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Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


Your inclination towards religious deeds may increase this month. You may get a chance to participate in religious deeds, such as Yajna. Through the same, your life may even attain gratification. You may witness growth in all areas of operation. Circumstances may be favorable from the point of view of career. Since Mercury is transiting in Gemini, situation may be favorable from career point of view. If you are into business, your efforts to gain more wealth and grow your business may succeed. If you are planning to get involved in any task other than business, you may do so in the latter half of this month, i.e. June 2019. Your luck may favor you at this time. Your financial situation may remain normal. Venus transiting in Aries and then in Taurus may become beneficial for you from the economical point of view. Your situation may be stressful due to unnecessary helter-skelter. As a result, you may have to suffer financial loss and even develop physical and mental difficulties. You may achieve better success when you work harder with dedication. You may have fair chances of attaining wealth and immoveable property at this time. Your relation with your best friends may also improve. Your business may witness better growth because of a good old friend at this time. The circumstances of getting promoted to a higher rank or designation in the company may remain favorable. If you are trying for a foreign trip, you may be successful this month. Your marital life may, however, face unfavorable circumstances in June 2019. There are less chances of obtaining your life-partner’s support at this time. It may be better for you not to depend on your partner. Try to be more independent. Only then can you become successful. Trust your instincts and take your work to the finishing line without seeking others’ assistance. You may enjoy the luxuries of house and vehicle at this time. You may, however, have to work harder for such luxuries. There may be chaos prevalent in your life. Conditions may be unfavorable for your political success. Sagittarius natives may accomplish little success this month even after sheer hard work and tiresome efforts. You may be stressed due to your parents’ bad health. There may be tensions from your children and opposition. In the case of your enemies, situations will remain normal. You may, therefore, behave normally with your enemies. Try to get rid of any stressful condition. You may be able to resolve all your problems through mutual harmony. Your family life may remain favorable at this time. 8, 9, 17, 18, 27, and 28 dates of this month, i.e. June 2019 may create stressful conditions for you. You may feel shaken due to unnecessary thoughts. You may develop anxiety and other issues. Try to beware of these days. Do not engage in any auspicious event on these days, as doing so may increase your mental problems.


Your financial situation may remain favorable this month. This time may be better from a financial point of view. Your efforts to make monetary gains may succeed in the latter half of this month, i.e. June 2019. If you had lent money to someone and were trying to recover your loan, you may achieve success in the latter half of the month. Keep your eyes and ears open at the time of making transactions. You may avail better opportunities to make monetary gains from business point of view. This is your time to strengthen your financial condition. Talking about your business, you may book profits both domestically and globally. Your business may witness tremendous growth at this time. You may have to strategize and act to book such profits. In case you want to invest in your business, you may need to be careful. It may be beneficial for you to invest this month. Investment may improve your financial condition in future. You may not face any financial strain in times to come. Circumstances may be a bit stressful in the first half of this month. You may, however, make better gains in the latter half of the month. You may transact, not only with those known to you but also, with some unknown people. You may not allow your near and dear ones to enter your business, if not required. You may otherwise have to suffer loss. Do not try to get indulged in any type of financial matter.


You may have to suffer from some stomach or heart-related ailment this month. There is a probability that your health problems may worsen all of a sudden at this time. It may, therefore, be better for you to take the best care of your diet. You may workout in a gym or practice yoga. Intake of a balanced diet and regular exercise may keep you away from unwanted diseases and medical issues. It may be better for you to avoid outside food at this time. You may even go for the routine medical check-ups to avoid big problems in the future.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Situations related to your love life may be a bit stressful this month. Your mutual relations may, however, be better. If you are in love with someone, you may develop better compatibility with him or her. You may develop supportive feelings for one another. Time may be favorable to share loads of things with each other. You may avail opportunity to share your personal and professional life with your lover. You may even plan to travel to any romantic place this month. Your love life may improve with your objective to hang around with your lover at a pleasant location. Your love relation may not only strengthen at this time, but also, there may be mutual support in other areas. Your married life may undergo stress this month, i.e. June 2019. If you are getting married, obstacles may arise in the way of your marriage. In case you are married, then there is a probability that your compatibility with your life-partner may deteriorate. This decreasing compatibility may create disputes between you two. You may have to live away from your husband or wife. Maintaining better consonance with your life-partner may improve your relation with others in the family. This way you may better succeed in your personal and professional life. Your life-partner may not support you during this month. This time may not be favorable for your marriage. There may be an unnecessary argument between you two. You may, therefore, need to be careful while seeking his or her participation in any task.

Family & Friends

Your family life may undergo stress this month. You may face difficulties due to your parents’ ill health. There is a probability of disturbance taking house in the family due to helter-skelter and expenses. There may be unnecessary expenditure at this time. All kinds of problems may crop up due to lack of mutual harmony and compatibility. There may erupt a sudden argument in the family. You may witness discord among the members of your family. You may have to be ever ready to resolve any type of issue. Try to maintain better compatibility with everyone in your family, so that circumstances at home remain favorable. Situations prevailing at home depend on you. Behave normally with your near and dear ones. You may even help everyone as and when the need arises. Your family may extend you more support personally as well as professionally due to your ability to maintain a better balance at home. Your family respect and reputation may increase, if you try to be more courteous with all the members of your family. Circumstances related to your child may improve according to time and situation. Your child may make you happier and more satisfied at this time. He or she may perform well in academics and extramural activities.


Fast every Thursday and offer small prayers on the same day. Donate yellow-colored objects every Thursday. Offer gram, lentils and jaggery to the cow. Serve cow and Brahmins . Doing so may resolve all your problems and you may achieve better success in your business.

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