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Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


During this month, there is quite a good possibility of receiving social honour and utmost respect from people hailing from different genres. Whichever work you undertake would get completed successfully, and you would emerge as a real winner in the same. Being a contemplative person, you remain busy thinking about the successful execution of particular or multiple tasks, which causes a considerable delay. It seems better for you to undertake a specific task and finish it on time. Try to do any work with a whole lot of self-confidence, as it will enable you to achieve a commendable amount of success. There might be an impressive acquisition of money and real estate. Your relationships with close relatives would also get better. There is a possibility of the formation of some new relationships throughout the month of June 2019, which will ensure amazing success in the areas of your work. Due to your courage and passion, there is a possibility of attaining a higher post or position at the place of work. You can receive immense support from your friends and share a cordial relationship with your colleagues, which can benefit you in the coming future. There is a possibility of receiving the convenience of a house, a vehicle etc. You are expected to remain satisfied with the materialistic amenities available in the world. Your interest in the spiritual field might increase. Your ability to think and understand might also get better. You will enjoy a secure grip in the society. If you are a politician, then you can receive opportunities to reap maximum political gains and benefits. In addition to enjoying a healthy and cordial relationship with parents, you can also receive immense support from them in different areas of life. There are chances of confusion from the children’s side as well as the romantic side. Due to this, you may have to face mental unrest, and other types of stressful situations as Mars along with Dragon’s Head or Rahu is transiting in Gemini, which can lead to adverse conditions related to children. If you are a student, then there might be some minor or even major obstruction in achieving academic success. You may have to undergo a large number of hurdles. Expenses can be higher. The enemy side can cause much stress. However, they can be easily defeated by staying cautious and intelligent. There might be a worrisome situation regarding your health in the month of June 2019. Also, some or the other type of hurdles in an overseas tour can occur. However, putting in much effort might allow you to reap maximum profits. In this month, the married life is expected to remain in a normal condition. There is a possibility of receiving support from your life partner and luck may favour you as well. If you possess an incredible amount of devotion and dedication towards a specific job and are working on it already, then you are likely to achieve success. It is, of course, true and goes without saying that you may have to face a large number of hardships related to work during this month of June 2019. You may also have to travel quite frequently to different places across the globe. Conditions are likely to remain favourable from the perspective of receiving economic gains. There is a good probability of obtaining profit in your work. If you are employed, then the chances of attaining a higher post in the workplace are quite good. If you do business, then there are chances of you getting a better return. The dates viz: 6, 7, 15, 16, 24 and 25 are quite unfavourable to you. It may be harmful to undertake any important task during this period. Therefore, try to avoid these days to the fullest.


In this month, the economic situation can easily get strengthened. If you are planning to invest in terms of career or for any other means of achieving monetary profit, then you can proceed ahead with the same after considering the time and situations because Venus is transiting in Aries and Taurus, which can be quite beneficial from the perspective of financial gains. If you are employed, then you can go ahead and invest in any area for gaining economic benefits. If you are engaged in a business, you should try and remain cautious. You should try and avoid any commercial investment because you are likely to suffer some or the other type of financial losses. Whatever work you are doing, make regular attempts to maintain it similarly and ensure to strengthen the work from the perspective of economic gains. However, you should wait before starting any new business and not think about expanding it during this month. Be careful about financial matters.


In this month, you might have to face any kinds of joints pain etc. In addition to this, you may also have to face any health issue which is related to skin, a particular type of injury etc. Under such a scenario, it is imperative to stay cautious about the upliftment of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, situations regarding any kinds of romantic relationship might get worse. There can be a disruption in the mutual harmony with the boyfriend or girlfriend, which can cause tension between each other. Therefore, try to avoid any controversy. Maintain your relationship with your romantic partner. Also, ensure to meet up less frequently to avoid any argument. If you have planned an outing or are struggling to enter into a business partnership with someone, then it is better to postpone the idea for a while. Conditions are likely to remain normal during the second half of this month. In this month, there is a possibility that situations regarding marital life would remain normal. It is quite possible that owing to the mutual disagreement between the husband and wife, the overall balance of the family would get disturbed. However, positively is likely to arise between you two, which can ensure that you receive excellent support from your life partner and achieve immense success in overseas areas of work.

Family & Friends

During this month, situations in the family would remain in your favour. You may share a warm relationship with your parents and would also receive their blessings. Due to the support offered by parents, you can quickly build mutual harmony with all the members in the family, which will ensure that you achieve success in domestic affairs as well as outside areas of work. Venus is transiting in Aries and later, on June 04, in Taurus, which creates the possibility of family situations being favourable throughout the month of June 2019. It may be good for you to keep peace with all the family members, along with a sense of cooperation towards each other. In addition to an improvement in the overall balance of the family, there can be a considerable development of the family as well. Conditions regarding children can be quite worrisome throughout the month of June 2019. Stress from children’s contentment, support from children and various other activities may arise. Therefore, every possible effort to improve the family's name can be favourable for you. In this month, you may have to deal with domestic problems. During the second half of this month, some good and auspicious acts can be accomplished in the family.


On every Monday, worship and offer prayers to Lord Shiva. Water containing milk should be offered to the Mahadev on that specific day. Donate white coloured items and observe a fast on every Monday.

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