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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Pisces is a dual water sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. The natives born under this sign are emotional and empathetic, they get attached to people and their problems quickly and can have a hunch of their feelings and pains. These qualities of Pisces make them very friendly and compassionate. They are very intuitive and artistic in nature, and have a keen interest in music, fine arts, theatre and drama. They are extremely caring and faithful if in a relationship. If they are concerned about anyone, they will be head over heels to help them without keeping any self-interests or expectations in return. They are in their own dreamy world and passionate inside out. Also, communication with their dear ones is very important to them which makes them very expressive. They never hesitate to show their emotions and expressions to their loved ones, even if they are in the crowd. They are possessive for the people they love dearly and get scared to lose their interest, which makes them fearful and sad at times. The new year brings in excitement and newness in the life of everybody, let's see what is the spark of the first month of this year holding in for our water buddies. You will be up with something new in life which could be a new relationship, a new job offer, a new business plan or some addition to the family however understand that new things only come up or start after wiping off the old patterns and energies in life. You will face the end of some old things which are important to delete from the chapters of your life, trust that the universe will be moving you towards the best possible things in life. You may face difficulties with the job switch you will be having during this month but eventually, everything will settle down with beautiful opportunities for you. Your current situations may be upsetting and you may feel frustrated with it, but something is upcoming for you. You will be beginning a major phase of your life which will manifest your desires and wishes into reality.


The work-life will be going towards stability during this time, you need to leave your insecurities behind and focus on building a good reputation and relationship with clients. The business professionals need to focus on introducing some new strategies, products and planning as the regular going things will be monotonous and clients might lose interest in them in the long run. You need not worry, be possessive about holding the things and people just come out of your comfort zone, work on new ideas and thoughts and gradually implement them in your work. The tenth house lord Jupiter is debilitated in the eleventh house during this month which will give you discontentment in your professional life. You will not be satisfied with your profile or work at your job, you may also feel that you are not being paid in accordance to your profile. Your unsatisfied thoughts will convince you to change your job, the third house lord Venus will be in your tenth house of the profession by the second week of January which will boost you to make efforts and find a new job for yourself during this time. Those you are fresher and searching for a job will have a good time as you will get the desired proposals from your targeted companies.


The disturbance of your career life will not hamper your finances during this month. Despite being insecure and unhappy with your work-life, the regularity of your income will be maintained because of your hard work and efforts. The lord Jupiter, though debilitated, is in the eleventh house of income which may not give you internal satisfaction but income flow would be there. You will explore new resources to improve your finances during this month. The twelfth house lord Saturn is in the eleventh house which will reduce your expenditure in the month of January. You will gain from sharing your knowledge and experience, those who are in the teaching industry will have fruitful months. You may receive some gifts in cash or kind from your relatives. Your change in job will increase your remuneration and make your finances more stable. This is a good time if you are planning for any investment in the heritage, property or land. The second lord in the second house will keep your previous earnings intact and secure, therefore you will not need to break your savings for now and can invest them on some future plans.


The health will be poor during this month, you may feel drained out or depressed as you will have loads of pressure on your mind along with emotional imbalances. Mental pressure and disturbances will reflect in your physical body with low energy, frequent fever and backaches. You will need to recenter yourself by maintaining a good balance of thoughts and a healthy lifestyle. You should do yoga and meditation to keep yourself calm and relaxed, watching some motivational videos and quotes will also uplift your spirit. Those who were suffering from a prolonged illness will find a cure, they may find two solutions to one problem.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The love life of Pisceans may not be on the highway during this month, you are too controlling and commanding in your relationship which will make your partner feel restricted and they will rebel or give you back in an unexpected manner. Your bond may not be in a great place, you may face a lot of drama, hopelessness and extremities which you never dealt with in the past. You may also be deceived or cheated by your lover which will land you in a dilemma. You need to uplift yourself during this time and remember that true happiness is not interdependent on others, it comes from within. So, first and foremost is to fall in love with yourself and look at brighter prospects of life. The lovers will not have a favourable month, however the married couples will be very happy this month. The seventh lord Mercury is in the house of Jupiter in the first week of January and eventually will move to your eleventh house in conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter, this will bring stability in your bond. You will be deeply involved with your partner and set their interests before yours, completely devoting yourself to your spouse. You will come out of all the past misunderstandings and have a great understanding with your partner. You will regain the air of romance and intimacy in your bond.

Family & Friends

The Pisces natives might face a rough time to cope up with their family members during this month. Mars is in transit from your second house which may lead to some fight with your parents especially the mother. You will try your best to understand your dear ones desires however you will find it difficult to please them or keep them happy. You may also be misunderstood by your family on certain occasions during this month. You will make more and more efforts to keep everyone's interest in place and make them happy due to which you will feel over pressurised and burdensome during this time. You are advised to get into frequent discussions with the members of your family and distribute your household workload as this will save you from an unpleasant atmosphere at home. You should also plan a short trip or occasional outings with your family in order to keep everyone joyful at your place.


Recite Hanuman Chalisa once a day or seven times on Tuesday. Observe Fast on Tuesdays. Donate red gram pulse in the temple. Offer sindoor and boondi laddoo to Lord Hanuman. Offer water to the banana tree on Thursdays Sit in the open area, preferably a garden or a park and hug a tree. Take a glass of water and add a pinch of turmeric to it, keep this water in your room or sprinkle it around your house.

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