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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


This month, the transit of the four planets, namely, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus will activate the ninth, fifth, and seventh houses in your birth chart. The ninth house corresponds to religion in the kundli, and we can learn about the native’s religious inclination, pilgrimages, mentors, etc. through this. Similarly, the fifth house is of progeny significator of children, romance, and higher education; whereas, the seventh house signifies marriage, spouse, and business partnerships. This month, Virgo natives may get a new job or a promotion in their present position. Financial help from your parents’ side is probable, helping you in your savings. You will remain busy in your studies this month, but ensure that this does not affect your health negatively. Your love relation will strengthen, but there will be ups and downs in married life. Misunderstandings can add bitterness to the relationship of married natives. Do not be careless concerning your health.


March will be a great month in terms of career for Virgo natives. You will get the chance to either join a new job or get a promotion in your present one. An internal transfer within your organisation is on the cards for some. On the other hand, your seniors can hand you over a new project at the last minute, and you will be under the pressure of completing it on time. You will be successful in wrapping it up punctually. Any interview that you may have given in the previous month, you will receive news of clearing it now. Business people may have to travel for a client. Although you will have a heavy workload this March, however, you will need to manage it smoothly; otherwise, you can get into an argument with a colleague or client. Give sufficient time to your personal life along with your professional life, because an excess of work will take you away from your family.


Monetary profits are on the cards for Virgo natives in March. There are high possibilities of a hike in your salary, and you will also be successful in saving money. Financial help from your parents' will increase your savings. Simultaneously, you may also gain economic profits from your spouse’s side. With a secure economic front, you will be able to repay old debts, and may also take an insurance policy. Predictions indicate expenses over electronic communications and clothes. You may gain a significant profit in property dealing, increasing your assets further. Money that you loaned to your friends will return to you now. On the other hand, this time will resolve property-related matters soon. However, take care that you complete all paperwork correctly while buying a new property.


Healthwise, this month, Virgo natives may have complaints of backache, as well as issues concerning thighs and shoulders. A family member can fall ill; however, after consulting a doctor, they will soon get better. Do not overthink about anything as that only causes more stress. Your child can get hurt while playing, so keep an eye on them. Get a health package or health insurance to avoid unnecessary medical expenses. Do not be careless about your wellbeing at all. Nevertheless, Virgo natives will be more cautious about their fitness this month. However, if you take any alcoholic drink or similar narcotics, it would be better to get rid of this habit now. Otherwise, you will have to face a lot of problems later in life.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month of March brings amazing times for Virgo natives in love. Your relationship will strengthen, as the bond between you both deepens. Your beloved will like your altered attitude, happy with this change. Your partner will understand your feelings, without needing your words, and will respect your thoughts and ideas. Natives who are still unsure of expressing their hidden feelings to their crush can use a romantic gift to let their emotions out in the open. Misunderstanding can add bitterness to the married life of natives, and you may find yourself in the middle of an argument with your parents-in-law as well. In such a scenario, the best option to save your relationship is to trust only your spouse and not a third person. The weak health of your child can worry you and your partner, therefore, remain cautious about the same beforehand.

Family & Friends

Virgo natives may go on a family trip this March or take part in a wedding with the family. Your mom may finally get the job she has wanted for a long time. Her accomplishment will fill the family with joy. Your relationship with your siblings will improve, and you will resolve all the differences between you. On the flip side, this month may also fulfil a desire that has been in your father’s heart for a long time. You can take your family shopping, filling the day with happiness. The sudden arrival of guests can ruin some of your plans. However, this month will also bring a meeting with old friends. You all will reminisce about the times past, and may even plan a trip together.


Chant the Shri Budha Gayatri Mantra at a fixed time daily.

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