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Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


The June Horoscope 2019 presages that Taureans will bask in luxuries and materialistic comforts during the span of this month. It is predicted that you will be a social person and spend time interacting with the people in the society. You will be tagged as a social butterfly and frequently spotted at social gatherings and parties. You will have a religious bent of mind. On the other hand, there might be some problems in your career. You might get betrayed by someone whom you trust blindly. Maintain a cordial relationship with your family members. Do not indulge in extravagance; otherwise, you will not be able to save money. You will garner praise and respect in the society. Your financial conditions will improve, and you will be able to make money. There will be some problems that might cross your path, but you will be able to get through them. The transit of Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius might create obstacles in your ​professional life. You might have to face health issues, which you need to be careful about. Maintain personal hygiene and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Journeys will beget fruitful results. Married life will be good if you try to make it so. Setting your foot on a foreign land will give you promising results. Your enemies will try to supersede you and make every effort to bring you down. Do not let them harm you. There are chances of financial losses because of your enemies, which you need to be careful of. They might also hurt you physically. Your relationship with your uncles might get spoiled. Therefore, you should try to maintain an amicable relationship with them. If you want to prepare for any examination or are looking forward to doing a short-term course, you can do this during the month of June. Your children will be the apple of your eye, and you will work hard to provide them with what they want and what they need. Politicians will be in an advantageous zone during this period. Your efforts in politics will give you the desired results. You will share an unbreakable bond with your father. He will be your pillar of strength and guide you in the right direction. His pieces of advice will carve a golden path for your success. His love and support will keep you motivated, and you will work hard to achieve your goals. You might get an elevation in status at your work front. Your business will flourish, and you will earn well. Stay away from bad company and negative people. Be optimistic in your approach to life. The horoscope predicts that the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, and 20th of this month might be unfavourable for you. You might have to face problems in your life these days. You will be devoid of mental peace and more prone to getting stress and tension. Do not perform any important task on these dates, unless necessary.


During the month of June, you will get many chances that will pan out to be the turning point in your career. The month will present opportunities that you have been looking for. If you get the favourable circumstances to switch your job or start a new venture, you should give it a try. Do not get discouraged if you do not acquire good results in the beginning. Let the fruits of your labour ripe and wait for the right time to come. Monetary gains are likely to fall in your lap during the stretch of this month. Financial transactions and deals will prove to be favourable for you. You will gain financial stability and be able to able to save money for the future. You should not include someone in your profession just because they are your relatives. Doing this will disrupt your career and affect your relationship negatively. If you make such a mistake, losses are likely to follow. Be careful while making financial transactions. You might think about investing your money. If you are monitoring your business, expanding it will be a great idea. If you are in a job, investing in electronics or chemical related industries seems to be a good option for you. You should stay away from investing your money in the real estate sector, as it does not suit you according to the planetary positions.


You need to be extra cautious about your health during the stretch of this month. Your private parts might get affected during this month. You might have to face sexual problems and hence are strongly recommended to maintain personal hygiene. You might become more susceptible to issues like cough, fever, infection, etc. Consult a medical professional for treatment when you face any health issue.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Overall, your love life is going to be good during the span of this month. You will share an unbreakable bond of trust and love with your partner. Your actions will reflect your love and support. Both of you will act as each other's strengths and stay with each other through thick and thin. You will try to spend time with your partner and might plan a trip or a dinner with them. Their company will give you a feeling of belongingness and peace. Those who are single and want to confess their feelings to the one whom they love will get the golden chance this month. Be honest about your feelings and do not lie. Let trust be the foundation of your relationship. Mutual understanding and faith will lead you to your destination. Married Taureans might have to face some problems in their married life. There might be some differences in opinion that would trigger arguments. You should think well before speaking as your choice of words might further worsen the situation. It will be better for you to remain calm and make your partner understand your point of view. A foreign journey is on the cards. With the cooperation of your spouse, you will do well in your professional life. In case any problem arises in your married life, you should find the crux of the matter and try to solve it with a practical approach.

Family & Friends

Observing the position of the planets, it can be foreseen that your relationship with your family members will improve during the ​span of this month. There are chances of an auspicious activity taking place in your home. Your family members will encourage each other and lend their support, whenever needed. The financial status of your family as a whole will improve. You will get along well with your parents. Their love, coupled with support, will help you move ahead in the career. A harmonious relationship between family members will help to create a peaceful environment at your home front. As a result, your mind will be at peace, and you will able to do well in all walks of life. You should make sure that you opt for a practical and rational approach rather than an emotional one. Fulfilling your responsibilities towards your family will be important for you. You should trust your siblings and lend them a helping hand. Do not turn your back when they need you. Happiness will make its way into your family life. You should not let outsiders sow the seeds of doubts and misunderstandings between your family members or include any relative in your professional life. Guide your children and make them realise the difference between right and wrong. Be affectionate towards them. Serve and respect the elders of the family.


Observing fasts and performing puja rituals on Fridays will be beneficial. Donating white coloured objects on Fridays is advised. Serve old and elderly people and help the poor and the needy. Doing so will help you to end your sufferings.

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