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Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Monthly Horoscope


Your ability to think and understand is quite good and so is your ability to make decisions. You are a person who performs a thorough analysis before doing any work and try to reach any decision only after detailed thinking. You may have to take unnecessary decisions in this month, which may cause you stress later on. Therefore, stability and severity are necessary in any kind of work because Mercury along with Dragon’s Head (Rahu) and Mars is posited in the zodiac sign Gemini, which creates a strong possibility of achieving social respect and honor along with incredible success in terms of career. Yet, there is a small possibility that you would achieve quite less as compared to the amount of effort that you put into a particular task. In this month, there may be a disruption in acquisition of wealth and real estate. You may even be cheated or harmed by your own people. Therefore, you should try to be extra careful with your relatives and your near and dear ones. Trying to build a partnership in business or trying to receive cooperation from the such a person might prove to be harmful. It might be important for you to undertake a task on your own. In this month, your luck will remain normal. According to your hard work, you might witness an obstruction in your overall progress. However, your effort is likely to get successful. There is a good likelihood of receiving a higher post or position during this month. If you are employed then the path of advancement from career point of view will get illuminated. Some kind of obstruction might arise in the procurement of house and vehicle, however, there is a possibility of achieving success by putting in some effort. Any kind of effort made for receiving political gains will also be successful. Conditions may be better from the perspective of economic benefits. You may have to travel unnecessarily during this month, which might lead to mental unrest and tension. Relationships with parents are likely to remain normal and so are the conditions regarding children. An overseas travel might be good and you may receive new opportunities for progress from a tour abroad. Your marital life is also likely to remain favorable during this month. The possibility of achieving success is high if the work is done with a lot of passion and hard work. You will have good relations with other people and you can also get good support in the areas of work. The situation is going to be normal in terms of education for student natives. In this month, you may get the opportunity to start some new work. However, the dates viz: 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, and 20th are unfavorable for you and any work done during this time period is likely to bring mental stress. No auspicious works should be done on these days and you should try to avoid doing any important work, so that conditions remain good during this month.


There are chances of an improvement in your economic situation during this month. However, avoid lending any kind of money to anyone. You need to protect your wealth on your own and keep trying to earn money. Conditions regarding economic gains are likely to remain favorable during this month. Even from the business and work perspective, there is a good possibility of receiving a financial benefit. If you are doing a business then you might get an opportunity to invest from a business perspective, which can guarantee a strengthened economic situation. If efforts are made in works related to abroad, then there may be good opportunities for obtaining monetary benefits. It might be better for you to take more of an interest in domestic as well as the other tasks. The situation of acquiring money and real estate is likely to remain normal. But, any kind of effort made for economic benefit is likely to get successful and would fetch you tremendous amount of success according to time. There is a possibility of going on some good trips this month, pertaining to financial matters. There may be commendable opportunities of receiving economic benefits from an overseas travel. It may be that you might get a good opportunity, working on which would allow you to receive economic benefits. Being cautious during monetary matters can be better for you.


There may be a possibility of having to face some kind of joint pain etc. this month and you may also have to suffer from skin related infection or some kind of viral fever, cough and cold. Not only will this cause you problems physically but you will also have to spend a lot of money.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The situation regarding romantic relationship is likely to remain normal for Virgo natives. Occasionally, there might be some kind of arguments between you and your lover, leading to an imbalance in the mutual harmony. However, the situation will get normal after some time because you can trust each other during the month. Such situations can arise only in case of love relations. However, making attempts to have good work relations as well as a romantic relationship can turn to be disadvantageous. Therefore, converse with your boyfriend or girlfriend only about the romantic aspect of your relationship. If you have selected a delightful place and want to spend some quality time there, then it may be possible in this month. Try to avoid sharing any important things and refrain from falling prey to the talks of a third person. Otherwise, there may be a scandal in love relations. In this month, the situation regarding married life can turn to be in your favor. Support of the spouse might be obtained and in addition to an overseas trip, the support of the in-laws might also be received. Due to a bad relationship with the life partner, you may have to face different kinds of problems. Therefore, it would be better for you to maintain a warm relationship with your life partner.

Family & Friends

In this month, family situations are likely to remain unfavorable. The one you trust more is likely to break your trust. Your enemies might be from your own home. There is a clear possibility of a domestic dispute due to some other people. Therefore, try to unite your family and also try to keep pace with everyone in the family, which will ensure better conditions for all of you. Whatever you do in order to achieve success in the same, it is absolutely essential to have the support of your family. First of all, try to keep the relationship with the parents intact because they will stand by you in your tough times. If your relationship with the parents improve, then the situation with other family members is also likely to get better. This is the real reason behind the unrest in the family; that the members fail in building a warm relationship with each other. In addition to trusting yourself, have trust in all of the family members and maintain a normal behavior. This will keep the situation in your favor. Be cautious of your opponents. There is a possibility of having normal conditions with your children but there are also chances that some sort of dissatisfaction might be prevalent from the child's side. Therefore, you should think about the family’s overall development while taking the time and circumstances in consideration. Some auspiciou task is also bound to get completed this month.


During this month worshiping Lord Ganesh and providing support and service to the students who are worthy of it, would prove to be tremendously beneficial. Feeding green colored food items to a cow, donating green colored articles, and offering durva grass to Lord Ganesha will be beneficial as well and turn situations in your favor.

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