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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


You are a reliable person. It is important for you to do any task with a good amount of confidence. You are an individual who does any kind of work with full responsibility. You are quite friendly. You do every work by considering it as your own work. Whether you’re employed in a job or engaged in your private business; you execute the tasks with a whole lot of enthusiasm and excitement. This is your attitude. Being a Leo, you are bound to be strong-headed, but when it comes to maintaining healthy relations with the family members, you should refrain from showcasing your ego, or else you may lose the incredible bond of love and concern with your near and dear ones. You are an ambitious person. You always long for a higher position and reputation. You try every possible measure for that and manage to achieve it with time. Similarly, in this month, you’ll achieve success in works undertaken with courage and bravery. Whichever work you do with passion and hard work, you’ll achieve success in the same. In addition to social honor and respect, you’ll also receive all kinds of materialistic amenities. Conditions regarding money and real estate acquisition are also expected to remain favorable. If you are trying to attain some kind of real estate, then you may receive support in the same. Relations with your kin will remain strong. The comfort of a house, vehicle etc. is also found to be good for you during this month. If you are trying to attain a house, vehicle etc. then you can achieve success in the same. If you want to excel in the field of politics, then you may get an opportunity for the same during this month. You may get in touch with the officials of your level and your expertise in the administrative area can also get strengthened, which will allow you to embrace new opportunities for achieving political gains. Your relationship with your parents will remain healthy. Conditions regarding children might remain a bit stressful. You may have problems regarding progeny, children’s happiness, support from children etc. Situations regarding romantic relationships might also remain stressful. Enemies will remain in a normal condition. Therefore, if there is any kind of ongoing dispute, then you can make efforts to resolve the same. There may be good opportunities for an overseas travel and conditions regarding marital life are also likely to remain favorable. In addition to a warm relationship between spouses, a sense of cooperation in the areas of work might also be generated. In this month, fate might work in your favor. Whichever work you’re doing, there are strong chances of achieving success in the same. If you are doing any job and want to do business, then you might get an opportunity for pursuing the same. Economic situations are likely to remain favorable during this month. You may face troubles due to unnecessary tours. So, try to avoid them. In this month, the dates viz: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 12th and 20th, 21st might create tension for you. Therefore, take care of yourself on these days and it is important to trust yourself. Try to avoid starting any important tasks on these days.


Economic conditions are likely to be favorable in this month. There are chances that the plans made for receiving economic gains would become successful. You may have to face certain stressful situations. You might have to witness several ups and downs but putting in dedicated efforts would allow you to achieve success. Whatever work you are doing, there may be disruptions in the same. Therefore, do not think of making any kind of long term investment in this month or do not undertake any efforts to expand your business in order to provide flourishment to your economic condition. You are also likely to receive sudden economic prospects during this month. If you have already made investments in the past, then its returns would be received in this month. Whatever work you do with confidence, you can get financial benefits from the same. It may be better for you to work in accordance with time and circumstances. Do not perform any task in haste or anger. Otherwise you may have to suffer loss. Especially, from the perspective of finances, problems may crop up. Therefore, you should try to do any work steadily and seriously, which would ensure a better financial condition. You can improve your life from the perspective of work and business.


In this month, you may have to face the problems of fever, cold and cough, any kind of infection, or viral fever etc. Therefore, you need to pay attention towards your health. You may have to suffer from the problem of blood pressure etc. Since you are likely to fall prey to a wide array of minor as well as major diseases, it is recommended to stay extra cautious when it comes to maintaining a brilliant health. Irrespective of the age group that you belong to, it is absolutely essential to visit your doctor for regular health check-ups.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions regarding love relations are likely to remain favorable during this month. Due to lack of mutual trust among the romantic partners, the mutual harmony with one another might get worse, which can put an adverse effect on things that are about to get completed. Therefore, any kind of attempt to improve your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend would render you a better direction. Saturn along with Dragon’s Tail is communicating in Sagittarius zodiac, which is making the conditions unfavorable in connection to the romantic relationships. Thereby, mutual harmony with the boyfriend or girlfriend can get worse. There may be a likelihood of being separated from each other. Therefore, it may be better to maintain a pleasant relationship with each other in such an environment. If you are planning for a vacation or a plain get-together, then you can try later in the month, which will improve the mutual harmony between the two of you. In this month, conditions regarding marital life might be stressful. You will receive less support from your spouse, but by making efforts, the conditions can turn to be favorable. Since the support of your spouse is quite important for your life, you’ll also receive support from your in-laws. You can also receive a good direction in your areas of work.

Family & Friends

In this month, the relationship with the parents might get better and you may also receive parental support. However, due to generation of occasional stress, uncomfortable situations might arise in the family. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to maintain a warm relationship with your parents and the other members of your family. From the perspective of economic welfare, maintaining mutual harmony with the family members would be quite helpful and you will become a respected member of the family. You may receive respect and honor from the family members. However, do not try to avoid your responsibilities towards the family. Try to fulfill your responsibilities to the fullest. You can be successful in fulfilling them and by doing so, you will strengthen the situation of your family. It is your responsibility to keep pace with the family members. Just try to fulfill your duties, only then the conditions regarding your children , opponents and supporters etc. would remain favorable. Your relation with spouse will also get better. The blessings and support of your parents will prove to be tremendously beneficial for you and your overall advancement. Therefore, make an attempt to maintain a cordial relation with everyone in the family along with respecting your parents.


Offer water to the Sun on a regular basis. It is important for you to recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra and also to donate red colored materials every Sunday. You should also try to do meditation and Yoga. This would also provide nourishment to your health.

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