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Calendar 2020: Important Holidays & Festivals

Last Updated: 12/16/2019 10:15:22 AM

calendar 2020 If you know the history of Gregorian calendar, you might be aware of the fact that without an accurate calendar, seasons were falling out of place, festivals did not fall on the right date, people could not have a clear idea about important days. It was all because Julian calendar had a difference of 11 minutes in a year and after a number of years passed, it started affecting routine life. Pope had to reform the calendar in order to bridge this gap. This gap which was of 11 days now was filled by replacing the date September 2 by September 14 in the year 1752. Although there still is a gap of 26 seconds, but that is negligible as compared to 11 minutes a year. This is clear from this very statement that making a calendar is no child’s play.

We take calendars for granted and tend to forget that without a calendar, we could possibly never recall dates or celebrate festivals, at least not in unison. This thing called calendar can be of different types, depending upon the region, religion or language. But the main purpose behind making a calendar is to help you plan things beforehand. We do set reminders nowadays, for birth or marriage anniversaries. Previously people used to write these down on a calendar. Different religious institutions make their own calendars so their religious days are celebrated on the same day across the globe. Are you looking for Calendar 2020? In India alone, we have different types of calendars - Tamil calendar, Telugu calendar, Hindu calendar, Nanakshahi calendar and many more.

Let’s have a glance at how these 2020 calendars are different from each other:

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1. Indian Calendar 2020

The calendar issued by the government of India takes into consideration both the Hindu panchang and Gregorian calendar to bring to us a calendar which has details of Hindu festivals, National festivals and festivals celebrated by other religions which are considered holidays. This national calendar 2020 is the one we seek to finalize the dates of a holiday.

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2. Hindu Calendar 2020

Consulting Hindu Panchang or Hindu calendar is an age-old tradition in our houses. Having this calendar is inevitable for you if you follow the tithi like Ekadashi, Amavasya and Purnima. Sometimes the festivals cover two days, its because the tithi is falling between two dates of Gregorian calendar. This system of calendar is important as it clears any doubt about shubh muhurat.

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3. Jain Calendar 2020 with Tithi

Just like many other communities observe their new year on a specific day other than January 1, Jain community celebrates the New Year on the day of Diwali. They follow the solar calendar and have twelve months in a year.

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4. Chinese Calendar 2020

Chinese people follow their own calendar which depicts their regional festivals like the Dragon festival or Chinese New Year. They have their own system of calculation. A year is named on an animal in Chinese culture. Beginning from January 25, the year 2020 will be the year of the rat as per Chinese culture.

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5. Tamil Calendar 2020

Tamil people follow a panchang which is devised on Vedic Astrology. It is a lunisolar calendar system used to calculate the tithi (date) of festivals and days when fast has to be observed. The kundli and Panchang in South India is not same as those in North India. They highly believe in the accuracy of their panchang or calendar and observe festivals as per it.

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6. Telugu Calendar 2020

Similar to other panchangs followed in South, Telugu Calendar is considered for identifying the days and dates of festivals in a month, the position of planets, nakshatras affecting the time, auspicious time etc. Tithi and Masam (month) as per Telugu calendar are used to depict the periods.

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7. Islamic Calendar 2020

The festivals of Islam community as different from any other in the nation. Islam has one of the largest list of followers across the globe. They observe their festivals on the basis of visibility of moon. Though their calendar is a lunar calendar, yet it has no resemblance with the lunar calendars of other religion. There are 12 months and 255 days in a Islamic year and the new year celebrations begin with Muharram.

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8. Printable Calendar 2020

As stated earlier, a calendar is a crucial document. One cannot work without this piece of information. Be it a party or a day or remembrance, you will not be able to perform the rituals of either if the dates were not known. Modern day calendars or planners offer as much utility as they previously used to have. We write a lot of information on calendar. For instance, when the newspaper was delivered, how many litres of milk did you purchase on a particular day etc. With things getting digital, you do have the option to write notes on your phone, but the ease of access and convenience of a printed calendar can’t be replaced. We have for you Printable calendar 2020 to help remind you of all what’s important.

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9. 2020 Bank Holidays

The provision of a holiday in banks started only after a banker tried to decrease the working hours of bankers and offer them days which were fixed holidays. After becoming a member of Parliament, he decided to make this wish of his come true. And the holidays thus were called bank holidays. Also, banks are financial institutions which need to function uninterruptedly. If a bank was closed, it itself meant a holiday as the financial unit was closed. The bank holidays first announced were for UK, though every country has a list of bank holidays of its own. Know about the Bank holidays in 2020 in India.

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10. Public Holidays 2020

A day of leave is a holiday and a day of festival is a public holiday. On Public holidays, organizations don’t function normally. The employees are given a day off to celebrate with their friends and family. These holidays are dear to all. Here’s the list of Public Holidays 2020 for you so you can plan how you wish to utilize them.

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Hope you’ve found the solution to your query. Come back for more.

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