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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


The natives belonging to the zodiac sign Cancer are known for their sentimentality, wisdom and caring nature. They also are adept in the art of impressing people easily. You love someone from the depths of your heart and expect the same in return. When something like this doesn’t happen, you tend to get upset very easily. Speaking about this month, you have to take a little extra care because as far as your love affairs are concerned, Ketu sitting in the fifth house and aspecting Mars can cause trouble in your paradise. Instead of strengthening your feelings, there will be a possibility of reduction in them. From an economic perspective, this month will be full of ups and downs for you. Income will fluctuate. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the seventh house will be very good for business ventures, which will help you a lot in your tasks and you will be able to earn a good amount of progress. Jupiter's presence in the eighth house will increase your interest in religious and profound subjects during this month. You will actively participate in spiritual activities because Ketu is also seated in the fifth house. This time will be very good for acquiring spiritual experiences and you will be able to use your knowledge properly. You will establish contacts with some influential people this month, which will prove to be effective in making progress in your life. Your influence will increase and you will rise up among such people, so that you will have strong chances of acquiring success in your work. Also, this month can be fulfilling for the ones who wish to go abroad for education.


For the passionate natives belonging to the zodiac sign Cancer, the beginning of the month will be good and you. You will get your job done in a very efficient manner. However, you may still remain under pressure and mental stress for some time. You will have to avoid this pressure and not let it dominate you, only then you will be able to perform well at your work. Your intelligence will do wonders and you will also get benefits because of your communication skills. If you are into business, then this month is meant for you. Your growth will be very fast paced this month and business will grow. The projects that you lay your hand upon will get done one by one, in a way that your name will also grow along with your trade venture. Contacts will be made with new people who will provide you with some good strategies. Thus, you will be able to take the full advantage of this time. It will be necessary to proceed with the right frame of mind now.


The beginning of the month will be good from an economic perspective. You will also get money from somewhere unexpected. This will make your financial position very strong and you will be confident about investing money in your future projects. Your business will be most progressive in terms of money and you will get good benefits from it. On April 14, Mars will enter the twelfth house which will create a possibility that you may get a chance to go abroad or go on a long journey to fulfill work requirements. This will keep you very busy as well as use up some of your resources. However, this will be for your own good, so you should be relaxed and choose some new ideas and options to strengthen your financial position.


This month will offer amalgamated results with regards to your health. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu is situated in the eleventh house and some problems related to ears and feet can usher in, but the fifth house can further escalate problems because it has the influence of many planets on it, and you may suffer from stomach and liver disorders. Problems of indigestion, gastric and stomach irritation can prove to be more troublesome. Eye irritation may occur in the latter part of the month, so be careful at this point of time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month seems a little weak for love related matters. Ketu, the grey planet will remain positioned in the fifth house and will be influenced by planets like Mars and Rahu. Because of this, your tender feelings of love can get shattered. Lack of mutual understanding between you and your sweetheart will be seen, due to which both of you may witness an increase in conflicts. It would be better to avoid meeting each other at this time and not to talk too much. After this, when Mars changes zodiac signs, then you will get some good results and in that time the process of apologizing to each other can start, but the first half of the month is very difficult, so proceed with extreme caution. People who are single so far may get a chance to meet someone in the latter part of the month. This month will be good for married folks. Due to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the seventh house, the harmony between you and your spouse will be very good. Your life partner will be full of religious and philanthropic thoughts which can also inspire you to move ahead in all these things. The bonding between you two will be very good and both of you will do all the domestic chores together. If both of you manage a business together, then it will be beneficial at this time and if you want to start something afresh now, you can go ahead. On April 6th, Jupiter's presence in the eighth house will help you establish good relations with in-laws.

Family & Friends

Your second house will be under the aspection of Mars at the beginning of the month and Saturn will have an influence on the seventh house, due to which some helter-skelter will be seen in your family life. There will be a slight lack of mutual coordination. Due to this, the atmosphere of the family may be a bit disappointing, but after Jupiter’s transit from 6 April onwards, the planet will have a complete aspection on your second and fourth house. From then onwards, the environment of the family will go through some positive changes and Mars will also increase happiness and peace in your family by changing the zodiac signs. You will get very good support from your siblings. You can also go on a picnic together. Your siblings can contribute significantly to your work from the 16th of April onwards.


You should worship Lord Hanuman daily and recite Shri Hanumat Vadwanal Stotra. You should wear a silver crescent Moon around your neck. You can wear it on Monday. It will be very beneficial to offer Akshat to the Shivling. On Thursday, make yellow rice and offer it to Goddess Saraswati and share it with people. Donate black sesame seeds on Saturday.

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