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Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


The transit of the four planets this November 2020 will activate the twelfth, first, and third house, respectively, in the kundali of Scorpio natives. Venus will make its transit through Libra activating your ascendant house, Jupiter will transit into Capricorn while Sun and Mercury both will enter Scorpio. The ups and downs of this month will depend on the houses that these planets activate and what they signify. The twelfth house (house of losses) is of Pisces, as per Kalpurush Kundali, and the significator of our losses and foreign trips. On the other hand, the first house of zodiac sign Aries tells us about our soul, body, and health. In the same vein, the third house belonging to Gemini indicates your might, strength, and relationship with your younger siblings. You will have to face many challenges in your professional life this November 2020, and you will have to build up your self-confidence to emerge victoriously. Things will be standard on the financial front, while you will obtain positive results in your family life. Let us now read your monthly horoscope for November 2020 in detail:


Scorpio natives will have to face many challenges in their workplace this month. Some of you may even lose your jobs at this time. However, if you bring specific positive changes in your working style and stay away from office politics, then you will attain positive results. Some of you may have to move to another place in connection with your official work. There are indications that the manager of the project you are working on may get replaced which will create numerous problems for you and your colleagues. As for the business people of this sign, they will get positive results this month. Your enterprise will reach new heights. Simultaneously, the working professionals, as well as the business people born under the sign of Scorpio, will get the golden chance to go abroad for some work.


Although November 2020 will begin well, however, by the middle of the month, some health problems will compel you to spend money on yourself. On the other hand, a friend or close relative can ask you for financial help. You should pay attention to your budget first, before lending a helping hand. It won’t do you any good if you aid someone out of their problem, only to end up in a financial crunch yourself. There will be an increase in your personal expenses this month. If you are working on a project, then its failure can also bring an economic crisis for you. Your father can change his job, which will cause some problems at home, fiscally, and you may also have to spend your savings. However, you need not worry much because your father’s decision is right, and things will improve soon. Avoid unnecessary expenditure to save more.


Scorpio natives can find themselves struggling with problems pertaining to their head, legs, and shoulders this month, healthwise. Take walks every morning and evening to protect yourself from these issues. You can also begin exercising regularly to keep yourself fit. You need to pay better attention to your diet this month, because if you eat a balanced meal, then many problems will disappear themselves. Remain very carefully while on the road this month, because if your attention wavers even slightly then you can get into an accident. You can also suffer from eyes and skin related diseases if the environment around you is dusty. Therefore, cover yourself up as much as possible and shield your face and mouth with a cloth to avoid dust. Fortune Star: 3/5

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your sweet behaviour with your partner will improve the relationship between you both. On the other hand, Scorpio natives in love can also grow apart from their beloved due to some reasons. It is possible that you can doubt your partner due to a third person. However, our advice is that you should not reach any conclusion without strong evidence. Single natives can fall in love with someone this month, but the other person may not return those feelings. If there were some problems in the life of married people, then they will be able to resolve them by talking things out. Those who live with their parents should not say anything wrong to their parents in front of their spouse. By doing so, you not only disrespect your parents but also reduce their respect in the eyes of your life-partner. Therefore, behave appropriately and live life decently.

Family & Friends

Scorpio natives will go on a vacation with their family this month, and you will spend some amazing moments with them. Pay special attention to your younger siblings’ health as a decline in the same is probable. The eldest member of your family will have a sturdy financial front this month, which will help battle many problems at your home. Those living in a rented home may plan on renting one someplace else due to some difficulties. There may be a function in the family, and you will meet some close relatives. You will experience mental peace by visiting distant relatives. There are also possibilities of a bundle of joy coming to your home. Scorpio natives far from home may get homesick and will spend hours conversing with their family members on the phone or through social media.


Chant the “ऊँ नमः/ūm̐ namaḥ” mantra 108 times every day at sunrise.

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