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How to Ward Off Mangal Dosha?

Author: MS Kondal | Last Updated: Thu 10 Oct 2013 12:25:38 PM

Mangal Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Manglik Dosha, MS Kondal

Does Mangal Dosha affect married life? Can one live a happy married life even after having Mangal Dosha in one’s Kundli? What are Lal Kitab remedies for Mangal Dosha? Check out what Lal Kitab expert Mr. MS Kondal says about these questions.

Mangal Dosha: Myths and Reality

Mangal Dosha is also known as Kuja Dosha or angaraka Dosha. These are the few words which we hear most of the times while talking about marriage or related prospects. We also hear that matching of horoscopes of both boy and girl is most important. First house indicates self, Second house stands for family, Fourth for happiness, Seventh for partner whether male or female, Eighth house stands for death of the person whose horoscope it is and the last house i.e. the Twelfth house is meant for sleeping comforts and sensual pleasure. If Mars is positioned in the above mentioned houses, being a natural malefic, the person is termed as a Manglik.

Being fiery in nature it ruins or destroys the domestic harmony and sometimes results in widowhood too. Generally, it is seen that people find Manglik girl for a boy having Mars in the above mentioned positions in the horoscope. Mars in these houses play the havoc unless neutralized by identical placing in the partner’s chart, otherwise the person lacking the Mangal Dosha may encounter with major problems in their lives.

Astrologers with little knowledge of astrology have made Mangal Dosha so dreadful for the common people that people easily get frightened after knowing the presence of this Dosha in their charts. There are some exceptions which are not known commonly. If asked from any skilled astrologer, these facts will be of great use and help to people in cancelling Mars Dosha.

Mangal Dosha is seen from three different points:

  • Ascendant or Lagna
  • Moon
  • Venus

The position of Mars is seen from Lagna, Moon and Venus. Mars in the above houses from lagna causes weak Dosha, from Moon causes strong and from Venus causes the strongest.

As per Samudrik Shashtra, Mars has two enemies: Venus and Mercury. According to Lal Kitab, these are the owners of seventh house and Venus denotes wife. Mars takes Venus as his enemy and gives its negative effects to Venus that is one’s wife or husband. Whenever Mars afflict seventh house or its lord Venus by conjunction or aspect, there are differences between husband and wife.

To know if you have Kuja Dosha / Manglik Dosha in your Kundli, please visit - Mangalik Dosha Calculator.

Generally, we find the presence of Manglik Dosha in 60-70 % horoscopes. There are many conditions under which there is either no Manglik yoga or the yoga gets cancelled when compared to the other chart for the purpose of marriage. Under certain conditions laid down by the sages, if a person is having Sun, Saturn or Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) with Mars in his chart in the above houses, then the Manglik Yoga gets void for the girl. Similar is the case with girl’s horoscope and thus, the Dosha from the male chart also gets cancelled.

Wherever in the boys chart the Mars is situated at the same place as Saturn, Rahu or Sun in the girl's chart, then the Manglik Dosha gets cancelled.

If Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10 houses) and in trikonas (5 and 9 houses) have benefic planets and in 3, 6, 8,11 there are malefics, then also the Mars Dosha gets null and void.

In ashtakoot, if 24 or more points match then much weightage is not given to Mars Dosha.

Also, if strong Jupiter and Venus are in Lagna or in seventh house, then also the Manglik Dosha gets negligible or gets finished.

If Mars is in debilitation sign, retrograde, fallen or in enemy's house or is with benefic planets, then also the Mars Dosha gets weakened.

There are certain yogas also which nullify or weakens the Mars Dosha and they can be discussed some time later in future.

Even in Lal Kitab, if Sun and Mercury are in one house then Mars will be benefic or shubh. But, if Sun and Saturn are in one house then Mars will be malefic or ashubh.

Planets in the fourth house or the placement of the owner of the fourth house as per Lal Kitab tells the actual condition of the Mars i.e. whether it is benefic or malefic.

If its benefic the person will be subjected to great valour, he donates freely and open heartedly. He is friendly to all. But if it's not then he will be timid, revengeful, backbiter, selfish with deceiving nature.

To check Kuja Dosha and to know the precise remedies that can be performed in your case to ward it off, you may also like to visit our paid service - Mangalik Dosha Check.

Sometimes Manglik like effects are seen even if one is not having Mangal in the above said houses. It may be because of the Vaastu defects, like the person may be living in south facing house and therefore, light may be coming to their room from south facing windows or they may have purchased the house from some childless people. These things are discussed here because they may cause same effects like Manglik Dosha.

To get rid of these negative effects, I would suggest you to worship Lord Hanuman and offer him shudh sindhoor, laddoo, red cloth and chameli oil, regularly for 8 Tuesdays. You can also donate sweet gulab jamuns to the lepers and one should serve his brothers and their wives with all respect.

I have personally seen so many people taking benefits with these Manglik Dosha remedies who are having Kuja Dosha in their horoscopes. Last but not the least, I would say that there is nothing to panic because of Mangal Dosha as the one and only one thing which is required is - one should approach some competent and learned astrologer who is above all the worldly pleasures and ready to guide you in a true manner. Wish you all good luck. May God bless us all.

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