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Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Summary Being born as Pisces, you are very emotional and sometimes use your heart instead of the brain, which can later give birth to troubles. Your sign has been blessed by Jupiter, due to which you become intelligent and knowledgeable and try your best to get people on the right path in life. However, being overly emotional can be your biggest weakness, due to which you’ll often find it difficult to make decisions. You remain mentally worried, as there’s constantly something on your mind, and because of this, you keep yourself busy to a great extent. Pisces can be high quality scholars. Concluding with this, February is going to be really important for you, as you’re bound to get better results in your work as well as finances.


Jupiter, the ruling lord of Sagittarius, is placed strongly in the tenth house and is ready to make you the ideal figure in your field of work. But the combined effect of Rahu Ketu on the tenth house will give birth to troubles. However, your way of thinking will help you stay on top, and your work will be praised by your superiors, but still you should avoid excessive self-confidence and try to perform well by trusting your abilities. Due to Mars transiting in the tenth house, you will get favorable results and your authority and designation may increase, due to which there will be an increment in your salary as well as reputation. However, these changes can lead to some changes in your behavior, and you can possibly become aggressive with your subordinates. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid this situation, because doing so will harm your image. Time is not very favorable from the business point of view, because the position of Mercury in the twelfth house will lead to more expenses and less income. When the Sun transits in your twelfth house, then expenses will increase, but then Saturn in the eleventh house will form a constant source of your income. In this way, you will have to face some challenges in the month of February, but at the same time, you will get good results. February 2020 will give mixed results for your Career.


Planetary transits during February 2020 indicate that there will be financial ups and downs. As long as Mars is in the ninth house, you will continue to gain good wealth, but as soon as Mars enters the tenth house, there will be mixed outcomes. When the transit of Sun is in the twelfth house, Saturn will be posited alone in the eleventh house. This placement will give you strength and stability in life. As a result, a constant source of income will be generated, which will continue to provide you with financial prosperity and maintain a strong financial position. The position of Venus and Mercury in the twelfth house will increase your expenses. Also, the placement of Sun in the same house will add to your woes. In such a situation, create a budget, manage your expenses and avoid money related problems.


During February 2020, Jupiter, the lord of your zodiac sign, will be under the influence of Rahu and Ketu in the tenth house and the transit of Mars will also take place in the tenth house within the first week of the month, due to which Jupiter may become weak, because the combined effect of Ketu with Mars weakens the influence of Jupiter. In such a situation, you may suffer from health related problems. Along with this, the conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the 11th house can lead to you facing problems related to bones or legs. However, you don’t have to panic, and there is no chance to contract a deadly disease. In the early part of the month, the lord of the eighth house Venus will transit in the twelfth house, which may cause some physical problems, but as soon as Venus changes its placement and enters the first house, you will observe some positive facts, which will cheer you up. You should take full care of your health and do yoga or meditation. Along with this, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and control your eating habits.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month is going to be very challenging for the couples in love, as the position of Sun and Saturn in the fifth house can lead to separation or breakup. The situation may improve for sometime after the Sun moves out of the eleventh house, but before that, Mars will transit in the tenth house, and from there, and fully aspect from the eighth house to your fifth house, causing bitterness in the relationship. Also, the health of your loved one can deteriorate. In such a situation, their behavior can be a bit irritable, which can affect your relationship. If you want to save your relationship, then remain cautious and avoid acting in such a manner which can cause stress to your beloved. Talking about married people, the month of February is going to be much better. Love and closeness will grow in your relationship. The first few days of the week may remain a little weak, but as Venus transits in your first house, it will aspect your seventh house from the seventh house itself, which represents your married life. This planetary placement will lead to improvement in your marriage. During this time, you will be able to overcome any type of misunderstanding or problem with mutual communication. You should know how to maintain a balance between your work and family life. In such a situation, take time out from work and spend good moments with your life partner.

Family & Friends

Although the month of February in 2020 will be good for your family life, but Rahu's presence in the fourth house will keep you busy, due to which you won’t get ample chances to spend time at home, resulting in you missing the familial love and comfort. Whether you go to work or meet friends, you will spend more time away from home, due to which your presence in the family will decrease and you can stay away from bearing family responsibilities for some time. However, your family will complain about this to you. Your father's health may remain weak, so take care of him. When the transit of Mars takes place in the tenth house, then its seventh aspect will be on the fourth house. During this time, there may be some tension in the family. In such a situation, you will have to mediate, understand your responsibilities and take the lead when it comes to maintaining peace and happiness in the family. Elder siblings may have to face some difficulties in general. Apart from this, your relationship with them will also get affected. Younger siblings will add to your expenses, but after some time, they will also support and help you in every task. Progress made by your child will give you mental peace.


This month, you should apply saffron tilak on your forehead every day and wear a top quality Pukhraj gemstone in a gold ring on your index finger in the afternoon on Thursday. You should worship Lord Hanuman and offer him a Chola on Tuesday. You can also recite Sunderkand Path, if possible. It will also be better to feed the fish and wipe your house with water consisting of rock salt.

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