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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


The August Horoscope 2019 predicts that being patient will lead you to success. You will be serious about your work and this will help you in achieving your goals. The tasks that you perform with courage and honesty are bound to yield positive results. The efforts that you put in order to stabilize your financial status will ripe into fruitful outcomes. There will be times when you will be required to put some extra efforts to achieve what you aim for. Patience and hard work will serve to be the keys for opening the doors of success for you. Your career graph will be on a rise during this period. You are strongly recommended to be cautious at your work front as there are chances of conflicts arising in the concerned field. Your opponents will try to utilize every chance to bring you down. You might get caught in the whirlpool of internal politics at your workplace. Your competitors will plant hurdles in your way to success. Defamation might taint your reputation if you do not act wisely. Maintaining your social image is necessary for you if you want to enjoy a good social status. If you are into a business, you might have to witness frequent ups and downs during the month of August. Competition will rise and you will have to come up with some bright idea in order to strive and make yourself stand out. Do not let your opponents gain an upper hand over you. Do not let your guard down if you do not want them to supercede you. Face your opponents with all your might and let them get the taste of defeat. Try to work hard in the field of your career. Your luck will favor you and you will find yourself at the place where you aim to be. You will slowly and steadily advance towards success. Sudden monetary gains might fall into your lap during this month. Foreign journeys will be fruitful. Your married life will be full of bliss and harmony. Setting your foot on a foreign land will give a new direction to your career. You might have to face some difficult situations in your love life, which you will be required to tackle as soon as possible. You need not worry much about your career as your career graph will rise steeply. You should try to keep your mind free of tension. That is the only way by which you will be able to achieve mental peace. Being careful about your health will safeguard you against diseases and will help you to keep health issues at an arm's length. You might be worried about your children. They might not perform well in their academics or in their field of career. In such a case, your support and mentoring will serve to be their guiding light, which will help them to live a quality life. You might acquire a new vehicle or a house during this month. If you are involved in politics, you might have to push the limits if you want to prove yourself. The members of the opposition party will play their best moves to taint your reputation. You should be one move ahead of them if you want to succeed. You should be enthusiastic about your work as it will lead to the improvement of quality of your work. You will do good in the real estate sector. Investing in real estate will add to your income. You will be able to spend time with your family and friends. You should not forget about maintaining a balance between your personal and professional life. The 5th, 6th, 14th, 15th and 24th of this month might be a bit tough on you. Doing any important work on these dates might prove to be harmful for you. Hence, you should be careful on these dates.


Your financial status will be stable during this month. None of your efforts for earning money will go in vain and you will get the desired results for your hard work. No matter which field of work you are involved in, you will be able to achieve what you aim for. If you employed in the public or private sector, you will be able to perform exceptionally well. You might also think about laying the foundation of a new venture. A side-business will further add to your income. Investing your money for getting beneficial results in the future will help you to save them. However, you should analyse the situation well before making a binding decision. Observing the market trends and seeking expert device will help you. You should be very careful if you start a new venture. There are chances that you might get entangled in a conflict. You should try to avoid getting involved in any situation that might trigger arguments or conflicts, otherwise, you might have to face problems. Spend your money wisely and do not indulge in extravagance. Making use of the chances that you get during this month will help you to gain financially. The transit of the planet of expansion, Jupiter in the Zodiac Sign Scorpio will help you to amplify your profits. Therefore, you should not lose any opportunity that knocks your door.


There are chances that a previous health issue might relapse during the span of this month. Physical health problems might hit you, thus, you are required to take care of your health and well-being. Pain or injury might make it hard for you to perform your day-to-day work. You should adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to stay in good shape.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Aquarians need to be careful as there are chances of some problems arising in their love lives. You must realize that trust and personal space are necessary elements that will help you to build a strong relationship. Make sure to spend time with your partner as it will bring the two of you closer to each other. If a rift has been created between you and your love partner, you should try to normalize the situation during the latter half of the month. The second half will help you to reconcile with your partner. Also, you should avoid unnecessary arguments if you do not want to ruin your relationship. Respecting your partner will help to win their heart. Try to sweep petty issues under the carpet if you want to overcome the differences with your partner. As far as married life is concerned, you will be happy and blessed. A cordial relationship with your spouse will help you sail through difficult phases of life. Foreign journeys will beget fruitful results.

Family & Friends

You might have to face some problems in your family life during the month of August. A distant relative might sow the seeds of differences between your family members. Thus, you should not trust anyone blindly, even if you the person is an acquaintance. Understand the importance of unity and abide by it. Take care of your family members and cater to their needs. Build a strong foundation of trust so that no one will be able to harm your family. Stay by each other's side at times of need. If any kind of confusion or misunderstanding arises, try to sort it out at once. Any delay in doing so is likely to worsen the situation. Respect the elder members of your life and lend an ear to their advice. Guide the younger members to the right path and be their mentor as and when needed. Having the support of your family members will make you more confident than ever. You will have a good relationship with your parents. Taking care of their health will be one of your key responsibilities that you will fulfill well. Maintaining harmonious relationship with your kin will help you in the long run.


You should offer help in cleaning temples on Saturdays by donating money and other required materials for the same cause. You should help the poor and the needy. Donating black colored objects on Saturday and reciting Hanuman Chalisa will help you to overcome the problems in your life.

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