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Monthly Leo Horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope


The natives born under this sign often possess royal qualities and they often wish to get access to all sorts of majestic luxuries and comforts. Once they decide to accomplish a particular task, they leave no stone unturned in getting it done. The qualities of leadership are inherently present in you. Because of being determined by the element of fire, your temper is hard to deal with. Now, talking about the astrological forecast for this month, then it is most likely to remain turbulent for you, especially in the aspects of education, love relations and your children. At the beginning of the month, the combination of the five planets in your fifth house will generate their respective influences on you. During this time, many prospects of undertaking journeys will get created. On the 24th of this month, Shanidev or Saturn will enter your sixth house and on 15 January 2020, Lord Sun will take residence in the zodiac sign Capricorn. In such a situation, you will have to travel far but also take care of your health at around the same time. Remain careful of your enemies until 24 January 2020, as they will be seen making efforts to prevail over you. During this time, you may also face some kind of accusation, try to maintain credibility and save your reputation. You will spend a lot of time with your friends and colleagues, although some of them will hide sinister motives to create losses for you, so it is better for you to avoid such people. If you are looking to buy a property or wish to build a house, there is every possibility of attaining success in such efforts during this month. It will be necessary for you to show some seriousness towards your children. Monitor them properly so that you can identify their true self. Also, make an effort to become your child’s friend.


The month of January will bring some new opportunities for your career. While you will get chances to switch jobs at the beginning of the month, your career will also be at its peak after 9 January 2020, when the transit of Venus will be in Aquarius and it will move through the seventh house of your zodiac. Remember to not get involved in unnecessary gossip and controversies in the office as situations can turn against you. Your senior officials may secretly keep an eye on your work, so it is better to work with utmost dedication and diligence. Talking about the fate of business personals, the month of January can prove to be beneficial for you. Initiating a new business venture will also prove beneficial for you. Due to the high competition in the market, you will have to come up with such a scheme which is most different and attractive. After the Sun changes zodiac signs after 15 January 2020, you will be far ahead of others in this competition and profits will fall into your lap.


Talking about the economic status of Leo natives, then you will be able to accumulate a substantial amount of wealth during the stretch of this month. The inflow of your income will increase. Money will fall into your lap from many unknown sources and hence your financial condition will attain strength. During this time, you will come into contact with some great dignitaries of the society, who will assist you to invest money in some projects. Ultimately, the deal will prove to be profitable for you. Easy money can also be obtained from Stock market, betting, lottery etc. The month of January is a good time to invest money. If you have undertaken any loan in the past, then it will get repaid this month and you will get a sigh of relief. Just keep in mind that if you love someone, do not lend money to him/her as it is never likely to come back into your hands. You are likely to obtain monetary resources which have been stuck somewhere for quite a long time. During this month’s time, you will also invest money in some schemes, but before doing so, gather complete information about it. Some of your pending tasks will also gain momentum so that enough money gets secured for your future. There will be a slight increase in expenses after January 15, but there is absolutely no need to panic as your income will be more than the spending done by you.


Since health is the biggest wealth possessed by a human being, you should always observe the necessary precautions to take care of it. In general terms, your health is expected to remain normal during this time. But, after the sun makes its transit after 15 January 2020, your health may decline rapidly. You may develop fever, typhoid, bile related problems, bone, tooth or joint pain. Apart from this, sleep disorders will show up and you may also feel pain in the eyes. Protect yourself from all these problems before time runs out and follow a regular routine for it so that you can lead a healthy life and enjoy every day of the month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In matters related to love and romance, you will have to take each step very cautiously as this month is likely to offer you a roller coaster ride of emotions. In such a situation, the ship of your love life can lose direction. Your relationship may go through a bad streak. Both of you may have to stand the test of time. During this time, you can participate in any wedding ceremony, party etc. with your sweetheart. It is also possible that your friend circle may meet your sweetheart during this time. If you want, you can go for a long drive or a journey with your partner. Clouds of happiness and showers of love will flow into the conjugal lives of married natives. In short, you will live the most happy moments of your married life during the stretch of this month. Your spouse may lay hands on a major achievement. Visit a good romantic place with him/her and make the most of this month. The observance of all these remedies will bring enhancement to your marriage.

Family & Friends

In the month of January, you will make every possible attempt to accomplish your responsibilities towards your family. It will also provide contentment to your family members. Your dream of building a house can get fulfilled or you can buy a much awaited property during this time due to which you will be mentally happy. As a result, your status in the society will also increase. Your relationship with your siblings may hit a rough patch, and it is possible that you may engage in arguments with them, but this situation will not last long and only after 9 January 2020, an improvement will be seen in your relations. Mother’s health will remain stable, but your father may experience bile related difficulties. Do not forget to give some time to your family. You may have some doubts about your family members regarding some things, but they can be resolved through proper communication, so make an effort in this direction. You will get a chance to hang out with friends and have fun with them.


On a Sunday, plant a Shwetark tree in your house at 8 AM in the morning and pour water on it regularly and nourish it. In a copper vessel, collect water and mix it with vermilion. Afterwards, use the same water to offer Arghya to the Sun and chant Aditya Hriday Strotam. It will also be beneficial for you to wear red coral copper ring in your ring finger. Apart from this, you can also wear Manikya Gems of best quality. Apply saffron tilak on your forehead every day. Worship Lord Vishnu and offer a garland made of yellow or red flowers to him.

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