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Mangal Dosha & Its Effects on Marriage

Last Updated: 11/11/2013 3:19:10 PM

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Many people believe MANGAL DOSHA destroys married life. On the other hand, many believe it doesn’t have effect. In this article, astrologer Vijay Goel analyzes Mangal Dosha and its effect on marriage...

Mars represent the latent ‘male’ element in the female and Venus represent the latent ‘female’ in the male, and as such due weightage should be given to Mars and Venus – as they preside over emotions in relation to sex and the physical desires and gratification thereof.

Venus along with 7th house is prime significator for sex and love and opposite to it is Mars, who along with 6th house is prime significator for bachelor-hood (Brahmacharya), fights and breakage. Jataka Parijata therefore says, Venus in 6th house and Mars in 7th house is Maranakarana sthana, i.e. their significance is totally destroyed. This simply means that if Mars is any way associated with 7th house, it can destroy the sanctimony of marriage. Afflicted Mars in 8th house curtails the longevity of either spouse or native.

To know if you have Kuja Dosha / Manglik Dosha in your Kundli, please visit - Mangalik Dosha Calculator.

Mangal Dosha or ‘Mars afflictions’ is considered when afflicted and void of strength, Mars is placed in 1,4,7,8,12th house from Ascendant, Moon and Venus. It should be noted that this principle is not applicable when Mars is in good strength, good status or Yoga Karak. We can further classify this dosha with association and combination with other planets in the horoscope; into severe, mild and weak dosha.

To check Kuja Dosha and to know the precise remedies that can be performed in your case to ward it off, you may also like to visit our paid service - Mangalik Dosha Check.

Without going into details of astrological combination on this Dosha I have observed few things as below;

  • I have seen that if native is in the profession related to Martial significance; army, police or any security services, engineering services, etc. than there is huge reduction of Mangal Dosha to negligible extent.
  • In this modern era when literacy rate has been increased to large extent and both husband and wife are working, the effects of Mangal Dosha is lost.
  • Nowadays when marriages are taking place at the age of 30-35 years, maturity level of the native is increased, therefore this Dosha is greatly reduced.

Therefore while marriage matching for couple’s horoscope is done:

  • We must not overlook “Desh, Kaal, Paristhithi” principle.
  • Harmonious placement of beneficially planet in each other’s horoscope.
  • Mathematical evaluation of malefic influence of all malefic planets including Mars in each horoscope.

I am in the view that after doing thorough assessment we can safely judge match between Mangal dosha and non-Mangal dosha horoscopes. Mangal Dosha except in some severe cases, is nothing to be dread off, it can be safely managed.

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