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Monthly Aries Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope


Aries natives may have to face challenges in several areas of life this month. On October 23, the transit of Venus will take place in Virgo, due to which your sixth house will remain active. At the same time, Mars will also transit on October 4 and enter Pisces, which will activate your twelfth house. Sun will transit in Libra on October 18, which will activate your seventh house. The sixth house reveals about one’s diseases, enemies and sufferings, the seventh house is called the house of marriage and partnerships in life. In contrast, the twelfth house represents loss, expenses and foreign travels. This month, you will have to remain careful in your career and financial life. You can attain favourable results in family life. Let us now know in detail how this month will affect different areas of life.


This month, Aries natives must remain cautious regarding their career. This is mentioned again as there are chances of you losing your temper at the workplace and indulging in a fight with a teammate. This will make your boss angry, and s/he can say things which will mentally affect you. With this month, any new project or business started recently may come to an end. Planned trips to travel abroad for work may get cancelled. You may have differences with your business partner, leading to a dispute. Hence, control yourself as much as possible this month and think twice before speaking.


This month, you will have to think before taking any decision. Avoid spending your accumulated wealth this month on unnecessary things. There are chances of your loan getting rejected, which was applied to improve the financial conditions of your home. At the same time, people in business can also attain unexpected outcomes this month, as one of their major deals can get cancelled. Your precious items or valuables may get lost or worse, stolen. Hence, be careful and keep them in a secure place. Drive the vehicle carefully this month, as damages are likely to occur. On the other hand, the hard-working and dedicated natives of this sign may witness an increase in their monthly income.


You may suffer from kidney and stomach related problems this month. Therefore, pay special attention to your eating habits and routine. If you drive a vehicle, then be very careful, as one small mistake can become the cause of innumerable troubles. If you play any sports like cricket, hockey or football, then remember to wear safety armour. Stay away from electrical items this month. Some natives may also face problems related to legs. Massage the feet with mustard oil in case the pain increases.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love is a beautiful feeling, but doubt and misunderstandings in love can create cracks in this relationship. This month also, there can be some misunderstandings between you and your beloved, which can arise a situation of separation. To avoid this, try to bring positive changes in your behaviour and take initiatives to clear the disputes. Your partner can grow suspicious of you this month. You are suggested not to allow any third person to interfere in your love life. Spouses of some natives of this sign can act persistently over the thought of going abroad. Newly married natives can plan their family. Those who are still single may have to wait a little longer.

Family & Friends

Natives of this zodiac sign are expected to get favourable fruits in family life. Aries natives will try their best to reconcile with their family members and nurture a good bond. With this, family income may increase as a family member will get employed. On the other hand, if someone in your family has been married recently, then there are chances of getting good news (pregnancy). Your younger siblings can attain success in every sphere of life at this time. They can land a good job, if unemployed. Spouse of married natives can start a new job. It will be good for you to spend time with younger members of your family this month. You will feel very refreshed by spending time with them. You can meet a close relative this month.


Recite the mantra “ऊँ हनुमते नम: / ūm̐ hanumate nama:” everyday during sunrise.

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