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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


The month of May is going to be good for the people born under the Taurus zodiac sign. You will get a good result of your hard work due to the presence of Saturn, the Lord of the tenth house. There is going to be a success in the workplace. Students will also succeed in the field of education because Jupiter will have a complete aspect on the fifth house. Due to the aspect of Venus and Jupiter on the fifth house, the time will be good for love life, and there will be happiness in married people's family life. Love life and married life will also be good during this period because the Lord of the fifth house, Mercury, in the first house will bring transparency in the relationship. However, due to this, there will be unnecessary expenses and there will be some trouble in financial matters. People in the field of business will have a good time. The retrograde of Mercury in the first house can lead to health problems at the beginning of the month. Read the horoscope in detail to know how this month of May will be for your life and how you will get results in the fields of family, career, health, love, etc.


For the people born under the Taurus zodiac sign, this month will be mixed from the career point of view. This is a favorable time for job seekers. Saturn, the Lord of the tenth house, will give you support due to its position in its sign. You will bear the sweet fruits of your hard work, but you have to avoid pride. You will succeed if you control your bidding behavior. Sun entering the twelfth house will bring the possibility of a change of location in your field of work. There may be some changes in your job. From the business point of view, the beginning of the month will be moderate, but you will benefit from the transit of the Sun in the first house, in the latter part of the month. This time will give you good fruits of hard work. It is worth noting that during this time there is a possibility of a heated argument with your business partner. This can harm the business, and you may have to suffer losses. So keep control of your nature. In the case of foreign business, the whole month will be good for you.


Financially, this will be a time full of ups and downs for the Taurus natives. The beginning of the month will not be very favorable due to the retrograde motion of Mercury, the Lord of the second house, in the first house. You will be troubled by unnecessary expenses. Apart from this, there is a possibility of spending money on health problems. The second half of the month will be relatively good for you. Due to the position of Jupiter with Venus in the eleventh house, the circumstances will be favorable for you. There is a possibility of a situation of economic gain through personal efforts. There are chances of getting money through some secret methods also. Although expenses will continue to be incurred during this period, they will not have much effect on your financial condition. Arranging money for business will prove to be a big challenge for you. There is a possibility of taking a bank loan. You are advised to consider every aspect while taking a loan. Foreign money will come through business or trade.


This is a weak time for Taurus natives from a health point of view. With Mercury turning retrograde in your sign, it will be a difficult time for you. The situation at the beginning of the month is not favorable for health. There may be blood-related irregularities or problems with blood pressure. You will also benefit by having Venus, the Lord of the sixth house, with Jupiter in the eleventh house and having the full aspect of the Sun in the sixth house. The biggest of diseases will be diagnosed during this time. Many diseases will be cured. You will feel relatively healthy and confident. You are advised to pay attention to the diet and take nutritious food. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy routine. During this time, you should try to avoid long journeys. Taurus women may have problems related to menstruation. You will be required to undergo a health check-up.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The beginning of the month will be good for Taurus natives in love-related matters. Transparency will come in the relationship due to Mercury, the Lord of the fifth house, being in the first house. There will be a tendency to do a lot for each other. Due to the presence of Rahu with Sun in the twelfth house, talking in an exaggerated manner will not be favorable for you. The full aspect of Venus and Jupiter on the fifth house will keep the relationship intact despite the tension. You can go somewhere far away with your partner. This is going to be a mixed time for married people as well. With the full aspect of Jupiter in the seventh house, love will increase in married life. If there is already any dispute going on between the husband and wife, then it will end during this period. The case going on in the court will also come to a halt. During this time, it will be necessary for you to control yourself and keep your anger in check. You are advised to avoid any kind of argument with the in-laws too. This is a good time from the point of view of children.

Family & Friends

Family life will be normal for the Taurus natives. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus and their aspect on the third house will bring you benefits. There will be happiness and peace in family life. There will be harmony among all the family members. During this time, your relations will be better with the younger members of the family. You will have a central position in the family, and younger members will come to you to solve their problems. You are advised to take time out from your work and spend it with them. This will strengthen family ties. During this time the health of the parents will be good. At the beginning of the month, the father may face minor health problems. In the second half of the month, the circumstances will be favorable for you. Initially, there may be some differences with siblings, but soon the relationship between siblings will strengthen. In the second half of the month, love between siblings will increase, and their support will remain in your life.


Donate white things. Offer Kewra water to Lord Surya regularly. Make sugar and rice pudding or Kheer on Friday and offer it to the mother and eat it yourself. Take blessings of little girls by touching their feet.

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