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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


For Taurus natives, the month of January seems to be an intensive phase for their emotions. Natives are required to act strongly in January 2023 to feelings of attraction and repulsion. This refers to their interpersonal areas both romantic and friendly or professional relationships. It is advised to avoid any kind of rash or radical reactions that can damage or even risk your relationships. Tourist natives should try to balance their inner selves and not get carried away with the situation which will help them to save their relationships in personal life as well as in professional life. The beginning of the month as per January Monthly Horoscope 2023 will be a little difficult for the tourist native as there may be some criticism from the seniors but do not accept defeat in the difficult phase, accept the criticism and try to work on them. The middle month of January will be much more improved and you will see a better time in terms of job professionally and in personal life. At the end of the month, you will be rewarded with success and those who are born with the Taurus sign will be known for their strength and will emerge from the difficult phase with new energy.


For Taurus natives, the month of January will prove good in terms of career/profession, if you are not cautious you could find yourself facing some trouble in some situations during this period. Some of the natives may also be inclined to take wrong steps to earn profit, if you do so you may land up into some problem and hence it is strongly advised not to succumb to such temptations. In January Monthly Horoscope 2023, Placement of Ketu in the sixth house natives who are in job will do well and overcome any kind of competition that they might be facing. Natives who are in the field of religion, spirituality, law, and occult science will see a good phase during this time. The placement of Saturn and Venus in the 10th house may bring some difficult situations with your superior and you should try to avert them. It is also advised that during Saturn placement in the 10th house you should look for work-from-home opportunities. Also, Taurus natives who are into business should utilize that time and spend a reasonable amount in planning and making a concrete plan and then executing it. You are also advised to take help from the expert if you are facing any issues in the planning phase of this month. You may also get foreign gains during this period of January. Overall, with the placement of Mars in the first house in the month of January, the sign of Taurus will provide enough willpower or strength to the natives to succeed in the job and in the business world and they will be more encouraged to do their own business. The placement of Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th house will enhance its powers and will help them to fulfill their materialistic desires.


For Taurus natives, January Monthly Horoscope 2023, the month of January is favorable for your finances as you might gain through speculation or inherit your parent’s property with the placement of Saturn in the 10th house in the second half of the month natives will have an opportunity to earn through their investments. The month of January could also increase your income and if your promotion or increment at work is due then you might hear some good news this year which will increase your finances as well. Taurus natives may also plan to take a loan this month and make some extra money through investment. Natives who are in business are most likely to cover the losses or dues this month. All this would be easily done if you do good financial planning and this rewarding recovery will enable you to make some extra cash this month.


For Taurus natives, the month of January might bring some health troubles and hence you are advised to stay cautious and take proper care. Carelessness would add misery to your physical health, to avoid this you are advised to do proper yoga and meditation during this period. Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet so that you have enough physical energy. In the middle of the month, your physical well-being will increase. Taurus natives are fond of feast so make sure you do not get out of hand and try to make balance. Taurus natives may also suffer from cold and cough problems. Especially at the beginning of the month, these people should pay attention to their health. Your job will be full of stress and will also affect your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Taurus natives are ruled by planet Venus, hence they would like to make some extra effort to find a suitable partner for them. In the month of January, placement of Venus in the first half in the ninth house might bring some turbulence in the love life for the native and they may find lack of love in their relationship. But with the transit of Venus in the 10th house in the second half of the month your relationship will become much better and there are chances that your lost love may come back and this would make you happy. You will be overall delighted with your life. Mutual understanding in the relationship may improve. It is advised that both the partners should put equal amounts of work to improve the relationship and try to enhance the relationship. Taurus natives who are married or ruled by planet Mars will have some affects. In the month of January, Mars will be situated in the first house and will be aspecting the seventh house and it will also aspect by Saturn from the 10th house in the second half of the month hence it is advised for the married couples to be a little cautious as there might be a phase of misunderstanding and fights because of the aspect of two malefic planets on the house of marriage. It is advised that natives should move out from their past issues and try to maintain love, understanding, and respect in their married life. With the aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house this period is good to start a family this month. Those who already have children have to pay attention to them as their children may possibly face some physical trouble especially for those children who are inclined towards sports. During this period, children may also be involved in some kind of fights or disputes and hence be cautious.

Family & Friends

January will be average for the natives as Saturn will aspect their family affairs and hence you might face increased expenses which would take a heavy toll on your family and you may also need to borrow money for someone and hence it is advised to plan your expenses very carefully well in advance. Natives are also required to pay attention to their children as they may also be needing little during this period. With the placement of the fourth ruling planet in the eighth house, one might face lack of comfort and happiness as the eighth house is the house of sudden losses and lack of something in life and hence it is very difficult for the native to have a sense of contentment and peace of mind in life. In the month of January the natives may also see lack of parental support in life and would lack comfort, warmth and care of parents. Taurus natives may also face sudden changes or unexpected changes in their family life however the nature of the changes might vary. During the month of January the natives will become spiritually active and will also open the hidden sense to learn about the hidden mystery of life. With the sun aspect on the second house of family also tells various issues within the family in the month of January there will be issues that will be mainly linked to jealousy and desire to dominate family members hence be cautious.


For career: Keeping amethyst bracelet with you will prove beneficial. Planting trees will give you good results. For business: South direction will benefit you. Keep crystals at your workplace. For love/marriage: Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday. Keep lovebirds in your bedroom. Remedies for education: Use of a green color pen would prove beneficial for you. Eat cashew nuts before sitting for studies. Remedies for health: Distribute food to the needy people on Fridays. While eating meals set in the east direction.

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