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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Taurus is a feminine sign ruled by Venus. People born under this sign are passionate in nature and they like beauty very much. Also, many of the Taurus natives show interest in learning music. Including this, they are congenial people who are easy to get along with. These natives might strive hard to earn the good will of their friends. This month might be deemed neither bad nor good as Jupiter is placed in twelfth house from the moon sign and with other planets- Sun and Rahu. Saturn is in tenth house and Ketu in sixth house for these natives. Due to the above planet positions, these natives might face some obstacles in their development with respect to their career, gaining more money, and obstacles in meeting with fortunes. Development in career might be possible for these natives, but the same might come for them out of hard and sustained efforts. Expenses might be on the increasing side as four planets-Jupiter, Rahu, Sun are present in the twelfth house. These natives could experience disturbances in sleep during this month after Jupiter, Rahu, Sun and Mercury are placed in the twelfth house. On the other hand, due to the presence of Jupiter in the twelfth house, these natives might get more involved in spiritual pursuits and they could travel more to the religious places during this month. Saturn in the tenth house will enable these natives to gain access to development in their careers. Read the horoscope in detail to know how the month of May will be for your life and how you will reap fruits in the areas of family, career, health, love, etc.


For the people who are born under this Taurus zodiac sign- Saturn is placed in the tenth house and the tenth is for career. Saturn being a challenging planet, natives belonging to this sign might need to put more efforts to get pay off well. Further from the second half of the month, the planets- Jupiter with Rahu, Sun and Mercury occupies the twelfth house from the moon sign and due to this natives might be facing delays in getting benefits in the form of promotion for their hard works and also some of the natives might be facing unwanted transfers in job. The natives who are pursuing business might find this month less favorable and not be in a position to anticipate or expect high profits. There might be high competition that these natives could face with the competitors.


In terms of finances, the natives might find this month to be a little bit challenging, as after the fifteenth of this month their expenses might increase due to the combined presence of Sun with Rahu in the twelfth house and Jupiter also transiting this month on April 22, 2023. Also Mercury as the second house lord will be placed in the twelfth house during this month. The combined presence of Jupiter, Rahu, Sun and Mercury in the twelfth house might give these natives delays in getting benefits and there could be more fluctuations in money fortunes. Health expenses might rise and there could be average chances for these natives to save money and even if they try for the same, the natives might not be in a position to retain the same. The favorable placement of sign lord Venus this month might enable these natives and give them a chance to earn money. Those who are into business might not get high profits and there might be stiff competition with competitors. Also the natives who are into business might face loss due to less planning and lack of support from partners.


In the month of May, natives' health will be moderate. But the presence of Jupiter in the twelfth house with Rahu might make situations a little tough. Also, Sun will be present in the twelfth house till fifteenth and later after fifteenth it will move to the first house and might give anxieties and stress. Saturn present in the tenth house might give some considerable energy for health. But at the same time Saturn’s aspect will be present for the fourth house with respect to your sign and due to this, there might be reduction in comforts. Also, since Saturn is aspecting the fourth house with respect to the moon sign, these natives need to spend money for the health of their elders. But since Saturn is a good planet with respect to the moon sign- these natives might not be facing major health problems.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Taurus natives those who are in love might not find this month suitable for love to make it real. There might be a lack of understanding with the beloved. Also, there is a less chance of success in love this month. . The essential happiness might be missing for these natives in love due to the combination of Jupiter, Rahu in the twelfth house. Further natives who are willing to get married might not find this month to be flexible and it might lead to less satisfaction. Natives who are already married could find this month to be a little tough when it comes to married life as the essence of happiness could be missing.

Family & Friends

Natives belongs to Taurus zodiac sign might be facing some constraints in the family due to the combined presence of Jupiter, Rahu, Sun, Mercury in the twelfth house. Due to the above position of planets confusion might be prevailing with respect to property disputes in family. A lot of adjustment might be required in family among family members to witness happiness. This might be due to the fact that arguments in an unwanted manner might be possible and this might reduce the harmony in the family.


Chant “Om Durgaya Namaha” daily 108 times. Do Havan-Yagna for Rahu on Saturday. Chant “Om Shukraya Namah” daily 24 times.

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