Monthly Aries Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope


May will resolve your every financial problem. Luck will support you and you will come out of every hurdle you have been facing related to income or accumulation of wealth. Jupiter, being direct, is strengthening eleventh house. This will provide you ways to increase your source of income and collect money. Saturn’s transit in eighth house from your sign is leading to Shani Dhaiya. Don’t begin anything new in this phase. Don’t make investments in home construction or property. Don’t let yourself turn lazy. Pending endeavors will accomplish this month. Ketu’s transit in eleventh house will shower immense profits on you, provided you work towards it. Your hopes of profits will turn into loss if you do not resist yourself from becoming prey of gambling, betting and share market. May is fabulous for promotion and progress in career. Jupiter’s fifth aspect on ninth house will develop your interest on religion and spirituality. Your learning power will be affected by Shani Dhaiya and Rahu’s influence on fifth house. Positioning of Saturn in eighth house will attract you toward occult science. You might take interest in learning any new language. To get appreciation from seniors, you need to work a bit more. Expenses are possible on journeys.


Rahu is transiting in your fifth house, which will become a reason behind health concern for children. Saturn’s aspect on fifth house from eighth house will negatively affect your child’s health and behavior. Health ailments related to air and stomach might affect you. Mars, lord of the sign, is situated in malefic house with malefic planet; hence, you need to avoid being over enthusiastic and stressed. If you were facing any health issue prior to this phase, recovery from them is assured. Retrograde Jupiter’s getting direct again in fifth house will do wonders for your health. Don't do anything which make you feel tired. Aspect of Saturn-Mars on second house might lead to downfall in speech and mental stress.

Family & Friends

This month is sweet and is less favorable for your family life. Your egoistic attitude will lead to lack of affection in family life. Don’t panic because things will settle down and harmony will come back again. Children will give you happiness along with reasons to worry. Month of May might affect your mother's health. Unnatural behavior and changes will be seen in your child. Support of luck and father will help in accomplishing pending tasks. Share of thoughts and exchange of views will happen during the end of this month. Your bond will grow further. You might make new friends. Income will reach you via the support of siblings. Cordial relations will develop with friends. End phase of this month might prove excellent for your conjugal life; however, it might bring tension for family members. Work on temper and resolve things calmly. Matters of ancestral property need to be discussed patiently. Avoid taking such matters to the court. Don’t annoy the authorities due to this matter. To fetch maximum profits and earn more, keep your work flawless.

Trade & Finance

Experienced people will play an important role in raising profits for you in work related to partnership and business. You need to make better planning and set your priorities this month. Matters involving money need to be handled politely. Matters related to land and property might create problems for you in the end of this month. Heightened courage will increase your focus toward work in the last week of this month. Last two weeks are extremely fortunate for business expansion. You can also invest money on some major plans. You might have to try more than once for accomplishment of your endeavors. Be very careful in partnership works in the beginning of this month, else your authority will be affected. Colleagues might take credit of your work. Sources of income will increase. Self confidence looks falling down throughout this month. The confidence, excitement and energy you possess this month will open up opportunities to earn more money. You are variable by birth, which will be reflected even in your work and you will become a lot more thoughtful. Problems from seniors might become a hurdle for your promotion.


To seek health benefits, do Surya Namaskar early morning on every Sunday. Besides this, to fetch Sun’s blessings, you can wear one faced Rudraksha (Ek Mukhi Rudraksha). Doing this will improve your immunity and you will enjoy a healthy life.

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