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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


The month of March 2024 will be fruitful for the average people born in the Aquarius zodiac. There are also strong chances of traveling abroad due to which there is the possibility of more expenditures on you. Discuss matters freely due to the sweetness in your love affairs and it will result in the rise of physical troubles due to excessive lustful thoughts. Take care that there is no defamation of anything and there is a strong possibility of getting money. Get support from brothers & sisters. The love relationship will be sweet and also there can be troubles in married life. It will be an average month in terms of your career.


As per monthly horoscope 2024, from the career point of view, at the start of the month, Mars, the lord of the tenth house exalts in the twelfth house and it will create the chances of going abroad. Also, get the benefits of long tours or journeys in connection to work. The natives will also be very busy and there will be a rise in some expenses. Stick to your work firmly and the ability will keep you ahead of the competitors. It will provide success in the workplace and the start of the month is favorable for the businessmen. Sun, the lord of the seventh house will have a complete look at the seventh house, leading to different types of business benefits. There are also strong chances of getting the right benefits from the government and foreign sectors. The presence of Sun and Saturn creates problems in between and after this Sun moves to the second house. Rahu is already present in Mars, combined with Saturn, will look at your seventh house, which will raise troubles in your business. There are chances of deteriorating relations with the business partner, and thus be careful about it. Also, avoid taking any kind of major decision this month.


As we look at the financial situation, then at the start of the month, Venus and Mars will sit together in the twelfth house, and thus the expenses will be higher. You’ll spend lavish life according to your happiness and will squander money with both hands. Due to this, there are chances of financial crisis in your life. Also, I will be successful in traveling abroad, so a good amount of money will be spent in traveling to foreign nations. The focus should be on using money efficiently. The Rahu on the second house, will result in saving money and there are chances of spending money without any reason. The income levels will be low this month and the expenditures can rise, and thus the natives need to pay attention to it. The Devguru Jupiter will aspect to the eleventh house & the seventh house, and it will result in money gains from the business & personal efforts. Keep the expenses under control, and thus you’ll be able to see a proper financial condition, or else the struggles will rise.


As per monthly horoscope 2024, the start of the month will be weak from the health point of view. The presence of Mars & Venus in the twelfth house and Rahu in the second house will result in declining health troubles. Saturn, the lord of the sign will be in the debilitated state and Sun & Mercury will be positioned accordingly, due to which there can be different types of health troubles. You can also have complaints related to high fever, body ache, or headache, or joint pain. From 18 March, Saturn will end its exalted position and before that on 14 March, the Sun moves to the Pisces. It will start benefiting you on the health side. Also, Mars will enter the first house with Saturn, and it can lead to anemia, irregular blood pressure or some kind of injury. After that, the health will gradually improve.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For people in a love relationship, the start of the month will be very favorable. The lord of the fifth house, Mercury will sit in the first house, due to which you’ll accept the love affair and talk about it freely. The natives will also be fearless and feel strongly about your love life. You’ll clearly tell the thoughts of your heart to your love and also can discuss matters related to your marriage. But, there can be delays in the talks but the proposals may be accepted. As we talk about married people, the month will be filled with ups & downs. The combined effect of Saturn, Sun, & Mars on the seventh house will result in deterioration of you & your spouse’s health. There can also be mutual estrangement and it can lead to clash of ego. On the other hand, Jupiter's aspect to the seventh house, sitting in the third house for the entire month, will ensure the running of relationships smoothly despite all the troubles in married life. It also results in proper management of marriage relationships.

Family & Friends

The month will be average in terms of family life. As per monthly horoscope 2024, the presence of Rahu in the second will increase indecisiveness and you won’t do what you say. You’ll impress others with your words and it will solve many troubles, but it can also get worse later. You need to pay attention to it. Shukra, the lord of the fourth house will sit in the twelfth house and on 07 March, it will enter the first house. The natives will be seen with respect in the family and the health of mother & father will be favorable for the reduction of worries. You’ll get the full depth of your siblings and get support in every work, including all the happiness and sorrow. It will provide you strength in life and will improve with love in life. The help of a partner in your work will motivate you to do better activities.


On Sundays, feed jaggery to bulls. While sleeping at night, keep some water in a copper pot and wake up early in the morning. Offer it to a plant with red flowers. Make the right arrangements for your family members to eat some sweet every day and also eat it yourself as well. On Friday, wear the top-quality Opal gemstone in the silver ring on the ring finger.

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