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Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


You are a person of serious tendency. You are the one who tries to do any work with stability and seriousness. That is why there is a possibility for your work to likely, be successful. From the business point of view, there are chances for the situations to likely, improve. There is a possibility for progress in the work sector in this month. Because Mars is transiting into Aquarius, this can prove to be beneficial for you, from your career point of view and in terms of your self-respect. There is a possibility for you to get good success from the efforts put in by you. Your fortune will be good in this month. Whatever work you do, there is a possibility for you to get good success in that work and the situation can be strengthened from the financial point of view. If there are any plans regarding some kind of trip then you can go for that journey. However, there can be a rise in obstacles during the travel. There are chances for you to go abroad and there is a possibility for you to have a better, married life. Tensions may arise in this month. There can be interferences generated in the areas of your work. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be careful from your near and dear ones. Problems related to some kind of health issues can arise, and due to mental problems, the mind can remain turbulent. If you are a student and you are doing any kind of a course or you are desiring to attain any higher education then these things can be successful in this month. Moreover, the situations can be strong enough. Your efforts can get a new direction. You can gain social respect and honor. If there are any attempts to buy a car or a house in this month, then it is likely to be successful. Because, Venus itself is transiting in Libra, which can make you achieve success in the materialistic comforts and pleasures. If you do service, then there are chances for you to likely, get progress in your job. There is a possibility for you to have a better relationship with your officials and personnel’s. Good success can be achieved by you according to time. There is a possibility for you to have a good relationship with your relatives and money matters can be good for you from the real estate point of view. In this month, your work area being better, there is a good possibility for you to likely, get an economic advantage. Whatever work you do, do it steadily and seriously. So that you may, get good success according to time. In this month 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 are the dates, which can generate a stressful situation for you. At this time, your mental problems can increase. Therefore, doing any important work in this duration should be restricted.


The economic conditions in this month will be favorable. Your work will be good. There is a possibility for you to get good profits from the areas related to outside work and outstation travel from the business point of view. You are likely to find, some kind of a new project. By working on this, there is a possibility for you to likely, earn good money. In this month, there are also chances for you to likely, get a property. If you invest your money related to property, then you can get good profits from this. In this month, your fortune will be good for you and earning wealth related to work will be good. There is also a possibility for you to get the support of your favorite friends and close relatives. It will be financially profitable. There is a possibility for you to likely gain good success by doing your work seriously. Try to stay away from any kind of diseases. Do not try to get involved in any kind of conflicts. Otherwise problems may arise and economic losses may occur. While having trust on yourself you should try to do any work with a proper thinking and by understanding the strategy. Due to which you can achieve good profits according to time. Stay away from unnecessary problems. Stay away from wrong associations. Avoid unnecessary hustle bustle. Thereby, avoiding economic losses.


There is a possibility for a rise in any kind of unnecessary illness in this month. There can occur, some kind of infection. Due to which you may even have to face serious problems. So be careful about your health. Take care of yourself especially in travels etc.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There can be a glow in your love relationships. There can be sympathy generated towards each other and with mutual co-ordination you can make any work successful. While maintaining a good relationship with your boyfriend / girlfriend as well as you can also be successful in your work along with loving each other. There may be a possibility for a difference to occur between both of you due to some other person. Therefore, it is very important for you both to have a trust on one another. Because of which your ideologies could be similar and you should keep loving each other. Otherwise, there are chances for any kind of problems to arise. If you want to propose your boyfriend / girlfriend in this month, then you can do it. You can also get the opportunity for this. In this month, the conditions may be favorable in terms of your married life. There is a possibility for you to get the support of your spouse. However, there can be a possibility for occasional differences in your ideologies. Due to which there can be a cause of stress with one another. Because of your mutual fights, there can be a rise in the conflicts. Therefore, your efforts to maintain a good relationship can prove to be beneficial. There is a possibility for you to get the cooperation from your in-laws. Your destiny will also favour you well and your outside journey can also be good.

Family & Friends

There is a possibility for the family conditions to be likely be favorable in this month. There are good chances for the advancement in your fate with the help for your family support. There can be a role of your family to provide cooperation in the areas of work. If you are doing any kind of work and you are wishing for the cooperation from your family, then this can be fulfilled. That is why you should try to maintain a warm relationship with the family at home. The development in the home and household is possible only when the mutual harmony in home family can be improved. There should not be any kind of ideological differences, due to which there are chances for a problem to arise. There can be a rise in some other kind of problems in the family due to any other person. It can prove to be better to try to explain it. There can be possibilities found for having a good relationship with your parents. Having a good behavior with your friends, brothers sisters and relatives etc. can lead you to achieve good success in the working areas. The conditions can be good in terms of your children. Your children's career and education, etc can be good. There is also a possibility for you to likely, receive cooperation from your children. Your efforts can be commendable. Moreover, your respect in the home family is likely to increase.


On Saturday, donating cleaning objects in the temple and providing service in the temple can be good for you. On Saturday, it will be good for you to anoint Shani Dev with mustard oil and distribute the offerings in the poor.

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