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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


According to the July Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month is going to be moderately fruitful for the people born under the Libra zodiac sign. Your zodiac lord Planet Venus will be situated in your ninth house at the beginning of the month and will give you the results of strong states. The lord of the eleventh house Sun will also be present with them due to which you can achieve good financial condition. You will succeed in carrying forward your important plans. Planet Mercury, the lord of the ninth house, will also give Rajayoga factor results by sitting in the tenth house and will get success in the work field. There is a possibility of progress in your career, and this month may also indicate a change in your current job. That means you can get a new job at a good position with a higher salary. There are chances of getting employment for the unemployed also. There may also be a sign of transfer in your current job, but this will give you chances of getting benefits and your position in the job will be strengthened. Due to the presence of Lord Ganpati, the lord of the sixth house, in the eighth house and the presence of Rahu in the sixth house, your opponents will be in trouble and will not be able to spoil you. But it can definitely put you into mental worries for some time, so take care of yourself. For the people doing business, Planet Mars present will be present in the seventh house aligning with its own zodiac will be in a strong position and will completely help you to move ahead in your business. You may get success in business, but you should not take any decision out of impatience. Financially, this month will be full of ups and downs, income may increase but expenses may also increase. There will be a need to pay attention to health. The presence of retrograde Saturn, Rahu in the sixth house, Mars in the seventh house, and Planet Jupiter in the eighth house may give birth to some health problems. There will be happiness in family life. The mutual cooperation between the family members will be strong but a painful phase may start. So, you must be prepared but your married life will impart happiness. Stress may increase at a later stage. Some obstacles might come in the way of your foreign trip and you may have to wait. Students might struggle from less concentration issues. This month you should make an aim to move forward that will lead you to success in all the areas.


According to the July Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month will be favorable with respect to the career point-of-view. The lord of the ninth house Planet Mercury will be present in the tenth house from the beginning of the month due to which you will achieve results like a Rajyoga and the condition of planets will be favorable for you. So, this time period will establish you in your workplace. You may experience a change in your current job. If you have applied many times and you wish to change your job, then your wish may get fulfilled this month. You can receive a big job with a good high post due to which your economic status will increase and your work capacity will increase. If your transfer is possible in the current job, then it will happen and will also give you financial gains.The lord of the sixth house Planet Jupiter is present in the eighth house due to which there might be some plans of yours, but they will not be fruitful. The Nodal Planet sitting in the sixth house of your birth chart will protect you from your opponents, but some opponents will take birth and you will also get bothered after seeing them. This will also increase your mental stress, but you do not need to pay attention to all these things. You may also have the possibility of moving from one state to another or from one city to another in connection with your job. The beginning of the month will be favorable for the natives doing business. The lord of the seventh house Planet Mars will stay in its own zodiac and will make efforts to keep you ahead of everyone. You will try to constantly progress by securing yourself a leading preposition in the market and you will speed up your work.


According to the July Monthly Horoscope 2024, if we look at your financial life, then this month will be full of ups-and-downs. Your zodiac lord Planet Venus will be sitting at your ninth house and will impart results like a Rajyoga. The lord of the eleventh house Planet Sun will also make conjunction with Planet Venus and it will play an important role in progressing your financial condition. Venus will also be the lord of the eighth house, in this way you will receive some unexpected and sudden benefits. In the second half of the month, when Mars will enter your eighth house, you may get some secret money or sudden wealth. But before investing your money, you should think a hundred times so that you do not get hasty and invest your money wrongly, for which you may not have to regret later. Nodal Planet Rahu will stay in the sixth house for the whole month and will increase your expenses. Lord Jupiter will also be present in the eighth house which will make you spend money on religious works that will highly benefit you later. So, there will be a position of See-Saw between your earnings and expenses for the whole month.You will have to handle situations from time to time, otherwise the financial situation may deteriorate. It is not that you will not get money, just avoid spending it with both hands and try to save it, then your financial situation will be fine.


According to the July Monthly Horoscope 2024, Nodal Planet Ketu will be present in the twelfth house and Nodal Planet rahu will remain present in the sixth house for the whole month. Due to this, some sudden problems may occur and will get healed suddenly, but it may give problems and pain for some time period. Due to the retrograde position of Planet Saturn, pain in Joints, pain in Shoulders, problems related to Stomach may bother more. Due to which your daily routine may become haphazard. So, do not ignore your health and take medical treatment when necessary. You have to be more careful in the second half of the month, because during that period, Mars along with Jupiter will enter your eighth house. During that period, there may be a situation in which any type of surgery may occur or any type of small accident may bother you. Do not take other people’s vehicles and drive them, because accidents may occur in this type of vehicle. Carefulness is prevention, the more you will be careful about your health, the more you will be able to take care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If we talk about your love relationship, this month is going to be challenging. Planet Saturn, the lord of the fifth house, will be strong by staying in its own zodiac sign, but will also be in a retrograde state due to which you will not get the desired results. There will be a situation of tug of war between you and your beloved, mental tension and the web of thoughts will be created in such a way that you will feel entangled in it and due to this, there can be an atmosphere of disappointment and dullness in your love life. Due to which there may be some difficult times in your love life. You should understand each other by trusting each other as soon as possible, this way these problems can be avoided. Otherwise you will not be able to manage your relationship and your relationship may also disintegrate. In fact, difficult times are the right time to test a relationship. During this time, you will get some difficult experiences and a chance to make some tough decisions. Hope you will make the right decision at the right time. Talking about married people, the lord of the seventh house, Planet Mars, will protect your married life by staying in the seventh house. You will get full support from your spouse. Due to the presence of Jupiter in the eighth house, there will be support from in-laws and there will be sweetness in the speech of the spouse. But due to the aspect of retrograde Saturn sitting in the fifth house above Mars, the spouses may feel some physical discomfort and bitterness in their behavior may also increase. He will be irritated and this will affect you. Because their behavior may be different from yours which you may not like. Still, try to understand the circumstances. In the latter half of the month, Mars will transit into your eighth house. During that time, there should not be any argument with the in-laws and there should not be any disturbance in the house due to anything said by the life partner. This thing has to be kept in mind. It will depend on everyone to pass this month peacefully. You should not lose your temper in a hurry and try to save your relationship so that you can have mutual relations and live a good married life.

Family & Friends

According to July Monthly Horoscope 2024, this month is likely to be favorable for family life. Mars, the lord of the second house, will be placed in the seventh house of your birth chart at the beginning of the month and will aspect your second house from there. Like he will also play a major role in maintaining family life. But you will have to control yourself and your life partner so that you do not say any unpleasant words to anyone in excitement and anger so that the atmosphere of the family does not get spoiled. By the way, Planet Jupiter sitting in the eighth house will aspect at your second house with complete vision and his vision will also be on your fourth house. This will maintain harmony in family life. There is going to be a feeling of mutual love and respect among the people. Planet Saturn, the lord of the fourth house, will be in a retrograde state in the fifth house, due to which there may be some changes in your mother's health and behavior. You should pay attention to them. Presence of Lord Sun in the ninth house will increase your father's fame and respect, but you should avoid any kind of argument with him so that he does not feel that you do not respect him. You will maintain harmonious relations with your siblings. Although they will do good for you, for some time it may be perceived by you that they do not wish good for you. You have come out of this confusion and live with them with love and harmony and this will be favorable for you and your relationship. If you run a family business, then this time will bring good progress for that business. Your family will meet the members from your in-law side and they will hold an important discussion over some topic. In this way, according to the Monthly Horoscope 2024, your family life will remain fine.


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