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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


November will be a significant month for the Libra natives. You should expect to get favourable outcomes from some important aspects of your life. But you need to pay attention to your health and family life as these will be among the weaker sections of your life during this time, and ignoring them can lead to stress and major problems. Try to stay away from mental stress as much as possible and drive your vehicle carefully. Read the horoscope in detail to know what the month of November has in store for you in terms of family life, career, health, love and married life, etc.


The month will be average for the Libra natives in terms of career. Saturn will have full aspect on your tenth house as it will be present in the fourth house and aspect the tenth house with its full seventh aspect. Due to this, you will work hard at your workplace, and your efforts will be visible in the work you do. You might not get appreciated for your work, but that doesn’t mean that your seniors are not seeing your hard work. They don’t want to praise your work so that you don’t fall prey to overconfidence. So, try to work even better during this time to reap good results. Jupiter will be present in a retrograde state in the sixth house in its own sign, which will make you work harder, but you have to grab every good opportunity that comes your way or else you will regret it later. The aspect of Rahu present in the seventh house will pave your way to success in the business, and you will succeed by implementing various strategies in business. However, at the beginning of the month, planets like Sun, Venus, and Mercury will be present in your sign and have a full aspect on your seventh house, which can cause turbulence in the business. You must remember not to take any illegal path for work-related matters, or you will have to face legal problems. After the entry of Venus, Mercury, and Sun in the second house, your business will progress and become more profitable.


At the beginning of the month, Jupiter will be present in the sixth house, Mercury, Venus, and Sun in the first house, and Saturn in the fourth house, due to this, you will not experience any drastic change in your financial condition. You will have few expenses, and your income will be good. Due to the aspect of Jupiter on the twelfth house, you might have to make expenses on some important things. You might spend money on someone’s wedding or some auspicious household work. When Sun, Mercury, and Venus will enter your second house in the latter half of the month, and Mars will enter the eighth house in a retrograde state, then both your expenses and income will grow rapidly. You will also try to earn money secretly but some of your important financial matters may get stuck, so you need to be careful. But due to the presence of Mercury, Venus, and Sun in the second house, you will successfully save money, which will increase your bank balance. There are chances of monetary gain in business as well.


This month will be weak for the Libra natives in health-related matters. Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Ketu will be present in your sign, and Jupiter will be present in the sixth house in a retrograde state with Saturn’s full aspect on it, due to which you could be troubled with health issues. You will have to take care of your eating habits and maintain a disciplined routine to lead a healthy life. Mars will enter the eighth house in a retrograde state in the latter half of the month. During this, be aware of any type of vehicle accident and drive the vehicle carefully. If you have a problem already, there are chances of some kind of surgery during this time. So, don’t be careless regarding your health this month and indulge in activities like yoga and meditation for a healthy lifestyle.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The lord of the fifth house, Saturn, will be present in the fourth house the entire month and no planet will majorly aspect the fifth house during this time. In the first half of the month, the aspect of retrograde Mars will be on Saturn, the ruling lord of the fifth house. So, this time will not be favourable for the love relationships of the Libra natives. You must be careful as a little mistake can ruin your relationship. There are chances of unnecessary conflicts between you and your beloved, which could increase irritation among you. Don’t make any decision in haste, and it may be unfavourable for you. Give time to your beloved and try to understand them. Go out somewhere with your partner and resolve your issues by speaking your heart out to them. The situation will become better in the latter half of the month. The beginning of the month will be weak for the married Libra natives as Rahu will be present in the seventh house, and Sun will aspect the first house. Due to this, stress might increase in the marital life, and the health of the natives and their spouses might also get affected. However, due to the aspect of Mercury and Venus from the first house to the seventh, despite love and romance in the relationship, there will be some tension. When Mars will enter the eighth house in the latter half of the month, the chances of argument with the life partner will increase, and their behaviour towards you will change. They will talk furiously, and you will not like their bitter words. This will cause a lack of harmony among the life partners. The senior members of the family might contribute to resolving this problem.

Family & Friends

The lord of the second house, Mercury, will be present in the ninth house in the retrograde state, so a conflict-like situation may arise in the house regarding something. But you might also go for training with family members at a far off place during this time. Due to the transit of Mars in a retrograde state in the eighth house, and its full aspect on the second house, the tension among the family members may increase, and there could be a heated argument regarding financial problems in the family. In this situation, you must try to stop these conflicts if possible, or at least try not to be a part of them, as it could weaken your position in the family. Saturn is present in the fourth house in its own sign, due to which you will spare less time for your family because of your busy schedule. This will make your family members feel distant from you. Mar’s aspect on the fourth house might increase tension in the family life. Your mother can be troubled by health issues. So, take care of their health as it is your responsibility. The aspect of Mars on the third house might affect your relationship with your siblings. So, behave well and maintain good relation with them. When Mercury and Venus will enter your second house in the latter half of the month, harmony and love among family members will increase.


Take the blessings of young girls by touching their feet on Friday. On Saturday, light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree in the evening and take seven rounds (parikrama) around the Peepal tree. Feed green fodder and spinach to the Cow on Wednesday. Wearing a good quality Opal gemstone will be beneficial for you.

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