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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


The month of September will remain ordinary for you. You will keep moving forward in life amidst the ups and downs of life. You will have to stretch your edges to a great extent to remain at the receiving end of success. There are chances of acquiring success in competitive exams. Happiness and prosperity will prevail over the domestic front. For love relations in particular, this will be a challenging month. The initial half of the month will turn out to be specifically difficult. An ex lover returns back to your life. And unmarried natives are most likely to get married. Married natives will get mixed results. You are requested to remain specifically careful with regards to your health. Both native to have been suffering from any chronic disease are advised to remain careful.


With regards to your professional life, this month will demand more of your attention diligence and hard work. You will have to push your edges to a great extent to remain at the receiving end of success. Jupiter is present in your twelfth house, because of which you may have to take certain work related trips this month. Your hard work will not be equivalent to the results you earn in return. However, you should remain mentally prepared for this. There is no need to worry as you will be provided multiple opportunities to acquire success in the near future. On the 15th of September, the retrograde motion of Jupiter in your eleventh house will bring certain improvements to your professional life. Because of the Sun and Mars being present in your sixth house, you will be able to perform well at your workplace. However, your rivals may try to prevail over you which is why you have to deal with them prudently. During the second half of the month, both the planets Mars and the Sun will enter your seventh house. There will be a chance of acquiring a promotion then. For business professionals as well as trade ventures, the initial half of the month will turn out to be very profitable. This will be so because both Venus and Mercury will remain present in your seventh house. If your trade has some foreign connections, then the first half of the month will remain specifically profitable. You can avail a large amount of profits from foreign sources. During the second half of the month, both Mercury and Venus will remain posited in your eighth house which may encourage you to take part in some illegal activities like betting. Risky Investments will also attract you. Do not get involved in such activities as you may incur some severe losses.


On the economic front, this month is expected to remain ordinary. The planet Saturn will remain positive in your eleventh house, which is also its own sign. Consequently, you may avail benefit from many sources but Sun and Mars in the second half of the month may pave the way for certain expenditures. Consequently, you may remain under mental stress. During the second half of the month, the presence of the Sun and Mars in your seventh house will bring certain changes to your economic life. Jupiter will also change its residence and enter your house of profits, because of which expenses will decrease.


As far as your health is concerned, you need to remain vigilant this month. Due to the presence of Sun and Mars in the sixth house at the beginning of the month, there will be the prevalence of some health problems, but you will also face them by pulling up a brave face. Even in the first half of Jupiter, you may have to go to the hospital etc. But you can also come out easily from each and every problem. Special care needs to be taken in the latter part of the month. Especially in the last week, when Venus and Mercury will be in the eighth house and Sun and Mars in the seventh house. These planetary positions can be painful for your health. Avoid traveling and maintain your regular fitness routine.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For love relations in particular, this month will be full of ups and downs. The first half of the month will be full of challenges. The planet Saturn is aspecting your fifth house, which may bring complications to love relations. Some misunderstandings may prevail between the two of you which may turn out to be quite serious. Honesty and loyalty is very much important in a relationship. The lack of loyalty may bring a crack in your bond, which is why you should remain allowed and careful during this month. The trust factor should remain intact between the two of you along with the communication. You need to think with a rational mind during the first half of the month. From the 15th of September onwards, Jupiter in a retrograde motion will start aspecting your first house because of which situation will likely improve. The misunderstanding will come to an end. But you can also expect the return of an ex lover in your life during this time. There are quite a few possibilities of certain native tying the knot to this lover during this time. Those who wish to take the relationship into a whole another level will also attain favorable results. Keep trying as this is the right time to go ahead with this. Unmarried and single natives can also tie the knot during this time. For married natives in particular, this is a perfect time. The presence of Venus and Mercury in your seventh house will make your conjugal life even more blissful. You will share a great bond with your life partner. However, the Sun and Mars in the second half of the month in your seventh house can try to bring some negative influences to your marital life. A certain thing of the past may create differences between the two of you. In such a situation, try to think of the future and let the past be the past. You may also remain worried about your life partner’s health.

Family & Friends

If we talk about your domestic life, then the month of September will turn out to be quite favourable for you. Mercury, the ruling Lord of fourth house is currently present in the seventh house and aspecting your fourth house, because of which the first half of the month will turn out to be quite favourable for your domestic life. You will get multiple opportunities to spend time with your family. The support of your parents will be acquired. If the health of your parents have remained in a bad state, then it is likely to improve during this time. The bond of harmony will prevail over the members of your household. Consequently, your domestic environment will be peaceful. Since Rahu is present in your third house, your brothers may get some good news during this time. They will support you and also witness some of their tasks getting accomplished. However, they may also suffer from some health problems or any kind of mental stress. At the very end of the month, the planet Jupiter will be seen changing zodiac signs and entering your eleventh house. It will also affect your third house from the same position which will bring a good time for your brothers.


Recite the Bajrang Baan regularly and apply a Tikka on Lord Hanuman’s right arm on Tuesday. Venerate Lord Vishnu. Feed the poor and offer them Dakshina or monetary gifts. Donate religious books to a temple.

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