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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


You are an energetic person. You tend to be inclined towards your actions. There are possibilities to achieve good success if you prioritize your work according to time. You are the one who always try to fulfill your responsibilities. You pay special attention towards the completion of your work even before the given timeline. Along with being adventurous and mighty, you are enthusiastic by nature. You are the people who try to achieve everything with your will-power and strength. But it's your temperamental nature that could possibly land you in problematic situations. Therefore, you are advised to rethink and avoid hasty decisions. Your efforts of performing any task with seriousness and stability will be successful. There are good possibilities for you to gain economic benefits with your hard work. You are the one who will never ever lose hope therefore, there are chances for you to attain positive gains according to your karmic deeds. As the Sun is transiting in the Gemini zodiac sign , you may get good results from the economic point of view. There will be better opportunities for you to acquire name and fame in the society along with monetary profits related to real estate. The conditions will be favorable from the career point of view. If you do some kind of business, then there can be good progress from the business perspective. And, if you are doing any job then in this month there can be good possibilities for you to get an appraisal or promotion at your work front. There are chances that you may get help from your close friends and family members. During this month your fortune can favor you. There will be possibilities of tough times, but your efforts can gift you with great success. There are good opportunities for you to travel outstation. If you are given an opportunity to go abroad, then you should accept it. As Saturn along with Ketu is transiting in Sagittarius, this combination is making good possibilities for you in terms of work related to outside travel. In this month, there are also chances for you to share cordial relationship with your spouse. You can face situations of ups and downs in concern to your health. The conditions pertaining to your enemies side will be normal. In case, if there are any circumstances for occasional disputes with your enemy, then you can handle them with mutual understanding. There are possibilities for you to see a rise in stressful conditions related to your children and love life. If you are a student or doing any course related to education then, you are likely to face problems. Therefore, try to pursue your goals with caution. There are also good chances of acquiring land, vehicle etc. You are likely to receive political gains. If you are trying to get a hold in the political arena, you may have to work very hard for it. In the second half of this month, there are possibilities of some good news. You may have to be very careful while performing your tasks. 7,8,16,17, 25 and 26 dates of July 2019 may create a stressful situation for you. During this phase, it will be beneficial for you, if you act with caution and seriousness.


During this month, there is a possibility for you to get an economic advantage with sheer hard work. Or else, there are chances for you to get entangled in economic problems. Therefore, it is very important for you to culminate every possible effort to get the desired economic advantages. As Mercury is transiting in Cancer zodiac, which is creating circumstances for financial loss from the economic point of view. In such situations, it would be better for you to act with caution and avoid hasty decisions. Try to be careful in financial areas. Just be careful while exchanging money. Do not try to give money to strangers. Try to protect your virtues on your own. If there are any plans for investments then you should be careful. You should wait for the right time, because any investments made in this month may incur a loss for you. If you run a business, then you should be careful while making any plans for expansion from business point of view. Do not try to start any new work or else you may have to suffer financial loss. You can also face loss due to your relatives. Therefore, try to keep a normal relationship with your relatives at work. There is no need to maintain a business relationship with them and also try not to get them involved in your work/business.


In this month, you may face problems like mild fever, viral fever, headaches, body pain etc. There can even be a rise in some kind of unnecessary illness. Irritation in eyes or any problems related to eyes can arise. Therefore, you should be cautious about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There is a possibility of deterioration in the mutual understanding between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. As Saturn along with Ketu is transiting in Sagittarius zodiac, it is likely to degrade the coordination between the boyfriend and girlfriend and also there are chances of separation due to mutual stress. If there are any attempts to maintain a mutual understanding between the two, then that can prove to be fruitful. As the Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, it can create a sense of faith and trust in each other. Therefore, you should try to be with your partner and maintain a better coordination with each other. For the time being, you can also avoid meeting your partner. If you have any plans to go out, then try to abrogate them. If you try to keep a normal behavior, then there is a possibility for you to share a cordial relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. In this month, the conditions in your married life can be good. You may get the much-needed support from your spouse. Along with getting the support of your spouse in family matters, there is also a possibility for you to get the same support in other areas of work and outside travel. Therefore, having a good relationship with your spouse can bring you in better condition.

Family & Friends

There is a possibility for a family dispute to arise in this month. Concerns regarding the health of your parents can be triggered and there can be an internal dispute which may arise in terms of the health of your parents. In such situations, you should take care of yourself along with being aware of the health of your parents. Try to cooperate with each other in any kind of situations. Your constant efforts to maintain a mutual understanding within your family members will be successful. Try to avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts, as there can be unnecessary disputes in the family. There can be some kind of a verbal fight within the family members. There is a possibility for a dispute over money matters related to real estate. There can be a discord in the house due to expenditure. Therefore, you should try to improve the mutual understanding within the family members. The conditions can be stressful in terms of your children. Concerns regarding the activities of your children may arise, but conditions may be favorable in the second half of this month. With better interaction, there is a possibility for progress in all areas of life. You can obtain everyone’s cooperation in your domestic work hence, you should pay special attention towards maintaining a cordial relationship with the family.


Offer water to the sun. It will be better for you if you recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra and donate red objects on Sunday. Apart from this, you will get good results if you do 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar.

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