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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


The natives belonging to the Cancer zodiac sign are quite emotional in nature. They also tend to remain dedicated towards their families and prove to be good lovers. Their intellect is sharp but very often they end up getting confused between the head and the heart, because of which they end up getting hurt. Moving on the astrological predictions, the month of January is going to be special for you in many aspects. If you are involved in any legal matter, then its verdict is likely to get delivered in your favour. This will definitely make you happy but also procure quite a significant amount of your financial resources. Your spendings can remain on the higher side, so it is better to keep wasteful expenses under control and keep proper track of them. Sweetness is very important in love, so avoid speaking bitter. The month of January will also prove to be quite favourable for your children. It is likely that they will make progress in their respective fields and also earn good name and fame in the society. Prospects will also be made to undertake journeys, but they will take a toll on your finances and well being. Be careful of your enemies during this time as they may try to prevail over you and make attempts to hurt you. But victory will be yours ultimately as you will be able to turn the tables in your favour. Also, save yourself from getting involved in any fights or debates.


On the professional front, Cancer natives are most likely to lay their hands on a job change. Make the necessary efforts, if you have been trying to switch jobs as success will be yours ultimately. Your colleagues will definitely come forward to help, but they may also scheme plots against you, so do not depend more on them and try to place less trust in them. It would be better not to get involved in unnecessary matter. Make it a habit to mind your own business. However for business natives, the month of January will prove to be quite beneficial. You will also spend a significant amount of monetary resources to expand your trade and also hatch new schemes to beat the competition which is yet to arise in the market. After 13 January 2020, when the transit of Mercury takes place in the seventh house of Capricorn, trade relations with foreign contacts will get established and profits will also fall into your lap. Apart from this, with the help of your communication skills and personal efforts, you can expect to achieve breakthrough success. When the Sun transits in Capricorn after January 15, you can make investments to give a new direction to your business.


The cycle of life has many things to offer, sometimes it is the rainbow of happiness and during the other times, we witness clouds of sadness. Talking about your economic status during the month of January, it can be said that many expenditures are likely waiting to take place during this month. You will spend your resources carelessly and some other unnecessary expenses, which could have been avoided will create a hole in your pocket. Some monetary resources will also get procured in legal proceedings and medical expenses of a particular relative. Apart from this, some trips will be undertaken which will increase your expenses further. Despite everything, a certain amount of wealth will continue to flow into your hands, whether it comes from your job or business, but there will certainly be less dearth of money. A better financial management will grant you relief ultimately. When you have money in your dispense, use it in the right place so that you can meet the economic challenges in the near future.


For matters related to the well being of Cancer natives, the month of January seems to be a bit feeble. Thus, it would be better to get your routine check ups done so as to avoid falling prey to any major disease. This month, moving unnecessarily in a haphazard manner will cause you fatigue and also make contributions towards weakening your health. So, as far as possible, take adequate amount of rest while working. You may face problems related to intestines, urine and kidneys. Apart from this, sleep disorders, anxiety and pain in the legs and joints may also occur. Spare some time to treat your problems and enjoy a healthy life. Drink plenty of water that the waste materials of the body get flush out easily. It would be beneficial for you to consume plenty of beverages.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month of January has mixed results in store for Cancer natives who are in love. The presence of Mars in its own zodiac sign Scorpio will bring multiple changes in your romantic life. On one hand, you will invest most of your energy to make your relationship better, while on the other, the position of the same Mars will generate anger and stubbornness in the relationship. However, you will remain intoxicated with love and affection during the time of this month. Family members will also be seen supporting your relationship. Time will be full of happiness for married life and flowers of love and romance will blossom in your married life. During this month, you have to take care of your spouse's health. You may have to spend on your spouse's illness, but you have to be ready for it. In the middle of the month, the war of words between you two may intensify, so be aware beforehand and do not let any pointless dispute escalate at all. If possible, take your spouse to a romantic place and spend a better time with them so that the closeness between the two of you increases and your married life becomes happy again.

Family & Friends

While talking about the domestic life of Cancer natives, it can be assumed that the atmosphere of the house will be peaceful and the family members place unconditional confidence in you. Thus, they will support you while taking any important decision and seek your approval before completing any task. You will have an important role in your family this month and your words will be taken seriously as they will get prioritized. You too will be devoted to the family and do whatever it takes to establish peace and happiness in your home. However, after January 9, when the transit of Venus will take place in your eighth house, there may be some problems in the household and there is a possibility that the family members will not be polite to each other. In such a situation, it will be your utmost responsibility and your moral obligation to keep them in a loop. A sudden event can spoil the coordination of your family members. With siblings, your bond will not strike the right chord and it is possible that you may get involved in a debate with him/her. It would be better if you keep the differences aside for the betterment of the family. If you wish, understand your responsibilities towards the family and keep the bond of unity intact. Your hardwork will definitely bear fruits of success and the upcoming time will be stress free.


Chant Shiva Chalisa or Shiva Tandav Sttotam regularly and perform the Abhisek of Mahadev with milk. Also make Chayadan and clean a religious place on Saturdays as it will prove to be quite beneficial for you. Wear a good quality Pearl in your little finger during a Monday of Shukla Paksha. Observe fasts during Mondays. Cancer natives can also recite Durga Chalisa and feed milk and bread(roti) to black dogs.

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