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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


Virgo natives are often considered to be wise and intelligent. You are the ones who prefer working with proper understanding and thinking. Hence, your ability to comprehend things is good and you are also good at making decisions. There is a good possibility for you to achieve good success in whatever work you do seriously. Your ability to analyze is also commendable. Wise Virgo natives are good mathematicians but also skeptical at the same time. You are the ones who try to get full information regarding any work before doing it. You have more trust in yourself but at the same time, you hardly trust other people. There are good chances of gaining money through real estate acquisition and your relations with relatives can get better. You can achieve good success in whatever work you undertake with passion and hard work. You can be successful in getting your work done very well. You can also achieve success by keeping a good relationship with any person. Your intellect and speech are noteworthy. You can see good progress in your courage and enthusiasm as well as in the field of your work. If you are enrolled in a job, then there is a possibility for you to likely get a good amount of professional success. You can obtain the support from your favored friends along with your colleagues during this time. You are skilled in the field of art. You can earn popularity as a good spokesperson. There is a good possibility for you to gain the convenience and comforts of purchasing a building or a vehicle etc. Your relationship with your parents and their cooperation can be received at this time. You can also be a good politician. If you want to gain profits in the political arena, then you can try for it and achieve success. There are chances for you to achieve good success in the field of education. If you are a student and you are preparing for some kind of work then you can achieve formidable results in it. The conditions will be favorable for your children’s and your lover’s side. Do not talk to anyone unnecessarily. Try to stay away from any kind of disputes, that will help your work to move forward easily. There is a possibility for you to achieve good success from outstation travels and etc. You might face ups and downs in terms of your health, and the enemy side can also create tensions. Thus, it is necessary to be cautious regarding both these fronts. The conditions in this month, are also favorable for your conjugal life. Abundant support from your spouse can be derived. You should try to stay away from any property related disputes etc. Luck may remain on your side and you can get good opportunities to gain financial benefits in terms of your work. If you are into business, then you will come across many favourable situations which will usher in benefits. In this month, you can get good profits even after encountering many strenuous and stressful situations. If you want to do some work with someone, then that can also garner success. In this month, the dates 3,4,12,13,21,22 can create problematic situations for you. Hence, you should avoid doing any important work on these days.


While talking about economic situations, conditions are favorable. There is a good possibility for you to achieve success and gain money from whatever work or business you try to do. Your destiny can also be in your favor. You can find an opportunity to gain economic benefits along with your relatives. If you are an employee and are looking forward to make some kind of investments, then you can do it in the later half of this month. But before investing you should try to investigate and have full information regarding it. If you are into business, then you can expand your trade or can start a new trade venture. If you are doing a job currently and interested in doing some kind of business, then you do it by taking someone into confidence, due to which your financial status can get stronger. Avoid money related transactions with unnecessary ones. Otherwise, any kind of dispute related to it can arise, which means that you may have to face mental restlessness and stressful situations that are harmful for your health.


In this month, any kind of joint pain, injury or infection may be witnessed by Virgo natives. In such a situation, you have to be conscious of your health. Focus on your diet and drinks, which can eradicate your physical difficulties and strains.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, there can be a rise of tension in the paradise of weeded duos. Both of you may remain disconnected with each other due to unnecessary disputes taking house in your relationship. As the planet Saturn is transiting in the zodiac sign Sagittarius along with the planet Ketu, then there is a possibility for tensions to arise in terms of your love relationships. If you want to try to keep your beloved happy, then you should first try to maintain a warm relationship with him/her. If you are in some kind of a very good love relationship and want to express anything more to them, then you can do it in the second half of this month. However, you should try to put up a normal behavior so that it becomes easy for you maintain a sweet and cordial relationship with partner. You should try to get one another’s support in any kind of work. In this month, there is a possibility for you to receive the support and cooperation of your spouse. While maintaining a good relationship with your life partner, you can get his/her support in outstation related travels and in your professional sphere. Therefore, it can be beneficial for you, as you can receive time to time support from your partner as well as your in-laws.

Family & Friends

In this month, there is a possibility for your relationships with your parents to deteriorate unnecessarily and your existing bond with your siblings, relatives and etc in the family can also turn sour. You should try to deal with problematic situations. You should be concerned about the health of your parents. It is necessary to have a timely treatment for any kind of problem that crops up. You can very well receive the blessings and support from them. Therefore, it can be very good for you, if you try to maintain a better mutual harmony with everyone in the home and family. You should try to have a cordial relationship with everyone along with your brothers and sisters, friends, relatives, children and etc. Because if you have a warm relationship with everyone, then you can receive the support from everyone in each and every aspect of life. In this month, with the help of some family members, you can start a new work, which can help you to make a living and generate a security for upcoming time. You can get the cooperation and support from your family not only in terms of your household work but also in other areas of outdoor work. There is also a possibility for you to accomplish an auspicious task in this month. Hence, you should try to make every effort to keep the atmosphere festive at home. This can help you to grow well mentally and achieve good success in your professional life.


Donate green things on Wednesdays. Offer grass to Ganapati and also offer wholehearted devotion to Lord Ganesha, and chant the mantra Om Gan Ganpataye Namah. Feed cows with green fodder and try to donate study materials to the needy and poor students.

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