Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


The success you get this month would be directly connected to your efforts. The tendency of doing things by yourself will help in getting the desired success. Your efforts will help in reducing hurdles in the path of getting a good income. You will also get the support of family members that will encourage you to do good at workplace. Some small work related journeys are possible which will give the desired results. This phase of getting income is temporary. Things will change after the first week of the month. You will make new friends, but you might regret trusting them. Some get-togethers are possible with family members. Expenses are possible on your mother or tasks related to workplace. Auspicious deeds are possible at home. All the business and partnership related tasks will give benefits. Your income is also likely to increase in this duration. You will use your potential to the fullest and work for increasing the reputation of your business. This will also help in increasing your income. New business relations are likely to develop. Your relations might not remain that good with colleagues, but things will improve till the middle of the month. You might have to face some hurdles while starting any new work. Possibilities of promotion will develop, but with some obstructions.


This month is coming with some problems as far as your health is concerned. Some stomach related problems might create trouble for you in the starting of the month. You immunity might decrease, due to which you will fall sick more often. Situation of loss of trust on partner can give you stress in married life. Your mother’s health might deteriorate in the last days of the month.

Family & Friends

This time will give mixed results in your domestic life. You will get the support of life partner at the time of need. But, your anger might spoil things in your married life. Situation will further deteriorate in the last phase of the month due to your own aggression. You will get the happiness and support from family. Your friendship might change into love relationship this month. But, time is not much appropriate for old relationships. You will get the opportunities of outings with friends or the special one. This month will increase domestic bliss. Family members might get the opportunity of meeting each other. Situations in married life are also in your favor. Avoid exchange of money with relatives this month. They might become a reason of reduction in domestic happiness. This month is going to be average for support and happiness from children. This month you might have to face some difficulties in love relationships.

Trade & Finance

Instability will remain in income. Luck will support you at workplace. All the planned works of this month are likely to complete. You are likely to increase your efforts in order to success in the month end, also increase the level of your patience. Some problems are possible at your workplace in the end of the month. You have to eliminate all the disputes with seniors in order to maintain good relations with them. Increasing work load will not allow you to take proper rest. You might use some illegal means of getting success in the middle of the month. You have to increase your willpower to overcome the instability of income. Apply caution while exchanging a bigger amount of money, as time is not much in favor. You might feel highly emotional this time, due to which you might take some wrong decisions. You might take some of your decisions in hurry. Luck will support, but some obstructions will also come in your path. Enemies will try to harm you financially. It would not be favorable to often change business plans. Keep an eye on governmental works and try to improve them because time is favorable for that. Journeys might not give desired results. Things will improve after the mid of the month and you will gain more profits in business.


Read Vishnu Sahastranaam. Offer Bundi Laddoo (sweet), as Bhog (offering) in temple every Thursday. Offer water to Peepal tree.

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