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Cancer Facts

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7 and 9
Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday
Lucky Color: White, cream, red and yellow
Lucky Gemstone: Pearl, which is to be as a ring in small finger
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Cancer is known as the fourth sign in the Zodiac belt, and represents the fourth house in Kal Purush Kundali. It spans from Vernal Equinox at 900 and stretches up to 1200, making it of 300 in longitude. It is a watery sign and movable in nature. This sign is ruled by Moon. Cancer Daily Horoscope narrates what all is in the box for the natives using predictive astrology, and chalks out the right muhurat to begin any auspicious task. Executing an important task during this period brings in fruitful results.

Cancer: Astrological Analysis

Cancer comprises fourth and last pada of Punarvasu Nakshatra and all four padas of Pushya and Ashlesha Nakshatra. It is feminine in nature, a mute and tropical sign as well as nocturnal. Sun enters in Cancer on 21st June till 23rd July. considered to be a negative sign, this sign is most often symbolized by "Crab", although "Lobster" also depicts this sign. The nature of this sign is negative and cardinal. People born between these dates as per Western Astrology are hailed as Cancerians. It is a northern sign with Capricorn being the opposite southern sign. As per Vedic astrology, its called as Karka and was said to be a "dark sign" due to its concealed visibility during night.

Mars gets debilitated at 280 with Jupiter debilitating in this sign at 50. Mars, Jupiter and Sun are favorable for this sign, whereas inimical planets are Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Every zodiac sign possesses unique physicality and traits, which make them a standout. Following are some physical features which describe a Cancerian the best:

  • Their face is broad between ears.
  • They have strong jawline and attractive facial features.
  • Their eyes are often gray or blue in color and sits apart from each other.
  • Their body is slightly clumsy, powerful claws and slim limbs.
  • Their hair color is usually brown with a pale complexion.
  • They have an average height with a large upper body.
  • In case they do not work out, they can form a pot-belly.
  • They have nice, chalky-colored teeth.

Interesting Cancer Facts, Cancer Traits

After discussing physical traits of a Cancer native, lets understand how they behave, what's their nature and characteristics that make them one of the kind. You can go through Cancer monthly horoscope to get a quick astrological insight regarding position of planets and stars affecting the lives.

  1. Lucky Numbers: 2, 7 and 9 are lucky for Cancerians.

  2. Lucky Days: Sunday and Monday are considered lucky days for Cancer natives.

  3. Lucky Color: White, cream, red and yellow bring luck and prosperity to Cancerians.

  4. Lucky Gemstone: Pearl suits a Cancerian, which is to be worn as a ring in small finger.

  5. Compatible Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces signs share horoscope compatibility with Cancer.

  6. Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are incompatible with Cancer.

  7. Family-Oriented: A Cancer gives in 100% when it comes to family and is devoted and protective. This is one of the reasons they make best partners as well as parents.

  8. Hardworking: A Cancer native doesn't give up on their dreams and works hard to achieve every bit of it. They love to deliver quality and make their work personal.

  9. Emotional Nature: Having a gentle and emotional nature, a Cancer needs someone who can be equally understanding.

  10. All About Money: A vast population of Cancerians are all about accumulating and showing off money. They tend to exaggerate and place importance on the value and growth of money.

  11. Feeling Safe: One has to make a Cancerian feel same and comfortable in order for them to open up and relax in case you want them to stick around. They will appreciate your efforts, and you'll earn their affection and love.

  12. Taking Initiative: The native cannot put in any efforts unless they have something to be motivated about. Be it love, family or profession, they will be passionate is emotions are involved.

  13. Intellectual: These natives are blessed with a fertile imagination, mind and knowledge. Also, its ruling planet Moon provides them with adventures.

  14. Sensitivity: They get irritated easily due to high level of sensitiveness. Their temple is always changing and a frequent emotion.

  15. Mentally Brave: Even they get scared to face physical danger, they are brave when it comes to tackling mental attitude and disturbance.

  16. Good Health: Fragile at youth, Cancerians grow up to be strong and enjoy good health record. This sign rules over chest and stomach and indicates mental stress. These diseases might prove to be threatening for them: asthma, bronchitis, flu, cough, TB, dyspepsia, flatulence, pleurisy, dropsy, Jaundice, beri-beri, hysteria, and boils on the chest below collar bones.

  17. Profession: They seem to do well in commercial sector, more specifically as a caterer, restaurant manager, nurses in hospitals, undertakers, higher purchase regulators etc. they can do well when dealing with milk products or being employed at an archaeological or history department.

  18. Hiding Emotions: Although these natives look like they are open about their lives and frank while dealing, in reality they are not. They hide their emotions. Although they have an impressive personality.

  19. Not Giving Up: Cancerians do not give up on their loved ones easily, and fight for them till the end. They are deeply loyal and truthful towards their partner. Also, they love to maintain cheerfulness and romance in their relationship. They will even sacrifice their comforts and luxury just to make their partner happy.

  20. Easily Influenced: One can easily influence Cancerian by portraying sensitive circumstances. Being a watery sign, it takes shape of any vessel it is poured in.

We hope you have now understood how a Cancerian looks and what are the nature traits and Cancer characteristics. Find your moon sign and know more about yourself, what lies ahead in future and how the position of stars and constellations will mark an effect on your life. Understand how a Cancerian reacts to various events and unpredicted happenings according to their nature. Cancer horoscope will give you a detailed know-how about how one specific month treats the native as per astrology.

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