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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Because of being under the governance of Jupiter, the natives of Pisces are quite intelligent in nature you also tend to have a lust for knowledge. If we talk about the beginning of the year 2020 then its first month will bring mixed results for you. The planet Saturn, which is the ruling Lord of your eleventh and twelfth house, will move out from your tenth bhava and take residence in your tenth house on 24 January 2020. This particular house is also the significator of the fulfillment of your wishes. Thus, during this time, the wishes of your heart will get fulfilled. The planet Mercury is the ruling Lord of your fourth and seventh house and on 13 January 2020, it will also move to your eleventh house because of which your trade will attain flourishment and the paths of earning money will open for you. The ruling Lord of the sixth house, the planet Sun will move out from the tenth house and take nest in the same eleventh house on 15 January 2020. As a result, you are likely to get benefit from the government sector. At the beginning of the month, the presence of five planets in the tenth house may create hindrances for you in getting tasks done. In such a situation, you are required to focus on your work and keep tensions at bay. For student natives, this time will be quite prosperous. In your love life too, you will get opportunities to increase your affection and romance. You will prevail upon your enemies and they will not dare t flinch an eye before you. Overall. it can be said that the month of January will be favourable for natives belonging to Pisces zodiac sign.


On the professional front, the month of January has prosperous results in store for you. But before moving on to that, let us throw light on some important aspects which need immediate attention. You should stay away from any kind of controversy at your workplace, otherwise your job and reputation may be at stake. Do not invite troubles by getting involved in the web of dissidence. If you can overcome this minor glitch, then no one can stop you from climbing the ladder of success in your professional life. Also, with the help provided by your senior officials, you will get success in your career and with their patronage, you will also be able to lay hands on a promotion. If you are an established business professional, then you should select all the necessary equipment to produce optimum profits during the duration of this month. If you are close to someone in your office, refrain from taking advantage of that particular person as it can lead to a fight between the two of you. Consequently, a negative impact will be seen on your work.


Taking a look at your economic life, it can be said that the ruling lord of your second house Venus, also has governance over your ninth house. While being situated in this month, the planet will provide complete empowerment to you and and create economic prospects for you. After 9 January, when the transit of Venus takes place in your twelfth house, your expenses may increase to some extent. You will be seen spending a considerable amount of money in procuring certain luxuries and comforts. However, when the planet Saturn transits in Capricorn after January 24, sufficient sources of earning solid income will be made available to you and no one will stop you from becoming financially strong. After the transit of Shani Dev, you will also get opportunities to receive money through foreign means. If you work in a multinational company or engaged in business affairs with foreign companies, you will get tremendous benefits. Thus, it can be stated that the month of January will be economically fulfilling for Pisces natives.


In terms of health, this month will be propitious for you as there is no possibility of any major illness occurring. Despite this, taking care of your health is the utmost necessity because you will be so busy with work that there will be dearth of time to take rest. In such a situation, fatigue can dominate your body and put you in trouble. So, spare some time and relax so that your body can get complete rest and it becomes ready to work again with full energy.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For matters related to love and romance, the initial ten days of the month will prove to be favourable. During this time, the ship of your love life will sail smoothly love and romance will be all over the air and your relationship will bloom. Your beloved will also remain attracted towards you and get you something nice and to please you. During the stretch of this month, in order to bring stability to your relationship, you will talk your heart out in front of your partner and spend some quality time together. A movie date is also on the cards. However, after 24 January some troubles can seep into your relationship. Thus, you should remain considerate towards each other so as to avoid problems. Love is a beautiful feeling and one is lucky to have witnessed this feeling. Give importance to your relationship and your partner before time runs out.

Family & Friends

For the familial front, the month of January does not seem to be much favourable. The presence of Rahu in your fourth house and the influence of various other planets will keep you in involved in many unwanted activities which can hamper the harmony prevalent in the family. The members of the household will be seen getting involved in fights with each other. This situation can have a negative impact on your parents' health. Thus, you are advised to take good care of them. You should try to keep yourself busy, but at the same time you should also not forget the occurrences which have been taken place in the family. On 13 January 2020, the planet Mercury will transit in your eleventh house and garner property related benefits for you. If you have been finding looking for a client to rent out or sell a property of yours, then the deal may get and profits will fall into your lap. On 15 January, Surya Dev will move into the same eleventh house, this is the time when your family members will earn name and fame in the society because of your efforts. Finally after 24 January 2020, the planet Saturn will also take residence in the same 11th house and your dreams will take flight during this time as the ou have painted will turn into reality consequently witness the inflow of prosperity in your family.


To get benefited with health and wealth, you should wear a genuine Pukhraj gemstone in your index finger on a Thursday. Apply Saffron tilak on your forehead daily and worship the banana tree every Thursday and offer water to the tree. Do not make a false promise to anyone and respect the elderly people.

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