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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


The Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by the planet Mars. The natives born under this sign are assertive, determined and stubborn. They like doing things their way and stick to their interests and choices. They are emotional but their feelings do not flow like the other water signs, they keep their emotions covered underneath their headstrong attitude. They keep calm and their behaviour with people around them is cool but they are very mysterious when it comes to hiding things, they are very good at keeping anyone's secrets. They are the most reliable people if you share something with them and ask them not to disclose, they will carry it to their grave but not utter a word to anyone. This makes them dedicated and loyal friends. They believe in honesty and believe in fair dealings, you can see their true emotional sight when they are in pain. They are very passionate and have intense feelings for the person they fall in love with, also they get obsessive for their partner. The relationship with Scorpions can work only if one is ready to lose their independence and agree to surrender completely. The first month of the year may hold some secrets and surprises for Scorpions, let's look into their January 2021 horoscope. This month will be prosperous and abundant for you, you will bear the fruits of your endeavours and will receive recognition for your work. This month is very favourable for charity as by giving away, you will add some good karmas to your account which will give your blessings and help you later on in life. You will receive gifts and gestures from people around you for your good work and responsible attitude. You will be quite energetic and dynamic during this month and accomplish all your tasks with this high spirit. At the same time, you will be quite reflective and think a lot before proceeding with anything. There will be a potential to think out of the box and do something innovative in your professional life. You will be popular amongst the opposite sex and may get into a good, healthy relationship during this period. Those who have had rough times since the past few months will find some help or support which will draw you out of the difficult situation.


This month is favourable for starting something fresh or finding a new job however it will only demand some of your extra energy and determination. The tenth house lord Sun is in your second house in the beginning of January which will make time favourable for the business representative, as their set of ideas and pattern of work will get recognition and they will be able to earn handsomely. The lord Mars in its own sign Aries which will give you fighting spirit and profound energy to find a new job if you are a fresher or planning to change your job. You may have some dream-like tendencies during this period and it is possible that you are in your own world of planning, but the advice is to come into action as this time is good if you set up things and work hard to achieve your desired goals. If you are employed, then you will have some pressure at your workplace and need to prove yourself and your working skills in order to retain your position. Those who are in professions related to property, Police, Military, Restaurants, Gym or wrestling will have a better time.


The level of success of a person is always interdependent on their earnings, you will taste the fruit of this success during this month. You will reach your goals made in the past and aspire for new things, which will bring you favourable results in the future. Your income will improve and you may look forward to a switch in job with better perks. Venus will remain in your Lagna in the beginning of the year and move to your second house of income by the second week of January. This will be a very favourable time as you will initially make a lot of expenditure but will eventually make good savings. You may make an investment by buying gold or diamonds during this month. You may also spend on repairing your house or on your leisure trips with your family. This is a great time for you, as you will embrace your desires and work towards better prospects in life. You are just a step away in achieving that financial abundance you aim for yourself. This is a time where you will have monetary gains and all the investments made during this time will further bring good profits and success.


There will be minor health concerns during this month. You will be prone to seasonal allergies, cold, cough, flu and fever as your immune system will be low during this time. Those who have a history of high blood pressure should take extra care of themselves and follow a healthy balanced diet to avoid any kind of serious illness. You may also face some skin allergies, rashes and food poisoning. Mars is in your sixth house which will give you the power to fight from any kind of disease. You are advised to do some mind relaxing exercises and eat non-spicy, homemade food during this time since precautions are always better than cure.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The Scorpions are possessive for their partners, therefore, you might be facing some relationship issues in the past. This time holds great potential to bring a balance in your bond but you will need to conquer emotions in order to achieve strength in your association. There will be a conjunction of four planets Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn by the end of January which may bring some chaotic situations with your partner. You are advised to sort out your differences by the beginning of the month in order to change the circumstances later. Those who are stuck in past relationships will get some strength to move on in their lives and look for someone who complements and understands them better. You will have a cold relation with your spouse with loads of misunderstanding, insecurities and doubts. Rahu is transiting from your seventh house, which will make you obsessive and you may feel that your partner is cheating on you or hiding some important things from you. However, it is just your speculation, do not be judgemental about the existing situation, trust your bond and association with your dear one. You might not be able to see the clear picture, so wait till the time is better as you will reach the reality with clear clouds soon.

Family & Friends

The Scorpions will get moments to spend with their family, however, they will prefer spending more time with their friends instead of the immediate family. You will go out clubbing and enjoy with your friends and cousins. You will throw a house party or plan a close party to meet your distant cousins and friends with their families. Your fourth house lord is in the third house with the fifth house lord Jupiter. This will make good occasions for you to plan picnics and go out with your children. You will have a playful time with your kids and enjoy their company the most. You may also go out on short fun trips with your friends or workmates. This time will be good for you, however you will be busy pleasing everyone around you instead of enjoying yourself to the core. You will find your happiness in keeping your dear ones joyful this month.


Offer raw milk mixed with the water to the Banyan tree. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day if possible or else minimum seven times on Tuesday. Observe fasting on Tuesdays. Offer prayers to Lord Ganesha and serve 2 besan ladoos on wednesdays. Plant green shrubs or leafy plants in the northeastern direction of your house. Keep a bowl filled with water in the centre of your house.

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