never get bored of talking to these learning freaks. They aim to keep their spirit alive and active. Good at visualizing things, they always plan and will do everything to execute their thoughts and ideas into realities. They are fun-loving and enjoy earning as well as spending on productive things. They are ambitious and authoritative, let's see if all their ideals and thoughts are served well during the month of January 2021. You will be under a lot of pressure during this month, you may have to sacrifice your self-interest in order to make things around you work smoothly. You may develop strong feelings to change your career or area of work as whatever you are doing will not be serving you the highest purpose. This will bring the breeze of discontentment and no satisfaction. You will have to wait for the right time for making some decisions and implementing your thoughts, this is your testing phase, where you need to be patient. You may feel overboard in your personal life as well, the conflicts with your lover and dear ones will take over your mind. Your partner may become too demanding during this month. You will need to handle the situation with a new approach and different perspective as the old pattern of dealing with circumstances may not work right now. You may face challenges in pleasing your spouse and your family, it may take extra efforts to convince them and keep them happy. You need to take a break from everything and relax your mind for now, as sometimes just doing nothing and reflecting on things will help to sort out everything no matter how adverse the situations go.


Those of you who are freshers and looking for a job should be on toes as this time is favourable for you in terms of work. Your tenth house lord Mercury will be moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn by the second week of January, this transit is perfect for those who wish to change their job since you will get good proposals after the second week of January. Also the sixth house lord Venus will be transiting to Lagna which will bless you with good bargaining power and desired profile if planning to switch your job. Business professionals might not find this month very great for them as they will be under immense pressure from their employees since some projects will not go well. As a result, they can consider changing their methodology and way of working as the traditional way of doing things will no longer work for them. The changes in your professional life are on cards, however you will need to work really hard to bring that change in your favour and earn good profits from the same. Those you are into fields related to performing arts, literature, computer science, jewellery and vehicles will have a commencing month.


These natives will be facing a lot of hassles in personal and professional life but their economic life stands strong during this month. The eleventh house lord Venus will be in the twelfth house of expenditure initially, which will make you spendthrift for the time being and you will enjoy your expensive purchases. Eventually, Venus will move to Sagittarius and by this time you will have that urge not to spend and save your income. You will be happy both ways as you love this cycle of income & expenditure, your remuneration will suffice all your needs. You will earn from one of your properties during this month. It could be sale/purchase or rental income. You will get good opportunities to earn from various resources especially after the second week of January. You will be earning more than expected from your available resources. In terms of finances, this month will bring grace and blessings as you will get back your money which was previously stuck or non-recoverable. You may also earn from some competition in the form of cash or kind during this period.


This confusing time, for now, will give you loads of stress and anxiety. You will be allowing yourself to be a victim of ill health by taking loads of pressure. The lord of the sixth house of diseases Venus will be in your first house, due to which your immune system will be weak during this time. You will feel drained out, depressed and tired and because of overthinking and handling everything, your mind will be too exhausted. Those who previously had some eye concerns, diabetes or issues regarding intimate areas will need to take extra precaution and care as your tensions will aggravate the illness. You will need to keep your mind relaxed in order to remain fit and avoid any major problems.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love matters for Sagittarius natives will reach the next level, you will be passionate and possessive for your partner. The fifth house lord is well placed in its own house, therefore your bond and intimacy will be on the peak. You will be convinced that you are with the right person and will do anything to have them in your life. You will disclose your relationship to your family and try to convince them by all measures, even if you have to face bitterness. Your determination regarding your loved one will be too high during this month. You may have to wait for some time to persuade everyone for your choice however you will find success eventually. You may be facing some disturbance in your marriage previously or some coldness with your spouse. This is the right time when you should speak out your heart and share your state of mind about the ups and downs going around, as this will strengthen your relationship and your better half will understand you better. You may not get much time to spend with your partner during this month which may lead to some miscommunications. Hence, you are advised to draw some time out and have a healthy conversation to keep your relationship smooth.

Family & Friends

The family time will be moderate for you during this month. You will spend time with your dear ones and go out for get-togethers but you will not be able to enjoy to the core as the expectations of your loved ones will be too high from you during this time. The seventh house lord Mercury, fourth house lord Jupiter, third house lord Saturn are all conjuncting in your second house of family and later after mid-January, ninth house lord Sun will join this conjunction, thus, you will enjoy some good family time or maybe an occasion at your place will take place, where all the members will reconnect, however due to different temperaments, things may become a little chaotic and you may face some confrontations by the end of this month. You will have to keep your calm and engage yourself in the family affairs, but avoid getting into any kind of long conversation or discussions regarding property so that you can escape all the chances of getting into big fights with your family.


Keep a glass of water with lemon in it in your room or office wherever you sit mostly. Apply turmeric tilak on your forehead. Donate bananas to children and elderly people. Observe Fasting on Thursdays. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama Path. Keep a yellow crystal in your bedroom.

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