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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


During the last month of 2020, Scorpions will be granted quite a sufficient amount of professional success. Talking about your economic front, you may come across some difficulties. Students are advised to focus on their studies this month. At the same time, the first, second and sixth houses of your sign will remain extremely operative during this time. You will get the results associated with these houses only. As per the Kaal Purush Kundli, the first house belongs to the Aries zodiac sign and it is used to baton information about one’s health, physical condition and soul. The second house is known as the house of money and hailed as the significator of one’s speech. Meanwhile, the sixth house is known as the house of enemies. Let us have a detailed look at how each and every aspect of your life will perform during December 2020.


As far as the career of Scorpio natives is concerned, you will get desirable results during this month’s time. If you have been preparing for a job for a very long time, then you may hit the jackpot this month. However, you should not give up on your hard work to remain at the receiving end of prosperous results. Job holders should not provide any information about their upcoming future to their colleagues. They can misinterpret it to use it as a tool against you. At the workplace, your seating arrangements will change because of which you will feel charged with positive electrons. Talking about the fate of married natives, who will see their problems diminishing slowly. There are also quite a few chances to lay your hands on profits. If you were getting the paperwork done to initiate a new project, then that too can get completed this month. You may get the necessary permission to start new work.


As far as the economic front of Scorpio natives is concerned, it is advised to take each and every step very carefully. Some unwanted expenses may also add to your woes and deteriorate your economic condition further. Some natives of this may also have to procure their economic resources in paying medical bills. You may also have to take care of your domestic needs during this time. Family members may purchase a new Washing machine or TV and other electronic gadgets which will use up a commendable amount of your money. On one hand, your economic resources will get procured, while on the other family members will remain elated. If you have been thinking about investing in any property, then it is advised to take the guidance of an experienced professional as there are chances of you incurring losses. Your mother may get back a certain amount of money which she had loaned out to someone in the past. Some natives of this sign may also adhere to the unlawful methods of earning money. You will definitely earn money in no time but you may also end up behind bars because of adhering to search shortcuts.


As far as health is concerned, Scorpio natives may suffer from problems related to eyes, ears and chest during this month. Someone from your maternal family may also become the prime reason for your mental stress. You are advised to not lose your cool during this period, so as to keep yourself stable mentally. Skipping meals and remaining hungry for a long time will prove to be disastrous for your wellbeing. In order to bring your life on the right track, you should make the necessary amendments in your lifestyle. Refrain from eating outside. If you drive any vehicle, then it should be driven cautiously in extremely crowded places, as an accident is likely to occur. Along with this, you may also suffer from problems associated with the spinal cord due to driving excessively. If you give a proper place to meditation in your life then your problems can come to an end very soon. You should take care of the health of your family members and get their routine checkups done. Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The bond of love is quite sacred and sensitive at the same time. Thus, you are advised to calculate the repercussions before putting forth any proposal in front of your love mate. You may fight with your love partner during this time and thus distance may seep into your relationship. The arrival of such situations can be stopped if and only if you keep a tab on your temper. As far as married natives are concerned, your life partner can demand a certain thing from you, which you will not be able to fulfil. Consequently, fights may arise between both of you. Single natives who wish to propose their respective intended conduct a proper survey of their feelings first. If you do not do so, then your love may not be reciprocated. However, married as well as unmarried natives in love may witness the eradication of all sorts of misunderstandings during this month. If you stay away from your lover, then you may get an opportunity during this month’s time.

Family & Friends

Some problems may grace your professional life during this time. You may get involved in some clashes with your partner, which may disrupt the environment of your house. You are advised to keep a tab on your behaviour during this time as your hot-headed nature may be the reason for the distress of your family members. If your children are pursuing higher studies, then they may do well in their respective fields. With the opportunity provided by your brother, you may get a chance to visit a foreign country. He may also sponsor the entire trip for you. Meanwhile, your married sisters may pay you a visit during this month’s time, because of which you will remain elated. Some quality time will be spent with her. Overall, it can be said that it would be necessary for you to bring positive changes to your behaviour so that problems remain at bay. You are also advised to maintain a considerable amount of distance from your friends, who will stand in your way of spending time with your family members. Relationships should be maintained with only the ones who value you.


Remedy: Chant “ॐ हनुमते नमः / oṃ hanumate namaḥ” Mantra 108 times daily during sunrise.

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