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Taurus Facts

Lucky Numbers: 1 and 9
Lucky Colors: Lotus Pink
Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Gemstone: Sapphire or emerald, and it is to be worn as a ring in index finger
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries

Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the celestial belt and spans at 300 - 600 from Vernal Equinox. It is an earthy and fixed sign, with Sun positioning itself in this sign from April 20 to May 21, as per Western Astrology. It represents the second house of Kaal Purush Kundali and includes 2nd, 3rd and 4th pada of Krittika Nakshatra, all padas of Rohini Nakshatra and first two padas of Mrigashira Nakshatra. Its zodiac symbol is Bull with horns, which reflects on the determined and decisive outlook and ruled by Venus. Facts about Taurus zodiac sign reflects on the compatibility, nature and characteristics of this sign. Taurus daily horoscope narrates what's all is bound to happen in the future for the natives, and what are the remedies.

Taurus: Astrological Analysis

In Taurus moon sign, Moon gets exalted but there isn't any sign of a planet debilitating in this zodiac. In Sanskrit, it is popularly called as "Vrishabha", and represents luxury, grandeur and comfort. It lies 1800 apart from Scorpio, precisely at the opposite, and attains commendable energy from Mars, Scorpio's ruling planet. Taurus exhibits a huge impact when energies from both planets (Venus and Mars) collide. Being an Earthy sign, a Taurean native is practical, hard-working, well-grounded and loving. It prefers harvesting the fruits of hard work and labour. They can be die-hard romantic and love to splurge on good food, clothes and standard of living. For them, touch and taste are their most important senses and a way of expressing their thoughts. They can considered as one of the most reliable zodiacs, as they know what to get and will go in the depths to attain the results. Following physical features as per Vedic Astrology describe a Taurean almost perfectly:

  • Taurus have innocent features, such as childlike, bright eyes and even teeth.
  • These natives possess a middle stature.
  • They have thick, wavy hair, thick neck along with low forehead.
  • They can be slightly plump and overall square in shape with big shoulders.
  • They have a clear complexion and strong jawline.
  • A Taurean may have a buttoned nose.
  • The native have to watch out for their weight.
  • They have thick thumb bones.
  • Their personality is very sensual.
  • A Taurean woman has well-proportioned nose.

Interesting Taurus Facts, Taurus Traits

Having a realistic approach towards life, Taurus can be really stubborn at times. Certain interesting Taurus facts make them a special zodiac sign. Here are some which completely describes the characteristics of a Taurus, and can even surprise you with their unlikeness.

  1. Lucky Numbers: 1 and 9 prove to be a Taurus native's lucky number.

  2. Lucky Colors: Lotus Pink, pale green, pink, pale blue and all pastel shades are lucky for these natives.

  3. Lucky Day: Friday is luckiest for Taureans. So if possible, try to execute important meetings or purchases on this day only.

  4. Lucky Gemstone: Sapphire or Emerald, and it is to be worn as a ring in index finger

  5. Compatible Zodiac Signs: A Taurus native shares great horoscope compatibility with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.
  6. Incompatible Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries are the signs Taurus is least compatible with.

  7. Strong Headed: As the sign itself represents a Bull, a Taurus is strong-headed and kind of stubborn at times. It is an Earthy sign, hence they believe in hard work and are hard to gauge.

  8. Lucky When It Comes With Property: Taurus natives do well in matters related to land, real estate and property. Or they earn a huge wealth through land/property.

  9. In-Control: Taureans like to stay in control- be it situations or even people. In case they lose their patience, people around them have to face their wrath. Just like their sign, they come after like a raging bull.

  10. Not A Big Fan of Changes: Taurus natives do not like changes, and get frustrated easily when things do not go as planned. They are difficult when it comes to adaptability and no one can make them decide if they do not want to.

  11. A Big Foodie: A big fan of different cuisines, a Taurean is a big fan of food, love trying different dishes along with cooking them as well. You cannot consider them lazy when it comes to food!

  12. Love and Loyalty: As per Taurus characteristics, they are highly compassionate and loyal when it comes to relationships and love. One can stay depend on them.

  13. Intellectual: Taurus natives make smart and intelligent choices when it comes to profession, and aim to hold higher positions in the management. Favorable genres for them to thrive is commerce, real estate and technology.

  14. Health: They seems to be more prone towards diseases and illnesses related to kidney, liver and throat. Also, they need to control their urge to drink and eat.

  15. Taurus with Taurus Compatibility: Similar factors, like-mindedness and common traits makes two taureans best friends/couple. Unlike other signs who might get bored, Taurus natives seem to enjoy each other's company and remain comfortable.

  16. Lazy: Their biggest challenge is their habit of being lazy despite being hard-working.

  17. Secret Weapon: A Taurean's will-power is their biggest strength. They know how to get things done, which is why they roll, push and challenge situations in order to get what they want.

  18. Favorite Things: They love photography, travelling to mountains, listening great music and tasting rich/gourmet food. They are creatively inclined and have a flair for artistic things.

  19. Picky: Taurus can be picky in terms of people. They do not share things unless and until they are comfortable with you. Once out, they can be world's best companion/friend you ever had.

  20. Strong Memory: Taurus actually have a strong memory, and seems to absorb information. They can relive those memories within a finger-snap which most of us won't even remember.

Inclined by Earth, Taurus always seeks out for pleasure, comfort, honesty and fierce loyalty. Being with them feels like an interview, which is actually the native determining whether or not you're fit for the place to start with, be it in personal or professional relationships. Taurus facts give you a sneak peak over how bright this zodiac is, what are their features and characteristics, and what make them the lovable sign.

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