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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Your tasks that have been pending for long will be brought to fruition during this month. You should have confidence in yourself and your own abilities if you want to make your dreams come true. You will get many golden chances to shape a better career for yourself. The transit of the planet Venus in the Zodiac Sign Libra will be good for you as it will increase your chances of success in any task that you do with determination and self-confidence. You will do well even in adverse situations. All you need to do is to try hard and do not admit defeat. You will be financially sound and stable during the month of December. Your opponents will do anything to knock you down and overthrow you. Nevertheless, no harm will be done to you if you are watchful. You should do your work with utmost sincerity to ensure positive outcomes. Try to stay away from controversial matters because once you get caught in the whirlpool, it will not be easy to come out of it. Your career would witness many ups and downs, but you need not lose hope. You should remember that hard work and perseverance will lead you to success. Your progress at your work front will be slow and steady because of the Saturn transit in Sagittarius, which is not very good for career growth and luck. Continuing with your efforts will be the best available option for you. You might also lay the foundation of something new during the second half of the month of December. This will yield favourable results. You might have to work hard in order to get a promotion or a hike in your income. There are chances that your relationship with your colleagues might get bitter during this month. Some of your seniors will act cold towards you. This will make the situations difficult for you. Do not let such negative things away you from your goals. Instead, aim for your goals and carry on with your efforts. You might acquire a new vehicle or property. You would be worried about your children and their health. You should be careful about your health and as well as the health of your family. The support of your family will keep you strong and motivated. You should try to fulfill your responsibilities towards your family members. You might set your foot on a long journey. There are chances that you will get to travel to foreign land because of the transit of the planet Mars in Aquarius. The transit will be good for your married life as well. You will be in the beneficial zone as far as financial matters are considered. Your smart thinking and effective communication will make you stand out of the crowd. You will act according to a given situation and this will help you to get positive results. You should be careful on 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 28th, and 29th of this month. Avoid performing your tasks in a hurry as it would lead to a mess being created.


Considering the position of the planets, it can be predicted that your financial conditions will get better during the stretch of this month. None of the efforts that you do in order to obtain money will go in vain. You will have the support of your family and friends as well as that of your loved one in advancing in your career. This will, in turn, help you to shine brightly at your career front, which will aid to your financial conditions. You will be financially stable during December and will bask in comforts and luxuries. Your luck will favor you in money related matters, making it easy for you to succeed. However, there are chances that you might get entangled in conflicts and conspiracies at your workplace, which will affect you adversely. Therefore, you should try to stay away from anything dicey in order to err on the side of caution. It is highly recommended that you should be very cautious in matters of money. Make sure that all transactions that you do are legal and are in writing. Completing your work in the given time will help you to receive monetary gains. You might get the chance to start something new during this month. You will maintain a fine balance between your personal and professional life. Investment of money should be done only after weighing the pros and cons of the given situation. You should keep yourself aware of the market trends if you want to invest in the share market. There is a high possibility of monetary gains during this month. You might invest in the real estate as it seems like you will get positive results if you do so.


There are chances of a stomach related health ailment troubling you during this month. You should pay heed to what you eat. You are suggested to avoid spicy and oily foods as much as possible. You might have to face problems related to your urinary tract. Be cautious to keep physical injuries and accidents as an arm’s length.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Lovebirds will enjoy this month as your love life is going to be filled with passion and romance during December. The trust that your partner will have in you will be your biggest motivation and will help you to strive. You might communicate your feelings to the one you love. You will get a positive response from them and will be elated. Also, if you are in a relationship with someone and love them with all your heart, you might pop up the question of marriage in order to tie the knot with them. The support of your loved one will always be with you and they will be the light of your life. You will pour your heart out to them and feel relaxed in their company. They will be with you in moments of joy as well as that of distress. The conditions​ look to be good for your married life. Your life partner will be your pillar of strength. You will rely on them for emotional support and they will help you in times of need. They will be there for you not only in your personal life but also in your professional life. Journeys undertaken with them will be fruitful. You will live in harmony with your life partner. Both of you will be dependent on each other and will stay by each other's side.

Family & Friends

You will get to hear a good news, which will create a wave of happiness in your family. An auspicious activity or a celebration would be organized in your home. This will bring all the members together. Your kith and kin will have high expectations from you and you will push the heaven and earth to fully live up to their expectations. You will fulfill your duties well. Your family members will recognise your efforts and will appreciate you for the same. This will give a sense of satisfaction and that of contentment. You might also go on a trip with your family members for the sake of spending time with them. Recreational activities will bring the family together. You will have your parents’ support as well as their blessings. Your blood relatives will always be there for you, whenever you will need them. Your children will be the apple of your eye. You will be affectionate towards them and will love to see them progress during the month of December.


Serving the poor and the needy will be good for you. Observing a fast on Friday and immersing yourself in prayers will be beneficial. Also, you can donate white colored objects on Friday as this will help you to get rid of your problems.

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