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Monthly Libra Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope


January 2022 will bring mixed results for the Libra natives. The presence of Mercury in the fourth house of your horoscope will give favourable results to the working employees at the beginning of the month. Due to this, they will achieve their goals by progressing in their career. But the conjunction of Saturn with Mercury in the fourth house will distract you from your work at the workplace in the latter half of the month. Owing to this, Saturn will motivate you to work hard and only by doing so will you be able to complete your work on time and attain appreciation from your colleagues and boss. The fate will favour the Libra businessmen this month as they will successfully expand their business with the help of their strategy and proper marketing. Your subordinates might also cooperate with you during this time. The Libra students will attain success in their education this month. During this time, your knowledge will improve, you will be filled with creative ideas, and learn and experiment with something new. This period will be good for the students pursuing higher education but on the contrary, the students preparing for competitive exams will be somewhat busy. Apart from this, the students wanting to study abroad will have to wait for some time. You will face some troubles in your family life as well. Your family life will be turbulent the entire month, and you will feel uneasy despite being at your home. This will bring a negative change in your behaviour. Therefore, don’t use foul language with any family member at home, or it might harm you. This time will be better than usual in love-related matters. Many single natives will express their love to their beloved and might even plan to tie the knot with them. Besides this, the natives who have recently entered into a love relationship should avoid getting into an argument with their partner, or else it will become difficult to resolve the issue. This period will be good for the married natives but the health issues of their spouse will keep them from marital happiness. Although all your money-related issues will end due to which you will be free of your mental stress. You might even plan to invest your money. Due to the presence of the shadow planet, Rahu, in your eighth house, you might face health problems related to your upper body. Think twice before eating anything and try to focus more on physical activities like sports.


The first month of 2022 will be better than usual for the Libra natives in terms of career. The beginning of the month will especially be favourable for the working employees. Although your work will increase in the first half of the month, you might even get promoted in the workplace due to the aspect of Saturn on your tenth and sixth house and the grace of various auspicious planets. Due to some family activities and household chores, you will fail at concentrating on your work in the latter half of the month so try hard to focus on your goals at the workplace after the mid January. Only by doing so, will you get the support of your colleagues and seniors. You are also advised not to lose your senses due to your enthusiasm and complete all your important tasks carefully without haste. If you are associated with business then luck might favour you. Although this month will be full of highs and lows for the Libra businessmen, you will be able to expand your business and attain good results. So, instead of trusting anyone blindly, you must trust yourself and avoid taking a risk at the behest of others. A risky investment made during this time can lead to stress and loss in the future. Therefore, consult a senior or an expert before making any investment in business during this time.


This month will be average for the Libra natives in terms of Financial Life. During this time, you will attain prosperity in your financial life, and you will increase your income through rigorous hard work. Although this increment will be slight it will help you keep yourself from any financial issues, and you might even repay your old debts. Jupiter’s aspect will be on your ninth, eleventh, and first house and Mars will be in its own sign in the second house. Due to this, you will feel relieved from mental stress and happy after repaying your loan. The natives who were facing problems in completing any projects or plans in the past due to a lack of money will overcome all their financial issues with their hard work and the auspicious planetary positions. This month will bring immense wealth for the Libra businessmen. Therefore, seize the opportunity and save your wealth instead of making useless expenditures.


The Libra natives are advised to pay extra attention to their health this month. Due to the conjunction of Mars and Ketu in your second house, the presence of Mercury and Saturn in the fourth house, and Rahu present in your eighth house, you are most likely to face a physical problem related to the throat, chest, back, or teeth. Due to the presence of the ruling lord of your sign, Venus, in the third house in a retrograde state and its conjunction with Sun in the first half and with Mars in the latter half of the month, there could be negativity in your behaviour during this time, and your indifference towards your poor health will also cause you mental stress. In such a situation, try to stay positive and don’t be ignorant towards your health and consult a doctor in case of any problem.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Due to the grace of Jupiter, the month will be very favourable for the love relationships of the Libra natives. The single natives who are in one-sided love with someone might propose marriage to their partner and decide to marry them, and chances of getting a positive response from their partner are high. However, the unmarried natives in a love relationship will face ups and downs during this time. Try to avoid getting into an argument with your partner as something you say jokingly during this time might hurt them. This month will be positive for the married natives as your marital life will be happier and more blissful than usual during this time. You will enjoy a good time with your life partner. You might even plan your future with them this month. However, the life partners of some natives might face health issues, and their bad temper and aggressive behaviour during this time might give rise to conflicts and arguments. The recently married Libra natives might decide to include a new member and expand their marital life.

Family & Friends

The natives under the Libra sign, ruled by Saturn, will bear mixed results in January in terms of Family Life. Due to the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in the fourth sign of your horoscope and the presence of Mars and Ketu in the second house, there will be ups and downs in your family life, which will cause turbulence in the family environment. You will be unsuccessful in establishing peace in the house despite your best efforts. The influence of Rahu might lead to health issues for any of your family members. In such a situation, take care of everyone’s health, try to maintain peace in the house, and don’t get into an argument with anyone while you are at home. Your aggressive behaviour and foul language while talking to your family members might tarnish your reputation in the house. So, don’t do such a thing, or else you will fail to attain the support of your family. The family tension might give you mental stress this month. Despite this, you will improve your relationship with your siblings and earn their support. Some natives might even think about starting some work with their siblings, which will give them profitable results in the future.


Keep a glass of water along with a lemon in your room, office, or your other place of work. Apply turmeric tilak on your forehead. Donate bananas to children and older people. Observe a fast on Thursday. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama. Keep a yellow crystal in your bedroom.

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