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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


This month will be fruitful and favorable for the natives born under the sign of Virgo. This month, Saturn will be present in the sixth house, Mars will be present in the eighth house, and Rahu will be in the seventh house. As a result, you have to pay special attention to health because health can become your biggest problem. The presence of Nodal Planet Ketu in your zodiac sign can give rise to a sudden problem. When it comes to your workplace, the situations will be favorable and you will get the chance to take forward your work according to your hard work and your determination to do work. The natives who are in a job may get few special benefits by doing special hard work. The businessmen of the Virgo zodiac will need to focus on taking their business to new heights by following the right way rather than implementing their mind on some bad plans. But stretching a few things for too long can become the reason for dullness in the relationship. The married natives of Virgo zodiac will feel happiness in their married life but inference from the in-law side can bring some problems in your relationship with your partner. Yogas may be created to gain benefits from the government sector. Your interest will increase in religious works due to which you will actively participate in these works with high enthusiasm. You will receive respect and prestige. If you desire to pursue education from abroad, then you can become successful after making difficult efforts.


This month will be fair with respect to the career point-of-view. Planets Venus and Sun will be present in the tenth house of your birth chart from the beginning of the month. Due to which the natives working in the government sector will receive special favorable results.If you are doing a private job then also you can receive benefits by doing a good hard work. You will be aware of your work but you have to do hard work in such a way that your hard work could be visible to others.This will increase people's attitude and people’s attention toward you. This will be visible in the eyes of your senior officials and it may give you a good benefit and conditions will be created for your promotion in the job but for that you will need to work very hard. Planet Mercury in the eleventh house will help you in maintaining good relations with your senior officials and it will increase your communication and speech power. The transit of Mercury in the eleventh house by being the lord of the tenth house will bring favorable results for you. In the second half of the month, Venus and Sun will come in the eleventh house of your birth chart and the lord of the tenth house will transit into the twelfth house. Due to this, there will be some rush in connection to your work. You may be highly busy in your work but your performance will be commendable. The lord of the sixth house will remain present in the sixth house in the retrograde position. If you run any business then the presence of nodal Planet rahu in the seventh house may bring both good and bad results for you. First of all, you have to avoid making any plans in a hurry or being in any illusion. Otherwise it may become one of the worst conditions for your business. Opposite to this, The lord of the seventh house Planet Jupiter will be present in the ninth house for the whole month. You may get the chance to undergo business-related travels and these journeys will become the reason for the progress of your business. You will get the support of the experienced people and if you will work according to their advice, then you may get success.


If we look at your financial situation, this month can bring you more financial benefits. In the beginning of the month, Mercury will be helpful in improving your financial condition by being present in the eleventh house. Due to Venus entering the eleventh house from 7th July and Sun from 16th July, your income will increase day by day. Your daily income will also increase. Mercury will move into your twelfth house from July 19th. Then there will be some increase in your expenses but before that, Mars sitting in the eighth house can give you secret wealth and unexpected wealth which will be beneficial for you throughout the month. On 31st July i.e. the last day of the month, Venus will also move into Leo. Then there will be some increase in your expenses. On the other hand, Planet Saturn will also sit in the sixth house and look at the eleventh house. This will make it easier for you to control your expenses to some extent. There will be good progress in your business. Money will be spent on long journeys. You will also work to raise funds for your business. The first half of the month appears to be more favorable for financial gains. Make full use of this time so that your financial position can be strengthened.


This month is the month to pay the most attention from the health point of view because apart from other areas, health is the only area where you will need the most attention this month. Your zodiac lord Mercury will be in the eleventh house at the beginning of the month, so it will try to strengthen your health. On top of that, the aspect of Jupiter on your zodiac sign will also provide health benefits. But Nodal Planet Ketu will be present in your zodiac sign and Rahu will be present in the seventh house for the whole month, due to which you may become careless towards yourself. You may have problems with mental stress and loneliness. You will have to come out of this, because it can affect your mental as well as physical health. Planet Saturn in retrograde state in the sixth house, Rahu in the seventh house and Mars in the eighth house can give you health problems. The first half of the month is more weak, during this time any kind of injury or accident can happen. Also, you should be alert for any major illness. After the first half of the month, when Mars leaves from here, these conditions may improve to some extent. But your zodiac lord will also enter the twelfth house from your zodiac on July 19, so it will be necessary to pay attention to health again. You may have pain in the eyes, watery eyes, excessive sleep, increased laziness and some sudden problems may occur. Therefore, try to resolve them in time so that you can live a healthy life.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If you are in a love relationship with someone, then this month will bring mixed results for you. You will express yourself freely to your beloved. Your communication will improve. You will choose your words wisely and strike a chord to their heart with your kind words. With the lord of the fifth house, Saturn, being present in the sixth house in a retrograde state, there could be some challenges as well. However, Jupiter present in the ninth house will protect your fifth house using his ninth aspect. If your love is stable and pure, Jupiter will work its magic and enhance your relationship further. In this way, you will secure your bond and look forward to spending your futures together. When Venus will enter your eleventh house on 7 July and aspect your fifth house, romance will improve. You will spend more time with your partner. Sun will aspect your fifth house from 16 July. This period will be tricky for you as there are chances of conflicts and arguments. You must try to remain calm during this time. For the married natives, the lord of the seventh house, Jupiter, will remain in the ninth house the entire month. So, in this duration, you can plan a trip to pilgrimage with your spouse. It will be a blissful time for your marriage. Rahu is also present in the seventh house, which could make your partner heavy-headed. But Jupiter will neutralize the issues in your marriage. Saturn and Mars are present in your seventh house, due to which your spouse’s behavior can be negative at the beginning of the month. However, their behavior and health, both will improve in the latter half of the month. This period will be favorable for your marital life.

Family & Friends

This month is going to bring favorable results for you in terms of family matters. Venus, the lord of the second house, will be present in the tenth house along with Sun God in the beginning of the month. Due to which the ancestral business will grow, family members will guide you in your business and you will get their support. Due to which you will get many benefits. There will be progress in your business also. With Planet Jupiter’s vision on your zodiac, you will make good decisions and actively participate in religious works. Due to which the family will also get respect. From July 7, Planet Venus will sit in the eleventh house creating the yogas for your financial success. Planet Mars will be in the eighth house at the beginning of the month, which may suddenly give rise to some such incidents which may cause disturbance in the family. But from July 12, Planet Mars will also enter the ninth house, then these circumstances will improve. The lord of the fourth house is sitting in the ninth house, so you can do a pilgrimage with your family. Family property may also increase this month. You may be disappointed with siblings in the beginning of the month and may have arguments with them, but in the second half of the month, relations will improve and love for each other will increase. In this way happiness will come in the family life.


You must recite ‘Shree Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram’ every Wednesday. Donating Black Sesame on Saturday will be beneficial. Recite everyday ‘Shree Ganpathi Atharvsheersh’ and offer Durva Grass (Bermuda Grass) to Lord Ganesha everyday. You should donate blood on Tuesday.

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