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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


The natives belonging to the Virgo zodiac sign are quite practical in nature and they are well aware of the devices to put their emotions on display. Thus, they can root for success easily. You easily become the soul of every gathering and secretly hope to get praised by your peers. It feels good to hear compliments. You are also seen taking good care of yourself and spending time grooming. Now, coming back to the first month of the year 2020, January, which has many ups and downs in store for you. During the time of this month, you are requested to pay attention towards your economic life, domestic life and career, as they are likely to face challenges. There will be less journeys and associated profits will also be less. During this time, you will see great agility and also feel an increase in your courage and might. Your younger siblings may be angry with you about something. Convince them before it's too late as your love is the only thing they need. You will get along with friends at the beginning of the month, but after that you will become more busy in your personal life, so your day to day routine will also be limited to family and work.


On the professional front too, situations can get out of control during January 2020. Due to problems prevailing in your personal life, you will not be able to focus at work adequately. Thus, you are advised to work on your problems and give the right direction to your career. Your colleagues will perform well in this month,which will also inspire you to work with more energy and dedication. You are also likely to fall prey to mental stress during this time which will create hurdles for you to get things done. However, you should not lose hope and face the difficulties by putting up a brave face. The situation will remain the same in the business and you will have to wait to witness the inflow of profit. The plans that you hatch today, will open up the path of success for you in the future. So, make sure to develop new schemes and expand them to amplify your business. Those natives who are working in the fields of Finance, Consultancy, Media, Management, Arts, Acting, Drama, Insurance etc. will get a substantial amount of success.


You may face financial crunches during this month. Economic matters should be dealt with care because income will remain mediocre and expenses can increase. Although there will be a possibility of earning from foreign sources during mid January, job holders should specifically observe caution. There will be progress in your business but money will not come in your hands. For this reason, you can be subjected to mental stress, which will be important for you to avoid before time runs out. Do not let any kind of tension dominate you. After the 24th January when Saturn's transit will take place in the fifth house, you will be able to accumulate wealth by the grace of Lord Shani. With the help of knowledge and intellect that you have acquired so far, you will be able to earn good rewards which are financial in nature. During this time, you should avoid making any kind of investment, because it will weaken your current financial status. In the last week of the month, you can repay an old debt of yours which will help your daily transactions run smoothly.


At the beginning of this month, you may experience health problems, but afterwards, when the transit of Moon takes place in Capricorn after 13 January 2020, then there will be some improvements and relief will be granted from a chronic ailment. During this time you will be very healthy and edit every work with agility. On January 31, when the Month comes to an end, the transit of Mercury will be in the sixth house of Aquarius, and you may have increased health problems at this time, so stay alert and take care of your well being. The placement of various planets in the fourth house can give you problems related to heart, lungs, respiratory system and skin. Therefore, if you feel any such problem, seek medical advice immediately without delay so that the occurrence of a disease can be stopped.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The initial days of the month will prove to be quite favourable for matters related to love and romance. The ship of your love life will sail smoothly. However, as time passes by, the Sun will move into your fifth house after 15 January 2020, and bitterness will take house in your relationship. Trivial issues will give birth to fights between the two of you. It would be better if you meet and communicate with your partner less. Subsequently, when the transit of Saturn takes place in your fifth house after 24 January, love life will become stable, but the combination of Saturn and Sun may put an end to your relationship completely. Thus, you should observe great patience during this time. On the contrary, this time period will be propitious for married natives. Your spouse will remain completely focused on the family. However, due to remaining preoccupied with work, his/her health may be affected. Thus, take proper care of your life partner and spend some good time with him/her so that your relationship attains bliss and both of you remain happy.

Family & Friends

The month of January will have some challenges in store for your domestic life. The members of the household will be seen disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the family and creating chaos. Instead of respecting each other, they will try to list out one another’s discrepancies, which will cause the family structure to deteriorate and the coordination between everyone will get weakened. On the other hand, the health of your parents may also remain in low spirits. However as the month moves forward, situations will become normal. Happiness will return back to the family. However, all will not remain very well as your child’s health may also remain under the weather. This will have a negative impact on your professional front too. Thus, try as much as you can to improve the situation of your household.


Wear the best quality fire opal gemstone in silver ring in your ring finger on Friday. Donate jaggery or red lentils on Tuesday. You can also wear Panna Ratna on your junior finger on Wednesday. Worship Maa Durga daily and recite Durga Chalisa.

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