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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


You may succeed in jobs undertaken peacefully or with peace of mind. Try to maintain trust on your people. There may be some kind of deviation during this month. You may feel jolted in your life,which will affect your business. You may suffer loss of wealth at this time and faces trouble in your efforts to accumulate wealth. It may be better for you to work independently or on your own. You may even try to be aware of your work, as some or another issue amy crop up. Hindrances may be encountered while attaining wealth and immoveable property. Your relation with your loved ones may become sour. Taurus natives may need to take due care of their business at this time, as unnecessary stress may affect business. You may try to maintain normal behavior with your relatives at this time. In case you are working, you may make efforts to better your relation with officials of high repute. Likewise, you may grow and promote to a higher rank or designation in your company according to time. You may develop more interest in outside work, besides household jobs. There is possibility of you acquiring a new house and vehicle this month. Circumstances may remain favorable from a political perspective. You may even earn better social status at this time. Taurus natives will be on a better front, as far as love and children are concerned. Success in academics is written on the cards. Your business may progress, along with rise in wealth and property. Stability and seriousness are, however, crucial for you at this time. Act according to time and situation. It may be better for you to let the circumstances be as they are. Refrain from trying to operate your business on a bigger scale this month. It may not be beneficial for you to grow or expand your business at this time. Your luck may favor you on enemy and health front. You may, therefore, not get anxious. In case you are facing any type of dispute or suffering from some disease, you may try to get over it. There may come hindrances in foreign travel but you may succeed in your efforts to travel abroad. Try not to travel unnecessarily and act in an organized manner. You may avail better financial opportunities this month. It may be prudent for you to act according to time and situation. By doing so, you will have better chances to remain in luck’s favour. 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, and 22 dates of August 2019 may not be favorable for Taurus natives.


You may avail better financial opportunities this month. There is a possibility of you attaining better success, in case you are related to any business. In case you are trying to expand your business on quite a bigger scale, you may have to wait for it. Otherwise, you may suffer unnecessary financial loss. It may be beneficial for you to attempt for financial gain and move your work ahead the normal way. Avoid making unnecessary transactions during this month. Kindly refrain from keeping your monetary resources with someone else as trust must not be placed on others others when it comes to money. Take care of your money on your own and stay alert in business. You may have to wait, in case you are planning to invest in some property. Investing on a bigger scale or making a bigger investment may prove harmful for you. It may, therefore, be advantageous for you to act according to time and situation. In case you are working, you may invest once your financial condition improves. You may, however, need to gather all the important information before investing. Try to invest wisely. Let others not influence you. Act strategically and your luck may favor you more than before.


You may face medical issues this month. Taurus natives may suffer from unnecessary health problems which are related to lungs and mucus. You may also develop any heart disease at this time. It may, therefore, be crucial to keep track of your health. Keep a tab on your diet and exercise regularly. You may even visit a medical practitioner for consultation and check-up. Urine-related disease may also be experienced. Physician may ask you to get your blood, urine tested along with some other examinations. Do not neglect your health at this time and do everything as your doctor suggests.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be pleasant for love related affairs. Taurus natives may be deeply in love at this time. You may always be in a happy mood due to your girlfriend or boyfriend and receive love in abundance. It may, therefore, be beneficial for you to express your love and affection in front of your partner. Avoid taking part in unnecessary conversations with him/her. You may, however, do romantic things for one another, like going on a date. Your love relation may improve this way. Efforts will also be made to strengthen the bond of love by gifting something special to your lover. Some quality time will also be spent with him/her. Your marital life may be stressful this month. There may be unnecessary disputes between the wedded duos of this sign. Such disputes may affect your foreign trips and also your business. You should try to maintain a blissful relation with your life partner. You may attempt to lend a better status to your girlfriend or boyfriend by keeping yourself in a favorable situation. This implies that there is a need to devote more time and effort on your part for your lover. You may even commit to him or her only when you are mentally prepared for it. Remember that your spouse is someone who always stands by you. Thus, try to maintain the balance of your relationship. Doing so may be beneficial for your future. You may get through the tough times in your married life, if you act in a discreet manner. Luck, time, and situation may favor you more this way. Keep calm and continue to give your best to your love relation.

Family & Friends

Your family condition may remain favorable this month. You may have better compatibility with everyone in your family. There may develop more mutual trust in the family. They may even support you more in your business. It may be beneficial for you to fully trust your family with confidence in yourself. You are a courageous and experienced person. You may, therefore, succeed in making family condition favorable. You may use every strategy as and when needed. You may make every possible effort to improve your family condition. Avoid engaging in any unnecessary job, as there may otherwise be dispute in the family. Try to make important decisions by taking opinion of everyone in the family. Your relation with your parents may improve. There is a possibility of you getting more support from your parents. Besides social deeds, religious activities may also take place this month. There is a possibility of auspicious events happening at home. Therefore, your full and active participation will be seen in such festivities during August 2019.


Donate white-colored objects every Friday. It may be beneficial for you observe fasts on this day. You should visit an old age home and serve the elderly. Participating in social deeds as and when time allows and helping those in problem may do well for your present and future. Practice the above mentioned remedies on a regular basis.

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