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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


You are a person of studious nature. You should try to accomplish any task with stability and severity so that, better possibilities of achieving success come into the light. The planet Saturn is transiting in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Hence, there is a possibility that you can achieve good success through any work that has been done with a firm belief. There are chances for you to earn good profits in whatever work and business you are into. Your fortune will favor you good in this month and you will get good success during this time. You may have to travel a few times this month. But, there is a possibility for your efforts made for economic benefits to likely get successful. If you do business, then you may gain good profits from the business perspective. If you do a job then opportunities for job advancement etc. can be obtained. In the first half of this month, problems can occur. But, in the second half, Aquarius natives will witness a favourable time. There is a possibility for you to achieve good success from overseas travels and etc. The planet Mars is transiting in the zodiac sign Virgo, which can create a stressful situation in one's marital life. Conflicts can take place between you and an unnecessary person. Therefore, you should not try to get involved in any kind of hostility, or else your problems may increase. And you may also have to suffer from physical losses as well as financial detriment. Therefore, you should try to stay away from as many conflicts as you can. You can get good benefits in terms of your love relations and the conditions will be favorable from your children’s side. You can get good success related to your studies and education. There will be opportunities for you to purchase a land, vehicle and etc. If you keep on trying then you can gain good profits. Along with having trust in your beloved ones you should also try to have more faith in yourself. The situations are favorable from the perspective of gaining political benefits. If you want to get a good hold in politics then you have make good efforts. Your relations with your parents will be normal. Concerns related to their health may arise. The conditions will be favorable to receive a higher position at work and you will receive the cooperation of your friends, during this time. There is a possibility for your efforts to be successful in terms of achieving money through real estate acquisition, but this situation may be possible in the second half of this month. There is also a good possibility for you to achieve social respect, honor, and status. Therefore, with your best efforts, you can be successful in achieving good success. You are a resolved person and you try to do every work according to time. Hence, there is a possibility for you to get a substantial amount of success. In this month, the dates 8, 9, 17, 18, 29 and 30 can generate tensions for you. Therefore, in this duration, you should try to be cautious while doing any work, so as to lessen your mental problems.


The economic conditions in this month are going to be strong and there is a possibility for you to achieve success in the efforts made for gaining benefits. If you are trying to give a better direction to your financial situation through any type of work or business, then you can achieve success in it. Therefore, you should try to be serious about your operations and you should try to progress in them as this will help you in strengthening your financial conditions. If you are into business, then try to fasten your trade activities and along with having faith in yourself, you should be careful while making financial transactions. If you are an employee, then you can also find opportunities for investment. It can be good for your financial investments. Through which you can get good opportunities for economic benefits. Luck will favor you and you can get good success in the field of work. It can also be good for you to invest your money from a real estate point of view.


There may be a possibility for some kind of unnecessary problems to arise this month. Complaints regarding any type of an infection and etc can be seen. Try to be serious about your health as injuries, wounds and etc are also likely to occur during the time of this month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love relationships can be in a position during the time of this month. But for this, apart from having faith in yourself, you may also have to trust your partner, only then you can perform better in your love relationships. Or else the conditions will be stressful, pertaining to your love relations. As the planet Rahu is transiting in the zodiac Gemini, it can create tensions in terms of your love affairs. Therefore, you have to try to maintain a warm relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. By doing this, you will try to make sure that your love relationships will be in a better position and its conditions in the future will be favorable. In this month, if you are trying to give a better direction to your love relationships, then you are likely to get success in it. But try to be careful. You can get an opportunity in the second half of this month, to share your feelings. The conditions will be stressful, pertaining to your marital life this month. There can be an atmosphere of tension with your partner but the situations will get normal later in this month. Therefore, in the first half try to maintain a cordial relationship with your spouse, which can give you success.

Family & Friends

In this month, the situations in the family can be stressful. Unnecessary clashes can take house in the domestic front. The environment in the house can also get weighty due to some other person. There can be a possibility for a dispute to arise in terms of money related to real estate acquisition, because of which, the atmosphere in the house can get scattered. Therefore, try to maintain a mutual harmony in the family and try to perform tasks while placing trust in each other. You should try your best to fulfill your responsibilities. You should try to keep a good relationship with your parents. According to the time, you will be receiving the blessings of your parents and there is also a possibility for you to gain the support of your siblings and relatives in the family. Development can prevail over the household only after the settlement of the domestic problems. Or else, the problems can increase. Any worries regarding your children can get resolved. Occasionally, if the conditions of ups and downs arise, then try to overcome it , so that you can establish peace and prosperity in the family.


You can provide service and support at the temple on Saturdays. Donate cleanliness items in the temple and feed the needy people. On Saturdays, light a lamp with sesame oil under the Peepal tree or at the Shani Temple in the evening. You can overcome your problems by doing this.

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