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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


You are the person of courageous tendency. You can see that you have a good ability in yourself to perform any task. Unless you do not complete the responsibilities on you, you cannot be happy. You are the one who tries to fulfill his/her responsibilities before time. However, due to the overwhelming nature of yours, there are chances of interferences emerging in the field of work. The situations regarding your career can get stressful. There are good chances from real estate, and whatever the efforts are to accumulate wealth can be successful. Your relationships can also be good with your close relatives. Your time is good for getting a high rank. If you try to do a new job then it can prove to be successful for you. Any work done with courage can give you great success in your work. There are situations where in you can get help from your friends. Try to maintain a good relation with your senior officers or else, you may have to suffer from some kind of loss. There are possibilities for you to get the convenience of luxuries related to house and vehicle. You are capable of gaining spiritual as well as physical pleasures. If you are making up your mind to buy a car or the planning of ​​taking up a home is going on, then the efforts put in by you can prove to be successful in this month. Family conditions can get better. There are chances for you to get good benefits from your outside travels as well as from your love relations. There are possibilities for you to get success from the outstation traveling which is in relation to your work. The expansion of the work plan in this month is indicating some good returns. If you have to start a new job then you can do it, in this month, as you can obtain good opportunities of economic benefits, which can be in connection with your career. There is a possibility of growth from the business point of view, in this month. In this month, fortune will also be good for you and you will get good success in the field of work. You might have to face less physical problems. You can be healthy in your full form. There are chances where you can face small problems but as such, there are no incidences of any problems arising, which can land you in trouble. The advancement in your fortune can be good. The efforts put in by you can yield you good profits. There can be possibilities of getting some good work from the cooperation of an unfamiliar person. If there are any work related plans from economic benefits point of view and you are thinking of ​​launching it, then it can prove to be fruitful for you. Your enemy side can be in a weak position. However, the attempts to engage with the enemies will be futile. Working on time will be beneficial for you. You have to do any work while looking at your situation and circumstances.


There are chances of economic situations likely being strong. You can find the probability of being successful in an effort made for economic gain. You can get opportunities to gain economic benefits by doing your work. You are courageous and mighty. You are the one who performs any given task with responsibility. Therefore, work done with good responsibilities can yield good results. There are likely to be good economic activities this month. If there is, an idea of ​​making an investment in terms of economic benefits then that too can be successful. However, be careful while doing transactions related to money. Do not compromise with any person on work related matters. Thereby you can get financial benefits. The work that two people can do together, you can do that alone. You can find such type of potential in you. Therefore, you should not try to compromise on benefits from the economic point of view. According to time and according to the planet's transit status, there is a probability of obtaining economic benefits. Your bold steps can get you good benefits. You should take care of one thing that you should try to neither do your work nor make your decisions in any kind of hasty. Keep severity in areas related to money. If possible, try to reduce the transaction of money. Try to avoid any kind of unnecessary investment. There is a possibility of economic conditions to be good this month.


You may have problems related to some kind of boils, pimples, etc. Pain or stiffness may occur in the legs. You can experience physical problems at the time of work. Any kind of internal problem can also arise. It is thus mandatory to take care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love relationships are likely to be favorable even in adverse situations. However, these conditions may be possible only by trying. To build a warm relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it is necessary to make one another move forward. If there is an attempt to do any work after any kind of mutual discussion, then it can be successful. You can achieve good opportunities for advancement with the help of your boyfriend/girlfriend. In addition, the atmosphere of happiness can arise in the family. If you are willing to give some kind of proposal in this month then you can give it in the second half of the month. If you are planning to travel for some kind of work, then try to postpone it, as mutual differences can arise because of unnecessary expenses. Due to unnecessary verbal fight, mutual stress can increase. There is a possibility of better relations between husband and wife in this month. Along with receiving a lot of cooperation from the spouse, you are also likely to get support from your in-law's side. You may achieve success from outstation traveling. If you do any kind of work with your spouse then you are likely to get good success in it. There are also possibilities of getting success in work done with the help of your family. Working in accordance with time and situation can prove to be better.

Family & Friends

In this month due to family intervals, there can be chances of generation of mutual differences and stress. In the home family, the mutual harmony between each other will not be right. A verbal fight due to small minute talks can lead to generation of conflicts. You may even have to face domestic violence. Situations will arise where even family members can turn into enemies of each other, you can face such situations. There are chances for unnecessary debates to arise. Thereby, there is a possibility of deteriorating the domestic balance. You are likely to get support from your parents. However, due to family discord, the relationship with the parents may also disintegrate. Conditions regarding the child's side may be stressful. Due to the dissatisfaction from the child's side, it can lead to mental problems. Because of your violent nature, situations of stress can arise in the family. By the way, you are a very emotional person. You are the one who tries to drive their family forward with responsibility. However, as the Mars along with Ketu is transiting in Capricorn, which is likely to cause family problems. The attempts to take someone into your control forcefully, might fail. In such situations, it would be good for you to move forward along with your family by maintaining the mutual harmony and by showing them the path of development by keeping the family together. Due to the mutual coordination in the house, it is possible for you to get the family involvement in your working areas. Therefore, the mutual harmony can be better with your efforts and you can do this.


It is important for you to offer water to the Sun daily and to recite the Aditya Hryudai Stotra. In addition, on Saturday, burning lamp of sesame oil under Peepal tree or in Shani temple and donating red items on Sundays can be fruitful for you.

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