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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Summary Being born as a Taurus, you are very hardworking, which is the root cause of all your happiness. You are ready to work to any extent to achieve happiness. Your strong will puts you at the forefront. Mars, the lord of the 12th house, may get posited in a seventh house at the beginning of this month, which can make your relationship with your life partner in married life and business partner in professional life sour. On the contrary, you may go on a trip abroad with your life partner or business partner. But after February 8, the transit of Mars will be in your eighth house, which can result in accidental money loss. Therefore, think more before taking any step further. Evaluate well before investing your money. Wait a little in case you are thinking of starting a new business or expanding one. However, your business will acquire good results. Your friends will fully support you. You should behave well with your in-laws and try to improve your relationship with them. Some responsibilities towards the family will demand time and money as expected from you, so do not turn away from any of your responsibilities and fulfill them. You will gain respect in the society this month in the latter half of the month. Conversely, in the first half of the month, the conditions will be somewhat challenging and you may face defamation in futile matters, so remain cautious. Do not do anything that spoils your image. You will be a little worried about the career of your child, which is quite justified as well. Sit down, talk to them lovingly and consider what they want to do.


Talking from a carer's perspective, February 2020 will bring mixed results for you. Saturn, the tenth house lord of your kundli, will be present in its own zodiac sign, Capricorn, in the ninth house. Because of this, you can get the desired transfer you needed for a long time. Apart from this, if you want to change your job, then go ahead, as it will give favourable results. The first half of the month also indicates for you to be a little cautious, as you may get falsely accused without any reason. In this case, keep yourself devoted to your work, and avoid being a part of any altercation or argument. After the placement of the Sun in your tenth house from February 13, your professional life will become stable, and you may get a promotion as well as an increase in authority. This will be a golden period for natives working in the government sector, as they will get good news from all sides. You will also dominate your opponents and they will not be able to do anything to harm you. Regarding the business, think well before taking any action, especially after February 8 when the transit of Mars is in the eighth house. This duration can lead to sudden loss, so make any decision carefully. The transit of Venus in Pisces on February 3 will lead to a rise in factors and activities related to the eleventh house. This will fulfil your ambitions, you will also get the support of your superiors. However, remember that the seniors are keeping an eye on you, and any small mistake can cause your major loss. Therefore, concentrate on your work.


The planets that provide immense wealth are Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. Apart from this, the presence of Rahu in Gemini in your second house can offer you immense wealth benefits. However, such situations will make you distant from your family. Mercury will be placed in your tenth house, in which case you can use your money to expand your business. The transit of Venus will be in Pisces on February 3, due to which you will come across sudden opportunities, which will prove to be effective in making you financially strong. Saturn has entered the ninth house and will remain in the house for the whole month. As a result, luck will favour you in whatever you do, and you will attain success. The presence of Saturn in this house will create the possibilities for long-term economic benefits. The presence of Jupiter in a tenth price will make you financially weak, due to which your expenses will increase. You may have to spend a lot on health and religious activities. On February 29, Venus will enter your 12th house, which will lead to a rise in your expenses. The month of February will prove to be a boost to your expenses as well as income.


If we talk about February 2020, your health will remain good, however you may have to change your behaviour in order to escape the troubles in the future. Mars will remain present in your seventh house, and after that on 8th February, Mars will enter your eighth house. In such a situation, your health may suffer, because Ketu is already present there. Also, Jupiter will remain in the eighth house till March 30. Therefore, pay special attention to your health. With the combination of these three planets, there can be health related problems. Hence, consult a doctor immediately. You may suffer from blood and rectal related diseases, injury or accidents. Hence, remain alert and drive the vehicle carefully. Apart from this, there may be problems related to genitals and thighs etc. Add green leafy salad, vegetables and pulses in your diet, and avoid spicy and junk food. Go for morning walks daily for fresh air. Do yoga and meditation for a healthy mind.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If you look at the placement of planets in your kundli in February 2020, then you can analyse that this month will fill your life with colors of love. The natural significator of love, Venus, is the ruling lord of this sign. It will enter Pisces in the eleventh house and will aspect the fifth house with its seventh house. The fifth house signifies love, whereas Venus is the significator of love. Venus becomes powerful in Pisces due to being exalted. In such a situation, the influence of Venus will increase. You will not like to stay away from your loved even for a moment, and spend more time with them. You will encounter many opportunities to hang out together and spend romantic moments together. Your beloved will remain happy with your style and openly express his/her love for you. Now, let's talk about your marital life as per Horoscope Predictions for February 2020. Till 8 February, Mars will remain effective in your seventh house, which can act as a factor in increased stress in married life. So during this time you should remain patient and act calmly. During this time, take care of your life partner's health, and do not mind your partner’s rude behaviour so much. On February 8, Mars will enter your eighth house in Sagittarius. In this situation, your relationship with your life partner will become better, but there may be some conflicts between your in-laws and your family. In such a situation, you will be required to handle the situation. You may get the sudden news of anyone from your in-laws’ side falling sick. During this time, your life partner will become very spiritual and inclined towards religious deeds. Gradually, the closeness between you two will increase, and your married life will get better. Talk openly with your partner, and try to come up with ideas that can surprise them well in a good way. Eat together or take them out for a date.

Family & Friends

If we talk about February 2020 according to Horoscope 2020 predictions, then this month will be very favorable for your family life. You can go on a journey, probably a pilgrimage with your parents. At the beginning of this month, Mercury and Venus will auspiciously aspect the fourth house, due to which happiness will sustain in your family and your parents will also be very happy and enjoy good health. However, the position of the Sun and Saturn in the ninth house can affect your relationship with your father. Ketu and Jupiter in the eighth house will make your father religious, but as soon as Mars enters this house on February 8, your father may face health related problems, so take special care of him. On February 13, when the Sun enters Aquarius sign, it will fully aspect its own sign Leo in the fourth house. In such a situation, some positive acts will be carried out in the family, and mutual harmony will increase. You will do some good work for the happiness of the family, which will increase your respect. The time till February 13 is a bit unfavorable for your siblings, as the combined aspect of Saturn and Sun on the third house may cause some problems for younger siblings. But as the Sun changes its sign, this situation will change for your siblings. The second house of the kundli is considered to be the benefactor of family. The presence of Rahu in this house can lead to a decrease in the mutual harmony in the family, misunderstandings and fights. In such a situation, you should act wisely. This month, you can make a profit from a property, which will directly add to the family income. You will get the support of elder siblings, and it is possible that some of your elder siblings may also go on a trip abroad.


Feed the cow with green fodder, spinach and jaggery and wheat balls, and stroke on her back three times. Wear a good quality Opal or Fire Opal gem on Friday. Worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Hari Vishnu daily and recite the Shri Sukta and Vishnu Sahasranama. Apart from this, you should recite Shri Neel Shani Stotra created by Maharaja Dasaratha every Saturday. With this, you will get the blessings of Shani Dev, who is the Yog Karak planet for your zodiac sign. Offer flour to the ants every day.

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