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Lal Kitab Remedies: Create Your Paradise for a Blissful Life

Author: M. S. Kondal | Last Updated: Tue 28 May 2013 5:25:40 PM

By M S Kondal

Lal Kitab RemediesPrecious Gemstones, donations, flowing currency coins in water and many more; all these stuff blows off our minds when an astrologer suggests these remedies for a serious trouble. And, this aggression is genuine too, especially when one asks to serve all the women of the world to keep your married life happy. Indeed it sounds funny, but trust me it has got something really big hidden. Read the article below and know the sorcery of Astrology Remedies...

Sow A Pinch of Delight - Reap A Heap of Bliss

Astrology without remedies is like a body without soul. The body is useless without a soul. There is limited use of astrology, if we are not able to solve our problems with the help of astral remedies. Our Rishis, saints, ancestors including great Sage Parashar had assigned several chapters in his works on remedial measures. They studied the effect of planets/ stars on animate and inanimate objects; and after studying the wavelengths of each product he prescribed ways to control the rays of the planets. There are various ways that help us in elimination of astral problems, bad effects, miseries etc.

Medley of Astrology Remedies

The remedies include charity, Yantras, Mantras recitation, gemstones, use of roots & herbs and many other methods described by various schools of Astrology.

All these remedies are effective but one must be highly proficient with the system used to eliminate the evil effects of the planets. So, I want to say that the astrologer should be perfect in his subject to give benefit to the sufferer. Mostly the Gemstones you get are not real and they dont work, which results in the defamation of the astrologer who suggested them.

The astrologer should know the other systems of astrology also because in one country there are different states and people use different remedial measures to deal with their day to day problems according to their ancestral beliefs and traditions.

Here, I would like to give examples of our country. There are main four zones in India: North, East, West and South. In North, people believe more in Lal Kitab remedies. In South, people go by KP and Nadi. West, they rely more on Gemstones and Tantra. Also, they believe in KP and Pooja for remedies. So, I meant to say that we have to see the persons environmental conditions - also, under which circumstances the person is living and believing. So, accordingly remedies are suggested.

All the remedies are effective, if performed accurately, with purity and whole heartedly. These remedies are mostly done with the natural things like pulses, plants, silver serving etc. So, chances of getting fake things like gemstones etc. have no room in this branch of astrological remedies.

Lal Kitab: A Tome for Social Welfare

According to me, the best remedial measure one should opt is of Lal Kitab. I am saying this because in my whole career in Astrology I found this to be the most effective, less time consuming, economic, easily available and keeps one in tune with the nature. In Lal Kitab Remedies, the author has given very simple remedies by thinking of the whole society including laymen also.

Brief on Lal Kitab Remedies


Each item is assigned to a particular planet for remedies. These things are easily available and most of them are household items. It is very important to know who needs which remedy for what circumstances. Here comes the role of an Astrologer. Only a proficient Astrologer can tell the perfect remedy along with the precautions that need to be taken for effective results.

What I feel is that the author of this great book had a very wide thinking and wanted to bring people together. The author intended to generate harmony amongst the mankind and derive benefits out of it, by the means of these remedies.

Hence, apart from spiritual benefits, these remedies bring harmony, ethics, brotherhood, respect for elders, love for nature and feeling of donation to the native.

Above mentioned remedies are just very few of all. There is a ocean of remedies available. In Lal Kitab, author first tried to purify the native by making one abstain from alcohol as well as non vegetarian food. Further, the native is influenced to respect elders by remedies like touching the feet of elders. After that, author intended to develop the interest of the native toward society welfare, like - serving women, animals, birds and many more.

These remedies show that the author had high concern for the society and nature. The remedy of dissolving milk in water has a special meaning. The milk cleanses the eyes of the fish. So, this is the glory of this great author that he even thought for the fishes. He thought of those remedies that can result in the welfare of everyone, not just one.

Coal and copper coin cleanse the water. Hence, this remedy is another great one. Offering water to Peepal as well as Banyan trees is for facilitating these trees a good growth, which further provides shelter to the birds and travellers.

A clean and clutter free house keeps Rahu in control, which results in hygienic surroundings. Respecting women and married relation is the remedy for Venus as well as Mercury. As we can see the molestation of females in this age, following these remedies can help in making our society clean.

These are some examples only. Pick any remedy, it will go in favor of society and nature. I think I wrote too much, but I have poured out all what came in my mind as per my previous experiences. There are a lot many things in my mind, but I think it is enough for now.

Last but not least, I would like to mention that one who serves the nature and donates for the welfare of society gets everything back in the form of material as well as spiritual gains. Also, the native get relief from troubles by the grace of blessings.

We all know that if 5 kgs of wheat is sown it results in 50 kgs of wheat after harvest. But, the logic is - we have to sow first and wait to reap it in the later days.

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